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02-26-2009   #1 (permalink)
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Default Arch Ranger Guide(basics)

Welcome to my guide This is a short and fast guide to know your Arch Ranger Lire, that is Lire's 3rd job
Noow the basics

Normal 3 hit combo
ZZZ+<< for -> and ZZZ+>> for <-
Probably shortest lire combo, 3 massive arrows to hit your enemy to the ground, you can add an extra attack by using a double(dash < for arrow > dirrection and vice versa) Nice enough but arrow defence is a pain And melee chars. Dash at any time after 1st or 2nd arrow for critical attack.

>> for -> << for <-
This is new, Lire can run! Too bad it isn't as fast as lass 1st>.>
Fair, you can attack back at any time, like any archer, dash > and shot <(or vice versa) but you can run and await the moment when the opponent in same line of fire like the arrow?=D

Jump Dash
^+>> for -> or ^+<< for <-
This is nice, lire has an awesome jump dash, compensating the fact lire's jump is quite... normal as height...

Jump Attack 1

Shoots an arrow diagonally down, almost like lire 1st but it comes near the shooter

Jump Attack 2 ^+down+Z
Shoot 1 or 2 arrows under you, almost like rain storm but, lacks lenght in duration and 2 arrows don't really make it easy to grab at landing

Jump Attack 3 ^^+Z
Take out one of your big arrows and do an uppercut, for Forgotten City keke, no more hiding from Lire

Double attack 1-> Read combo attack

Double attack 2
Last hit will hit close at short range, won't knock down enemy, Perfect for starting another combo/

Double Attack 3
Last hit will launch enemy in the air! Perfect at making a running chance!

Dash Attack 2
This is tricky, tap > 2 times, do not hold and press Z, you can use it 2 times in pvp, one launching opponent, 2nd doing more damage!


1st-> Hyper Shot
One arrow, as many opponents in a row you want, yep, it goes THROUGH opponents, 1 arrow many chances of hitting opponents, best used in team modes or survivals in many opponents
2nd-> White wind
Round and round and round it goes, when it stops nobody knowes! This is an useful attack, evade an opponent, cause you can move while casting it, making this annoyng to some!
3rd-> CHAKRA
Looks like arrow rain, but when the arrows go up, they don't damage, but when they hit the ground, BOOM, on a screen lenght, everyone gets damaged, oh when the arrows go down opponents still get damaged in air!


Double Banger
Double attack 2+Double attack 1
A short way of saying-> Never stay too close to an arch ranger!

Air Launcher
Double attack 3+dash attack 2
Launch enemy in air, and hit him again while in air, PS: you need about 2 CM lenght between you and your enemy to make it work well.

White Ravage
This is VERY hard to make and you need lots of training to make it work, and still then it won't work.
Double attack 3+ 1st skill after half of second a second+charge white wind while shooting+ wait for hyper shot to hit enemy+ release white wind while marching towards enemy+ Watch how he falls

Hard to do, devastating^.^

Falling Arrow Grab
Jump Attack 2+ go near opponent+grab
Hard to do and pretty annoyng when spamming it, use it as a last resort.

AR Hammie's guide to juggle (shortened)
ZZZ+Up+Aim Up+ZZZ+< or >
Then repeat.

That all and please don't hate me

Last edited by Vulturas; 03-09-2009 at 10:21 AM.
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03-07-2009   #2 (permalink)
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I'd like to tell that it's easy to juggle on AR, just do this:
ZZZ+Up+Aim Up+ZZZ+< or >
Then repeat.
03-09-2009   #3 (permalink)
/gg FTW! Stalker
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Oookay Imma put em in, not many responses to my guides tho
03-09-2009   #4 (permalink)
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Noctis is just really niceNoctis is just really niceNoctis is just really niceNoctis is just really niceNoctis is just really nice

Heh. I don't think many people come to the guides. Did you put in that AR can air grab? Also the uppercut+air grab combo?
06-17-2009   #5 (permalink)
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o.o those combows are hard lol for me to do


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