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03-22-2009   #1 (permalink)
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Default Savior Pocket Guide(and I mean it)

Okay so you got savior, grats, 1st 4th job in GC ntreev, so few words bout her.
Saviours wield two swords, and have quite some tricks

Combo attack
Combo which throws opponent at the ground, I'd better and a double after it or add a critical, throwing player to the ground or monster in the air.

Normal Air attack
Yea, here's the trick, you slice once if 1 Z and twice if 2 Z, second slash does more dmg

Up air attack
Jump+ up+ z+z
Jump and attack once if 1z.. you get the point, you can use it to levitate a bit using 2nd slash

Down air attack
Jump+ down+ Z
Join both blades inflicting critical damage, it jumps a bit higher when you attack but I never tested if it can grapple like SM

Normal dash, nothing else.

Dash Attack
Dash+ Z
Run to your opponent, and slash him twice, second slash more damage

Backward step
Dash+ back
This trick is sure to annoy any opponents that launch skills and suppose you will fall in it... EERGH wrong, you can backward step only while dash but it dashes quite a while behind! Lucky!

Backward step attack
dash, go back, and POW one in the kisser, easy and nice, less dmg than dash attack

1 MP bar
Swing the swords once and hit opponent gathering momentum and inflicting a crushing blow, unlike mega slash opponents can't run!

2 MP bars
Unite the swords through the hilt and spin them furiously striking 7 times, after that savior launches the circle towards opponent doing massive dmg if you combine them, oh and, it strikes both left and right! And that circle has quite a range, half of screen quite, and the circle is just a bit smaller than dragon knight 2nd magic skill! kame hame ha anyone?

3 MP bars
In my point of view, weaker than Dragon Dive, but it works like this, you spin up in the air forwarding a bit, unless enemy blocking the way(hits 9 times) and launch a wave that goes down and damages enemy ending in an explosive way! I'd rather use the 2 mp things in pvp>.> unleeess there is a nice wave of opponents?
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03-24-2009   #2 (permalink)
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We tried it in BfB. My SM can climb up with the down attack, while Alex's savior was unable to do the same, even though his attack made him go higher visually. So it's likely she can't use it to climb in the same manner.
03-24-2009   #3 (permalink)
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I think it has to be the same as Ryan's 1st job to climb up, you need to damage something to climb. =P Not sure though, never seen anyone climb with it yet. =D

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03-29-2009   #4 (permalink)
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id seen savior climb and so did ryan it acully i think depends on how high u jump and then use the attack

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04-01-2009   #5 (permalink)
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Vulturas is on a distinguished road

look at the screen and do a normal jump while measuring, and after use the down attack, quite higher eh? you must know how to hit, when to hit and who to hit, senseis words!*if anny arround here?)


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