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Bob 07-23-2008 12:32 PM

How to Beat Up Basilisk and Take Its Stuff

I'm getting pretty close to being able to easily solo Basilisk on my lv30 Elesis, using the Knight job. Air Dashing is pretty much essential for soloing Basilisk, though if you're in a decent team you might be able to use Spearman and get in good hits with Dragon Slash. Baaaaasically, what you should do is stand on the high bit of land near Basilisk, then keep jumping forward to slash at his head and landing back on that piece of land. Basilisk will use the following attacks:

Claw Smash - Basilisk will activate and lift its claw, then smash it down, knocking anyone on the ground into the air - You should be jumping all the time, so this should miss you without any effort on your part 95% of the time. Rarely, it will hit you through sheer bad luck, but you should be high enough level to take that in stride if you're planning on soloing Basilisk.

Bite - Basilisk will suddenly lunge downward and bite the ground in front of it - If you are on the high bit of land, this will miss. If you unwisely were closer to Basilisk, which is a natural mistake for melee types to make, you probably just took a huge amount of damage. Stay away from that area unless Basilisk is down or for the few seconds it takes to use Air Spiral.

Straight Fire Breath - Basilisk will pull its head back to the right, level with the ground, then breathe a line of fire horizontally - Get on the platform to the left ASAP for no damage, then Air Dash back at his head with a slash. Otherwise, you are fried. You can minimize damage from this by getting as close to Basilisk as possible, but you still take significant damage, and that's Bad in this fight.

Diagonal Fire Breath - Basilisk will pull its head up really high, then breathe a line of fire diagonally down exactly where you will be standing - This immediately ruins you if it hits you, pretty much. You should absolutely be on the lookout for this, as you must evade it if you're going to have any chance of winning. As soon as his head goes up, you should either be dashing for the platform on the left, or dashing as close to Basilisk as possible. Either is a successful evasion. As soon as possible, resume your position and keep on attacking.

High Fire Breath - Basilisk breathes fire that hits the platform on the left - You shouldn't see this attack ever unless you foul up, because Basilisk doesn't use it unless people are on the platform to the left. If you're soloing as Elesis, you shouldn't be on that platform. Regardless, even if people are on that platform, he doesn't use it very often, and unless you're on it, which you shouldn't be, it'll usually just knock you out of the air for minor damage.

Best of luck.


Feeline 07-23-2008 04:01 PM

This is from 'Imban'.

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