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Default Lire Guide

F1's Guide to Lire... because I can't do ASCII...

but if you want.. you're welcome to make me one. ^_^

email information in section XI/XII.

Use ctrl+F to go to your desired section.

I. Introduction
II. Grand Chase Terminology
III. Random Chapter
IV. Basic Controls
V. Movement Actions
VI. Basic Attacks
VII. Skill Attacks
VIII. Advanced Gameplay
IX. PvM and Dungeon Guide
X. PvP Strategies, Tips, and Tricks
XI. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
XII. Things I may need in the future
XIII. Credits
XIV. Legalities

I. Introduction - So you know why.

Hello, my name is F1, and today, we'll talk about Lire, and how to play her.
Before we begin, do note I am obviously a pure Lire player, and therefore a specialist. But not a god.
The reason you are reading this is because you want to become a good Lire player. And maybe a god.
A good player must know everything about their character, and I am sharing what I know with others
so that other Lire players may shine above the ranks and prove themselves worthy of the bow.

If you want to know more about the character's personality, then you're in the wrong place.
This guide is strictly about playing as Lire, any background story can be found on the main website.

The same goes for equipment list. I'm pretty sure there will be other guides for it, but if I have to...

Edit Notes: 05/12/2008
Whew. Okay, I'm not being lazy anymore, so I'll update the guide with better strategies and information
about Crossbowmen! The PvM section will be toned down as well.

The main focus of this guide will now be towards PvP. With that out of the way, have fun reading the
new Lire Guide: ROCKET EDITION.

II. Grand Chase Terminology - things you'll need to know while reading this guide.
PvP - Player vs Player.

PvM - Player vs Monster: Also known as PvE (Player vs Enemy) or Dungeoning.

Aerial State - Includes the Initial Jump, Freefall, and Flip State.

Initial Jump - the state you are in after executing a jump; same pose as Freefall state.

Freefall - the state you are in if you drop off an elevated platform; same pose as Initial Jump.

Flip State - the state you are in after executing a Double Jump; flipping through the air.

Fatal - when your HP is 0, but you have not been knocked down. Your health will not recover in this state. You will die if knocked down.

III. Random Chapter

IV. Basic Controls - can't do much without them.

Attack Button - Default is (Z) key - Shoot one arrow straight ahead. Arrow will curve downwards.
+This button, learn to love it, because you will be pressing it for the rest of the time you play this game.

Provoke Button - Default is (A) key - Taunt your opponent. Backflip while saying "You, are so weak."
+It's a taunt, so don't do it if you know you're gonna get hit.
+Performing a taunt in PvP will cause the opponent's MP to lower.

Movement - Default is Left/Right Arrow keys - Move character Left or Right
+Well, you gotta go from left to right, right?

Jumping - Default is Up Arrow Key - Jump in the air once, "initial jump" condition
+Sometimes things are above you. So go up. Unless you can aim up, then you're all good.

Falling - Default is Down Arrow Key - Drop down from elevated platforms, "freefall" condition
+If things are below you, then fall down. It's faster than finding the edge.

V. Movement Actions - get around the place, yeah!

1st Job - Archer

Dash - Hit left/right direction twice in quick succession. - Quickly move 2 paces in desired direction. Repeatable.
+If you want to live long, then master this. The best players almost never stop moving, so do the same.

Double Jump - Hit jump/up button in the air. - Perform a double flip/jump. Activated any time during free fall/inital jump, not during a flip.
+One of Lire's greatest feats. You can get to higher ground faster than anyone else, giving you great mobility.
+It seems your hitbox is reduced, but not by much. Used wisely you can barely avoid many attacks.

Reverse Jump - Perform a double jump while holding the opposite direction of your inital jump. - Jump forwards, then backwards.
+Seems silly at first, but it's a good tool when performing a Stomp Counterattack. Just dodge away, come back and boomph.

Flip Jump - Hit jump/up twice in quick succession - Perform a direct flip of the ground.
+Another useless maneuvre? Not quite, perform Stomps quickly on enemies directly below your levated platform.

Quick Jump - Dash then quickly press up/jump. - Results in an "initial jump" that's lower than a regular jump.
+Just jump forward quickly.

2nd Job - Crossbowman

VI. Basic Attacks - kill things, hah!

Shoot arrows - Hit attack button (Z) up to 5 times. Fire up to 5 arrows straight ahead that curve down. 5th shot is a knockdown shot.
+I don't think you'll ever fire all 5 arrows. I never fire above 3, really. And I aim too, see below.
+Arrows can be Blocked and/or Reflected by Elesis players. Still researching.

Shoot arrows (directional) - Hold down (Z) and aim using up/down. Repeated (Z) attacks continue in initial shot's direction up to 4 times.
+It's kinda okay to hold it down really long to get your aim right... but if you hold it too long, you'll do a special...
+Holding it like I said above, will also probably get you killed in PvP.
+It's really hard, to get the hang of getting your direction in like 0.4 seconds, but you'll learn. I did, eventually.
+I believe one way that works for me is hitting (Z), then up, followed by down taps to fix the direction, unless it's all up.
+You will get a feel for it, so don't give up when you see others do it, but you can't. Just practice.

Dash attack - Quickly perform a dash then (Z). High chance of Double/Critical Attack.
+You shoot the arrow opposite of the direction you are dashing towards.
+Knocks down most enemies, knocks down players, and kills them in "Fatal" Condition. Can still be Blocked/Reflected

Dash attack combo - Fire arrows up to 5 times, then perform a dash attack for a 6th hit.
+I usually go 2 shots, then the dash. This is a good way to continuously get your combo count higher.

Dash attack (directional) - Fire arrows up to 5 times in a direction, then a dash attack. The dash attack follows initial shot's direction.
+Ah, this is it. 2-3 Shots, then the smackdown. This is your main arsenal for true long range combat.

Jump attack - Hit (Z) during an "initial jump" or "freefall". Shoot downwards at a 45 degree angle. Slight recoil in opposite direction.
+Not so great PvP... more of a nuisance than a threat attack. Usually doesn't kill "Fatal" players, but it happens. Reflect/Blockable.
+In PvM, this does slightly more damage than a ground-based attack. Use on the enemy's back for highest damage.
+Can be used to gain some sort of horizontal distance while in the air... useful for some sort of retreat.
+Used in another method of AUTOshotting.

Stomp attack - Hit (Z) while doing a flip. Attack directly below you. If stomp finishes before touching the ground, you will start "freefall".
+Your Primary Close-Combat attack, deal high amounts of damage to enemies below you in PvP
+Not so great PvM. Your arrows do much better.

Grip attack (PvP) - Hit (Z) while next to the opponent. Perform a suplex that places your opponent ahead of your initial position.
+Secondary Close-Combat. Use it only when necessary. Going in just for grabs is going to get you killed.
+Lag can affect the outcome of Grip attacks, so use them sparingly and only if you know they work on your opponent.

Dash Grip (PvP) - Perform a dash towards your opponent and then quickly hit (Z) when your characters collide.
+A good way to get close and perform your standard grip attack.

Kickback attack - Hit (Z) when down. Lunge in the direction your feet are facing and deal damage. Knocks down players/some monsters.
+Amazing damage PvM... strongest single attack so far, I think. Until you hit Crossbowman.
+No other class has the kickback attack. Great for smacking people after knocking you down.

VII. Skill Attacks - Hyper Combo Finish!

Skill Bar - This blue bar has 3 levels. In PvP, it slowly recharges when not used. In PvM, it recharges when you attack monsters.

Fixed Charge - Hold (Z) until desired amount. If you start on the ground, you are forced to stay where you are until released.

Free Charge - Hit (Z) while in an "aerial" condition, then continue to hold (Z) as desired. You are free to move while charging your bar.

Lv 1. Big Shot - Charge 1 bar, then release. Fixed charge allows you to aim a direction. Free charge will automatically shoot straight ahead.
Fire a spreadshot of 5 arrows directly in front of where you are aiming. Arrows spread farther as they move away from you.
This move can only bring an opponent to "Fatal" condition.

+I don't use this move much... personally. I'm not a big fan of Triple Big Shot either. I'd rather kill with a special than get them to "Fatal"
+However, I use it often to dodge moves. You are invincible for a short period of time. Examples include Mega-Slash and Meteor.
+Don't care for this move PvM. Not enough power, really.

Lv 2. Arrow "Puzzle?" Rain - Charge 2 bars, then release. Direction cannot be altered.
Fire arrows directly overhead, then have them come back down attacking anything within your horizontal range.
This move will launch opponents upward if hit by initial rising arrows.

+My Personal favorite. Dropping down and getting your opponents upwards is great, but not as great as...
+Catching your opponent in a jump attack and watch them die slackjawed. Awesome.
+Also great for trying to finish off any "Fatals" in small arenas. Less charge up time than Shooting Star as well.
+This move is Lire's only launcher to start an Air Juggle in PvM.

Lv 3. Shooting Star - Charge 3 bars, then release. Direction cannot be altered.
Fire arrows in a semi-circle in front of you. Arrows will then rotate in a wide circle.
The arrows will then return to the initial firing point then disperse in a wide circle.

+Okay, so it sounds really stupid, but fire AWAY from your opponent. Sure, they'll laugh and come right at you. And then die.
+If you want some insurance, dash away from them and fire an arrow. If they block/reflect, who cares? They die.
+If your opponent has really low stamina, you can unleash it in their face too. But the latter method is much better.
+Like Arrow Rain, can finish off any "Fatals" in a small arena, but a longer charge time...
+Lire's most powerful attack in PvM. Performing this on one's back will most likely kill your target, unless it has Super Armor or +Defense.

VIII. Advanced Maneuvers and Hyper Combos - practice makes perfect!

Air Juggle (PvM) - launch an enemy using Arme's Quake, Elesis' Air Spiral/Air Combo launch, or Arrow Rain. Keep shooting to keep them in air.
+At least Two Lires can Infinite Juggle a launchable Boss if they keep shooting him up into a corner.

AUTOshot - for the last time, I hate butchered english. I HATE IT.
+I only know that you walk off a ledge... pull an air shot, recoil onto the ledge... walk off... rinse/repeat.
+These are special level specific ledges, so don't expect it to work on just any ledge.
+I don't really use it... I'm already used to my other methods, and I suck at it anyways.
*There are some individuals who want this part taken out. I will only take this part out if the original informer, AlchemicPsi wishes so. This is a guide, so that people learn these things without experimenting themselves. If AlchemicPsi agrees with sharing this information, then I'll leave this here.

Berserk Counter - If you have enough health, bring an Elesis to Berserk Mode. Try to land next to them, then kickback.
+Just use this if you accidentally bring them to this state... you shouldn't though.

Berserk Drop - In Christmas Babel, make an Elesis use Berserk near the bottom of the screen.
+Hahaha, Berserk that!

Block Counter Dashgrip - Use an arrow to bring Elesis to a Blocking stance. Quickly move in for a Dashgrip.
+Remember to fire the arrow really close... and hope it doesn't reflect or Berserk.
+Doesn't work with Arme because she will get knocked down.

Counter Escape - charge your bar and get hit by a multi-hit attack. You will automatically get knocked down and be able to escape... sometimes.
+One hit and less bar... or 5 hits and lose all that bar? Hmm.

Fakey Stomp - Perform a Stomp towards an opponent, but then flip away or Stomp again.
+Somewhat difficult to pull off. Throws an opponent off if done right.

Keeping them down - Fire a dash attack combo to knock them down. When they get back up, repeat. Like how they Stone Curse you. Jerks.
+Doesn't work as well with Elesis due to Block and Reflect. Definitely painful for other Lires/Armes 1v1.

Knock one down, then grab another - Fire a Dash at an opponent chasing you, then Dash Grip the one you ran right into.
+Knock down your first target down, then bring the 2nd one down as well.
+Then if all works well, keep them both down with Dash attacks, alternating left and right. Unless they're Elesis. Poo.

One, Two, Slam - Jump once, fire two airshots at your target, then double jump on top then stomp.
+I do this one quite a bit. It deals some nice nuisance damage to keep them in place, followed by a heavy hit.

Skill Dodge - Use a skill right before getting hit to avoid getting hit.
+Simple really. Your lifeline when it comes to major special attacks from opponents.

IX. PvM and Dungeon Guide - because galoshing is fun! (incomplete)

So you like to galosh, huh? If you don't know what that means, it's Gale's general term for...

Exploring Dungeons! Wheee~

Anyhow, The levels are self-explanitory, just hit the door to go to the next room until you kill the boss...

What we will discuss are enemies and bosses of each level. Before we begin, you need to know...

Attack - These Percentages are estimates. I'm terrible at math, but some help would be nice.
Double Attack - When you shoot an arrow then perform a dash attack. Only happens when Critical does not. 100% x2 damage.
Critical Attack - Same as above, howevere, you do a little bit more damage. I believe 130%(?) damage.
Aerial Attack - When you hit an enemy in the air (Air Juggle). Easily accomplished by using Arrow Rain below an enemy. 200% damage.
Back Attack - When you hit an enemy from behind. 200% damage.
Jump Attack - If you do a regular jump attack, it does more damage than standing arrows. 115%(?)

Enemy Status
Arrow Defense - Hitting this enemy from the front with arrows will do little damage. Hit them from the back for double damage.
Cursing - If this enemy hits you, you slowly lose health over a set period, based on Vitality. Effect eventually disappears.
Freezing - If this enemy hits you, you lose the ability to move. You can be attacked by other enemies as well. Shake it left/right to remove status.
Increased Defense (+Defense) - You will do less damage to the enemy than normal. I think about 30%.
Increased Power (+Power) - Enemy does more damage to you than normal. Probably 30% as well?
Petrifying - If this enemy hits you, you lose the ability to move. Damage afterwards is based on how fast you shake left/right to remove the status.
Recover - This enemy gets back up immediately after being knocked down.
Restore HP (+HP) - Enemy slowly recovers its HP over time, based on its max HP.
Shockwave (While Getting up) - When the enemy gets up, it will emit a close range wave that will knock you far away. Curse/Freeze/Petrify will affect you if the monster has it as well.
Super Armor (Hyper) - Enemy cannot be knocked down, flinched, or launched. Back damage (200%) is ignored. Enemy is either Red/Grey based on Classic/Modern settings.

Now that you're ready to galosh, let's begin!

Edit Notes:
-We'll only cover Bosses now, since regular dungeoning is fairly easy.
-I'll also update with Partusay, Ellia, Fire Temple, Hell Bridge and Kaze's Castle soon. Expect it within the week.

Trial Forest
BOSS: Treant

-Sticks his hands into the ground and vines come up and grab you. Shake left/right to get out. No damage.
-Swings his arms twice to do some weak damage, while moving forward.
-Sometimes throws an apple, and pretty much misses. I was scared at first, because "I wanted to be the Guy" before.

+Pushover. You can easily Double Jump over this loser. Just keep getting behind and Jump/Back attack him. Use specials often.

Trial Tower
BOSS: Wendy

-Pounds the Ground and makes you go in the air if you're on the ground. A "Jump" cue is stated right before she does it.
-Rolls forward like a "hedgehog". If it connects, you will be launched to one end of the room.
-If you hear Wendy charge up, but her hands aren't in the air... she'll blow an ice-breath for some heavy damage. Avoid by getting out of her face.

+Thanks to the level design, all you have to do is pick a platform far from Wendy, and fire arrows to practice your aim.
+This is your first Jump Cue, so it doesn't do as much. Later on, you'll need to pay attention, because some bosses' cues are deadlier than this.
+Go ahead, you know you want to. Get Wendy to a higher platform and then Arrow Rain from below.

Outer Wall of Serdin
BOSS: Orc Warrior
Minions: Goblin(?), Stone Goblin(?), Orc(?)

-swings his hammer around if you get close.
-does a ground pound with his hammer. "Jump" cue notifies you of the aftershock.
-lowers his head and tries to ram you, usually when you're far. Inexistent for non-boss Orc Warriors.

+This will be your first battle with minions nearby. I suggest eliminating the Stone Goblins, so they don't throw rocks.
+If you kill the boss, you'll kill everything else and get the experience as well.
+This boss is difficult at first, but afterwards, he's downgraded to a regular dungeon monster.
+Use your Double Jump to get over his head, and get Jump/Back shots easily. Use Shooting Star when you can.
+Remember to watch out for the "Jump" cue while fighting, and rocks from Stone Goblins if you didn't kill them.

Kerrie Beach
BOSS: Queen Harpy
Minions: Goblin(2), Stone Goblin(2), Harpy(1)

-the standard downward 45 degree angle swoop. Longer range than normal Harpies.
-your first boss with a "DANGER" cue. She will shoot nearly harmless feathers in 6 directions. Safe spot is right below her.

+I suggest targetting the Stone Goblins, as rocks can cancel your charge with a Counter Attack. Harpy second.
+This is just a big harpy. She's very easy for Lire, because you can always hit her.
+After she swoops, she's completely open. Use this opportunity to get her in the back with Shooting Star.
+If you deal enough damage, she will fall to the ground. Don't stop attacking, you'll still do some damage.

Orc Temple
BOSS: Orc Lord
* - Orc(2)
** - Orc Warrior(2)
*** - Stone Orc(2)

-performs a heavy swing, just like an Orc Warrior.
-uses his hammer to do a 3 hit combo. The last hit pounds the ground and may or may not do shock damage.
-has a "Jump" cue attack. Pounds the Ground with his hammer. Avoid this, very high damage at early levels.
-if you hear his charge a skill without a "Jump" cue, he fires a stalagmite shockwave forward.

+Ignore Orcs and Orc Warriors if possible. Eliminate Stone Orcs ASAP because their Axe Throw can counter you.
+He's an Orc Warrior with more stamina, more attacks and a deadly "Jump" cue attack.
+Double Jump over this boss and get him from behind. You'll notice this is Lire's best tactic to killing bosses quickly.
+When you see him use his Stalagmite Shockwave, just dodge it by double jumping.

Gorgos' Dungeon
BOSS: Red Gorgos
Minions: Gon(2?), Gorgon(2?)

-when he jumps to change position, a "Jump" Cue will notify you. Not that damaging, but frequent.
-performs a 3 hit combo while moving forward. Stops if you hit him during this attack.
-when he changes color and lowers his head, he'll do a headbutt attack and knock you across the room.
-when he performs a "DANGER" cue, he performs a somewhat deadly fire breath.
-when he lets out a scream/roar, he summons a Gorgon. If there are already two Gorgons in the room, the summon fails.

+Keep the battle at the top, so you can ignore most of the enemies below.
+When you see him start his combo, Double Jump over as usual.
+If he hits you with his headbutt, which may be often, always try to hit him back with your kickback for more damage.
+When "DANGER" occurs, just Double Jump over him and keep up your attack.
+If you can't get over him, just drop down from in front of his line of fire, or jump to a higher spot.
+Your last option, is to get right next to him. Usually, the fire will go over your head and spread out behind you.

Elven Forest
BOSS: Forest Troll

Minions: Orc Warrior(2?), Stone Orc(1?)

Gorge of Oath
BOSS: Giant Drillmon
Minions: Drillmon(4)

-tries to use his metal stinger to hit you. Barely uses this.
-changes color and rams you like a Red Gorgos. Uses this often.
-holds a fireball above his head and throws it at your last location. Moderate damage.
-"DANGER" cue. He starts drilling the ground and rocks fly everywhere and do moderate damage.
-"DANGER" cue, if you are right next to him, the attack will drag you in and do heavy damage.

+Ignore the Drillmons, and focus on the boss. Though, they may drop Raider Equipment, and you may not get to them in time.
+His ram can get really annoying, but if you dash away from him just right, you'll avoid the damage.
+This boss's pattern is really easy, but his stamina is off the roof. Just persist and you will succeed.

Marsh of Oblivion
BOSS: Elizabeth

-rolls away from or behind you to dodge your attacks. Annoying.
-rolls away from or behind you, and them does a ram towards you. Dodges an attack then attacks you. Very annoying.
-jumps up and performs a giant body slam. Follow the "Jump" cue, or you will suffer heavy damage.

+The Boss has much less stamina than Giant Drillmon and Forest Troll.
+Though the dodge is really annoying, the general pattern is easy to predict.
+Because of its low stamina, this boss should be of almost no difficulty to you.

Forgotten City
BOSS: Paradom

-turns 45 degrees, then shoots lasers in an "X", then returns to original position and shoots lasers in a "+".
-goes to the top of the room, and changes sides while firing a laser downards. Unpassable.
-raises a reflect shield. This reflects arrows, some magic, and some of Elesis' special attacks.
-"DANGER" cue, Paradom raises or lowers himself and fires a deadly laser forward. Usually kills you.

Forsaken Barrows
BOSS: Lich
Minions: Zombie Orc Warrior(2)

-tries to smack you with the bottom of his staff. Easy to avoid.
-attempts to smack you away by swinging his staff. Longer range, but just as avoidable.
-rasies his staff forward ad shoots a Lightning Bolt in your last known direction.
-when you hear him charge up an attack, he will make hands come up from the ground and hold you, doing 2 damage per 0.5s.

Gaikoz's Castle
BOSS: Gaikoz
Minions: Elite Anmon Scout(2)

-teleports, usually behind you and tries to slash you.
-sticks his sword in the ground, then flings three rocks forward: one straight ahead, and the other two in 45 degree tangents.
-swings his sword twice and makes two purple waves appear which accelerate forward and do damage.
-when you hear a "DANGER" cue, he will become invincible and perform a deadly attack directly in front of him. Usually kills you.

X. PvP Strategies, Tips, and Tricks - some insurance is nice...

These aren't organized in any particular order... so just read and hope you learned something new.

General Tips
+Learn the enemy's move pattern, and predict where they're going.
+In team games, save your partners when they're locked in a combo. The longer your team lives, the better.
+You can fire an arrow at Elesis/Ronan comboing someone, or grab them from behind.
+Or you can jump in the way the critical arrow ready to hit your partner. (Just don't die)
+1v1 is NOT a right. Don't always expect it and be ready to do a 2/3v1 at any time.
+Lag may be frustrating, but learn to adapt to your opponent's latency. Once you figure it out, you'll get a lot more hits.
+In Maps with Bottomless pits, stop opponents in mid-air with arrows, or throw them off.

vs Arme
+They can't block arrows, so don't stop shooting at them.
+Stone Curse can be evaded if a dash attack is executed correctly.
+Try to use Skill Dodge or Counter-escape if they use Meteor.
+If they try to use Lightning bolt, try to Double Jump over them.
+If you notice they like to use Reverse Gravity/Land Scamper, try to keep some distance.
+Use skills whenever possible, but your Dash Attack Combo may be all you really need.
+Firebolt can be easily dodged as Lire has a Double Jump to dodge.

vs Elesis
+Don't stop moving, and don't let them catch you.
+Your Stomp is your best move, but don't overdo it... it's annoying.
+Your secondary is Arrow Rain and Shooting Star. Don't use Big Shot too often because it can be reflected.
+If you get caught in a Mega-Slash initial on an elevated, hit down to avoid the final blow.
+If caught in Mega-Slash's initial, and right next to opponent, try to double jump/flipjump over them to avoid the final blow.
+Another Mega-Slash initial escape, dash away from the initial if you are far from the opponent.
+Try and get team members to help you if possible. Elesis can't block a !Lightning Rain combo at all.
+Remember, if they berserk you, just use kickback to... kick them in the face with your ENERGY LEGS!

vs Lire
+They can't block arrows... but they can fire back. Try to predict where they're going to shoot from.
+Try to be the first to pull off a Dash Attack to knock them down and throw them off balance. Relocate ASAP.
+Try and stay away from Popular sniping points, and at the same time, aim for them.
+Don't stick to one sniping spot, keep changing, but don't be too predictable.
+Whoever has direct lower ground may win, as Lire cannot aim directly down, but can aim directly up. There's also Arrow Rain.
+Lire's Blind Spot below her is one of her fatal weaknesses. Use it.
+If a horizontal fight occurs, go to higher ground so you can shoot without aiming. That 0.4 seconds you don't need to aim may be all you need.
+Remember Shooting Star's Pattern and Arrow Rain's range so you can outrun them if they use it.
+Don't rely on Stomping, as Lire can aim up or Arrow Rain at any moment.
+If they read this guide... oh dear. =P

XI. Frequently Asked Questions - don't ask too much...

Q. What's your in-game-name?
A. It's F1. That should have been obvious.

Q. What level are you?
A. I play a level 38 Lire, higher if I haven't updated this...

Q. Can I add you to my Buddy List?
A. No. We have to actually meet in-game, and we'd have to have some sort of connection. I hate random adders even though I've never had a word with them.

Q. But what if we're forum buddies?
A. Send me a PM first at least. Or a notification of some sort. =P

Q. What is Gale?
A. A ragtag group o' chummies which include myself.

That's all for now... if you have any questions, please send them to dandanparaoan (at) hotmail (dot) com
Remember to head them with the title "Lire Q&A" or I'll get rid of it.
If you don't want your name mentioned with the question, please state so.
Also, please take the time to type out the question properly. We're not in game... so don't give me
"wt lvl ru?" Or such. Just consider my brain, because it takes me like 20 seconds to understand chatspeak.

XII. Things I may need in the future - because I'm not a Lire god.

I may be a decent Lire player, but I don't know everything. If you know something I don't and would like to share
Please send it to dandanparaoan (at) hotmail (dot) com, with the header: "Lire Info"
Remember, type things out properly. It'll be easy to read for many people.
Also, your name will be in the Credits, so don't worry about being unnoticed.

Things I would like to knowso far, however, are Calculations with Attack, Defense and Vitality... because...
I suck at math and stuff... so... yeah. If that's your thing, great! Maybe I'll include an item list with all the stats too!

XIII. Credits - where it's due.

F1: Me, hehe, for typing this whole thing out.

Gale and its members: for introducing me to the game.

Aram: for making Gale, and keeping me away from Paragon. =D

Dibby, Icey, Shori, Gen, Rai, Duckie, Vix and anyone else who plays that's part of Gale: For being lovely test sub... I mean friends.

AlchemicPsi: For teaching me an AUTOshot, thanks for the info, though I don't use it. XD

Ntreev: Because they made this game I'm addicted to for a while, and decided to type out a whole guide for one character...

XIV. Legalities - because plagiarism sucks.

So like, you cannot post this whole Guide, or any part of it anywhere else without my permission.
For now, it is only available here on Grand Chase Forums, and on the Final Impulse Forums.

This Guide is copyrighted by me, and only me, F1. So no using it without my word.

Grand Chase, Lire, Elesis, Arme and anything else related, is copyrighted by Ntreev, and stuff too.

Coming attractions:
Elesis Guide - by Dibby/Engetsurin (drafting)
Arme Guide - by Icey/Turnip (considering)


Questions, comments, concerns, and CONSTRUCTIVE criticism can be posted here. If you're uncomfortable around your post... feel free to email or PM.
F1 - Lv 47 Lire
1842:1386 - 57.06%
l.u. 6/20/08, 23:57 MST

There is no Attack Swing. Only Tiger Uppercut

Author- F1

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For some strange reason, I get the feeling this guide as written by F1..

There is no 1v1 in team.


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