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Bob 07-23-2008 01:34 PM

How to Win in PVP

Now to start off, being good isn't the only way to be successful as a pvp'er. however it will play a large part. I will lay down the other parts of pvp that are often overlooked that will allow you to win more often and play more matches.

1. Be Good at your Character

I won't put a huge guide here but being good is the most important part of pvp.

2. Be Complimentary

You are more likely to be able to stay in a room where you are winning by a large margin if the host/other players like you( I once stayed in a room where the highest other level player was 27 for almost a half hour because I was "the nicest pro around"). It also makes the game more fun for both you and your opponents if you have a good attitude.

3. Keep your complaints to yourself.

Nothing makes a host want to kick you more than " OMG! CHEAP! **** YOU HAX! LAGGER! NOOB" if you are upset about something either don't say it, leave the room later, or use a more neutral way to complain, I find "@__@" works well. (normally @__@ so many arrows...)

4. Talk to people and get to somewhat know them.

knowing people who frequently host games lets you stay in their rooms more often. The same applies to having a good reputation

5. Have Fun

getting mad at pvp makes you play worse, it helps to just enjoy the game(sometimes it seems people forget that it is a game). Being grumpy builds up a reputation for you too.

6. Keep it fair

Don't spam fire bolts, don't ottoshot, if the level 17 asks you to to equip down a bit to make it fair, do it. Nothing is fun about being killed in one hit, or by unavoidable spammage. Fair matches are fun matches, and you'll stay in the room longer that way.

7. Cheat (I don't endorse it... but it is needed for this guide to be complete and accurate)

if you suck at pvp and have a second computer, do what marco, zulyn, and a horde of other people do and ghost box/swap. BUT WE WILL BE WATCHING >=O

In closing; Have fun in pvp, don't take it too seriously. A game is a game, and those "noobs" you might want to be mean to aren't computers. They are real people, and as such have feelings. Be nice.

Feeline 07-23-2008 05:02 PM

This guide was written by Emberz.

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