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Post Monster Buffs new old and combinating them...

Monster Buffs, every monster have 'em! Excepting trial forest and trial tower, we dun want to make our newbies feel bad no? There are tons of buffs, and a monster can have up to 3! Bosses cannot have buffs unless Champion mode(champion mode=all monsters have 3 buffs! including the big bad and mean boss, trial forest and tower are not champion-mode able) Back to our story, there are tons of buffs, and more ways of combining them, useful or not we'll see!

1. Increased Defence(ID): what name says, more defence arround doubleish, very annoyng cause it can make you tap Z a lot and making other monsters come to the party

2. Increased Attack(IA): more damage, big pain especially at bosses, boss doing arround 60 dmg and POW 120, pain... For normal monsters it is recomended to kill fast before it strikes ya, and for bosses, good luck! Hope you have a team!

3.Restore HP(RHP):... it heals like anyone, but it can heal full life unlike you 1/2 in dungeon>.> I usually take down them first but, this is annoyng on harpies... unless yer an archer!

4. Recover(RC): Throw enemy down and pow he comes back, he doesn't need time to rest neither! So after you kick the fella down, show him another warm welcome! With a head bash!

5. Super Armor(SA): This is the trick, cannot be aerialled, pushed, and never stopps while you are performing skills, pain in the (ding dong) Sometimes they freeze, especially low levels, dunno why but it happened a lot in the past but not I don't know sure, maybe it fixed.(some time ago arround 3-4 weeks after launch of gorge happened! Please this was annoyng, in gorge of oath happened lol)

6. Freezing(Fr): If a monster lands a succesful hit on you, you get instantly cooled transforming into a big lump of ice, press left/right fast to get rid of it!

7.Cursing(Cu): If a monster lands a succesful hit on you, you get damaged everytime you hit Z, not normal attacks but Z, tap Z 2 times and you hit monster once, so you get hit twice by the curse, it is temporary but if you have high HP, hit enemy like mad! (Elesis!)

8.Petrify(Pe): Monster hits you and turns ya to stone, bang press left right like mad to avoid damage(up to 1/2 if yer dexterity level at clobbering the keyboard is maxed! lol) It takes some seconds till it damages ya.

9. Shockwave(Sw): the buff that made GC insane, at first one made a joke: Shockwave: Strongest monster skill, when you send monster to the ground it will disconect you.(really happened but gladly it got repaired fast!) Now the present: When monster gets up and you stay near or on him, you get thrown until you meet object/border/another monster, really, great pain...

10. Arrow Defence(AD): Archer's bane! A frontal hit will only act like hitting an elesis in pvp, low dmg, and monster almost acts like a SA. Best countered with archer skills and lire's, make sure you have a melee arround! I noticed some skills act like shooting just a fan or arrows, nvm, but when xbow finishes combo on an monster, it jumps a bit back>..> this is odd

Nya, now time for something useful for player only! Some buffs don't work properly with some monsters... Just read on:

Goblins, orcs, anmons(all including lobsters), drillmons, dark mages(that dark fog can't curse ya, petrify or freeze! you still get damaged in it), skeletons, franatic soldiers, monks, etc= All normal, nuff said

Recover-> useless! It can't drop unless it dies!
Shockwave-> Like above but it can never shockwave(hooray!)

Swamp Slime(Marsh of oblivion or how you call it)
Recover-> Useless like harpie's
Shockwave-> Useless again. It can't fall

Paraminy(Forgotten City)
Recover-> Like the upper>.>
Shockwave-> Guess! Useless!
Super Armor-> Not such an impediment... I find it quite insignifiant

Carnivorous Plant Jr.(New World)
Recover->Can't fall
Shockwave-> Look up

ATTENTION! Sometimes when Anmon soldiers, scouts, guards when jump back into position while attacking they may not SW even if they have the buff!

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02-16-2009   #2 (permalink)
/gg FTW! Stalker
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Vulturas is on a distinguished road

Some serious combos that buffed monsters might have, (usually 3 star and champion!)

Archers Bane
SA+AD+ID/Pe/Fr/Rhp= This combination makes monsters really hard to beat if you are soloing and makes a lire mad outta its mind, very hard to skill and time consuming, especially with recover HP

King Kong
SA+ID+IA= Name scarier! But this is trademark? Nvm, monster is strong making you very jumpy to avoid attacks

SA+ID+Rhp= High defence and hp recovery... annoyng!

Curse/Petry/ Freeze Launcher
SW+Cu/Pe/Fr= Kick it down and it kicks ya away doing one of the things said above, freeze curse or petry!
(Ookay, can this work anymore?)
Useless Tank
SA+SW+Rc= SA negates the two, rather more useful is a Fr,Cu or Pe...(PS: I am not using a periodic table!)

Nuff said for now

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02-16-2009   #3 (permalink)
/gg FTW! Stalker
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Vulturas is on a distinguished road

For Short!

AD-> Arrow Defence

Cu-> Curse

Fr-> Freeze

IA-> Increased Attack
ID-> Increased Defence

Pe-> Petrify

RC-> Recover
RHP-> Recover Hit Points

SA-> Super Armor
SW-> Shockwave(may be switch too keh)

Personal Rating for the moment: Queued Junk for recycling>.>(0 comments and 1 week passed wah)

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