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Default Lass semi-comprehensive quick guide

I decided to make this guide mostly because some guy kept asking me on how to throw the kunais. >_>


Lass was released June 5, 2008. The main features of Lass is his speed, aerial game, and specials. I just got Lass today, which is why this guide is only semi-comprehensive.

How to get Lass

To get Lass, go to the shop. Under the Academy tab, buy a a scroll with a picture of Lass on it. After buying the scroll, complete the quest that's presented and you will get Lass. The GP scroll has you beat Kaze'Aze Castle at level 3 5 times without using Natal Ring or bonuses, while the Cash one requires you to have 1 Crystal (that blue thing you get from bosses). There are three way to buy this.

* The normal way: Buy the GP version, bite the bullet, and beat the Castle 5 times. I reccommend having teammates with at least 550 atk power. Please don't beg other players to help you with this. We find this annoying and can report you for harassment.
* The noob way: Beg your parents instead and buy the cash scroll. You can score 3 crystals simply by beating Treant.
* The pro way: The way I used. Get yourself a job, open a bank account, and earn the money yourself to buy the Cash scroll. I think this method provides you with more satisfaction.


+Fastest running speed on the ground.

+Has a double jump.

+Powerful specials.

+Nice aerial game.

+I like his accent.

+Calls other people noobies when taunting.


-No air dash

-Low HP

-Low Defence

-Below average attack strength

-Hardly any finishers

-Feminine clothing (well, some are)

Move List

I copied this off of practice mode >_>

* Dash-Double tap desired direction
* Double Jump- Press the jump button twice. You can walk off a ledge, the press the jump button to double jump.
* 3 Hit Combo-Press the attack button 3 times. Lass will slash once, then kick twice.
* Juggle Launcher- Do the 3 hit combo then press the direction button in relevance to the opponent. Lass will do a Jeet Kune Do style flip kick to send the opponent upwards. You must press the button right after the combo, or it will miss. This counts as a Double Attack.
* Multi-hit combo- Spam the attack button. Lass will go berserk on the enemy, then give a powerful finish off. You can do this right after an aerial attack, the 3 hit combo, or a special (not sure about this one). You cannot stop the attack in the middle of it.
* Dash Combo- Dash towards your opponent then press the attack button 4 times (I just spam). Lass will deliver 2 slashes, does the multi hit combo a little bit, then kick his opponent to tip them off. You can use this to juggle in tandem with the juggle launcher.
* Aerial attack- Press the attack button when in the air. After performing this, you cannot use another aerial attack, throw kunai, or double jump. You can however, use an aerial attack after a double jump.
* Kunai throw- Double Jump then hold down, and press the attack button. Lass will throw 2 kunais downwards. This may take some practice getting used to. You cannot throw more kunais or perfrom and aerial attack after you throw you knives. The kunais move in an "8" pattern (not sure about this).
* Special 1- Hold the attack button and let go when 1/3 of your MP bar is filled. Lass will fire a wave that hits 3 times to each enemy in the attack range. You can use this to finish off opponents in PVP. I always hated this move when I faced Lass in Dungeon mode >_>.
* Special 2- Hold the attack button and let go when 2/3 of your MP bar is filled. Lass will slash the opponent then jumps backward. This attack does random damage. For me it went as low as 40, to as high as 505. It might just be me, but it has a rather odd hitbox. This attack works differently in PVP. When you attack someone with this, you have 50/50 chance of having it fail or putting your target into fatal state. When someone attack you with a special, and you pull this off right after, you will auto kill them.
* Special 3- Hold the attack button and let go when your MP bar is completely filled. Lass will jump in the air and fire a bunch of shockwaves. This attack is as dangerous as Arme's meteor attack. I can pull off 800 damage within 15 hits with this thing.

Dungeon Tips

-Use Lass' speed to your advantage. If Grand Chase were to be Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Lass would be Sonic. Like Sonic, hit and run tactics will work best.

-Don't use the multi-hit combo too much. Some enemies like orcs have an attack, where they can't flinch for a moment, then hit you with a powerful attack. 60% of my Lass deaths was from this. Remember, you cannot stop the multi-hit attack while it is in motion. When you see your target glow, it means it's can't flinch from any attack. This will be harder to avoid if your graphics quality is set to high or below.

-Use your aerial game. Lass jumps very high and very far, and you can whittle down enemies by throwing kunais at them. This is useful against Harpies and larger enemies. You can also jump, then attack, land on an overhead platform, drop down, then hit them again. Also, you can jump, attack, land on the otherside of the enemy, jump again, attack, and repeat. This is somewhat similar to the Butterfly from GunZ.

-Watch the enemies' buffs. Buffs include increased attack/defence, Super Armor, Cursing, and other things. They appear on top of the enemy for you to see. If you see enemes with Cursing, Petrify, Super Armor, Freezing, shockwave when getting up, or any combination of these, have a teammate help you or use your aerial game.

-Don't stand too close. The first slash in the 3 hit combo moves you forward. If you stand too close, you'll miss your target and end up behind your opponent (or in front, depending on where you were standing). Although, this is useful to avoid enemies before they attack.

-Have some allies. Unless your really good, soloing a dungeon with Lass can be very hard. Having party mates ups your chance of survival, make potential friends, and nets you more EXP and GP.

-Be nice. Nobody likes people who yells and such. I know I don't either. Use proper grammar, avoid talking in all caps, just be nice.

PVP tips

Don't really got anything since I'm a noob in the superior class >_>. Use your aerial game and pull specials whenever you can. Throwing works too. It's advisable to avoid rooms with pros in them.


Well that's it. My IGN is Shiden. If you have any questions about Lass, please post them in this thread. Make sure that your question is properly punctuated, and constructive. Otherwise, I'll just think you're a noob begging to have help for Lass. Also, you can add something to guide if you like. Post them here and I'll add it in if I didn't already put it in.

Author-Unknown Ex-MyChase user

Why is this here? These guides were stolen from the people who wrote them and are placed on without credit. I did some moving =). If you are the one who wrote this and you do not want them on this forum, please PM me and I will remove it immediately. Thank you.
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