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Pluberus 01-04-2009 07:18 PM

Ultimate Elesis Guides - ADVANCED STEPS
This came from my thread on the official forum. Check out that link for best quality - I don't have time to format them both.... Best I can figure out, its talking about advanced movement techniques for elesis... If I have time I'll format this and correct mistakes. Its NOT my guide - some foreign person posted it and I translated and reposted.:

Official Forum Link: Grand Chase - Ultimate Elesis Moves - PvP Stepping, Etc.

Swordsmaiden Guide - Advanced Movements
By Jacob

Basic movements
-Skill-Air (falling)

Advanced Moves

Combos with Agarrão
-Double-Agarrão @ Dash + Drop
-Double-Agarrão @ Drop + Dash
-Double-Agarrão @ DashDrop + DashDrop
-Double-Agarrão @ GuanGrab + AerialGrab
-Triple-Agarrão Dash @ + + Drop GuanGrab
-Triple-Agarrão Dash @ + + Drop SoloGrab
-Triple-Agarrão @ DashDrop + + Aerial MushiGrab Grab

Combos and Counter-Strike Mixed
-Sequence-Attacks Between Switching Platforms
-Combo-Aério + Sword of Fire
-Deep-Cut + Grab / Sword of Fire
-Sword of Fire + Grab (Platform)
-Sword of Fire + Grab (Location specific)
-Grab-Berserker + (Lire)
-Skill-Air (Blow Against)


__________________________________________________ _______

In this guide I have attempted to address the bottom of the class only swordsmen in PvP, being probably the hardest class to play well in Grand Chase, many players spend away from her. However that is certainly has more potential when used with wisdom and technique. This guide gives you many tactics and combos, and the few notions of how to use them. I support that after reading the entire contents of this guide you create your own style and play for yourself. It is only to emphasize that it was made exclusively for the stage of forest elves, as the only completely neutral phase of the game.

A message to those who are against the disclosure of the contents of this guide, you may have spent 3 hours trying to find a shedoutchogonshidonbackstepplus and therefore is considered the right not to reveal to anyone. I agree with this until recently, when the single command difficult to find (mushidon) was posted in Grand Chase Wiki. From there it all changes are stupidly easy to imagine, and in fact if you took 3 hours to find out is aware that this guide totaled 9 hours of work. Without further ado let's down to business.
Every class has pros and cons, here prepared a short list of p / c class swordsman:

High Speed
Insana capacity of Combos
Excellent offensive and defensive skills
If used properly has the advantage of majority Charis

Fragile, you can not move forward without tactic
Commands advanced extremely sensitive
Little scope in common scams
In certain situations require Speller

__________________________________________________ _______

Basic movements

Command: Command base of them, is to tighten or ← → 2 times, your character will be driven in a certain direction. If you hold the arrow after the completion of his character even begun to run.
Uses: In the beginning will be your main form of locomotion, but over time become completely unnecessary. It is a movement quite versatile and can be followed by a jump or an attack.

Combo Critical
Command: From the second hit of the combo attacks, press → → to perform a critical blow. You can do this at any time of the combo.
Uses: It is the fastest way to cause considerable damage after start without using a combo of skills or other artifacts. An interesting detail is that if done with perfect timing and distance, your character will grab the opponent causing damage and a good possibility of opening set-ups.

Aerial Combo
Command: During any time of the normal combo is possible to start a tightening ↑ air combo, this is the method to cause the greatest damage possible, but for most of the art lift the opponent in the first two hits of the combo land.
Uses: Useful Lires against weapons and above all, exceptional players to strike against it in a way that will be explained further ahead, however it is an excellent source of damage and opens space for combos with skills and Grabs.

__________________________________________________ _______

Fatal Blow: Skill 1, MP. It is divided into two parts: the 3 hits and critical. To do so z hold until the first blue bar is full, then release. Its usefulness is usually defensive, mainly to undo other skills. A very frequent use of it is catch the opponent with the first 3 hits during the delay and drop a sword of fire before the opponent escape.

Sword of Fire: Skill 2, MP. Main skill of swordsman, with the exception of skills is the cash that has the greatest damage concentrated in a straight line. It is extremely useful if combined with other advanced techniques for power has a radius of causing considerable damage on both sides. Although normally be the finisher combos with other skills that can serve to set-ups with Grabs in platforms.

Critical X: Skill 3 of MP. The skill that is less used, the reason is that for most of his damage the opponent must be in your upper back diagonal. Never use this skill without being sure of doing that, because lead in a low damage and loss of 3 bars of MP. Its main function is to get opponents into movements in certain situations as a Moonwalk * in fall or hit opponents who are falling into a right angle.

Deep Cut: Skill 1, CASH. One of the best defensive skills and counter-attack of the game, it is divided into 2 parts, one that hit neutral lock the opponent and a second that the raises. Extremely useful to catch opponents unprepared or stopped by skill 1. The main combo with it is feasible to lift the opponent and hit him with a sword of fire while he falls. This combo is certain death for people of equivalent level and can be further deepened with some creativity.

Wild fury: Skill 2 of CASH. Skill also divided into two parts, both with formidable power. This skill was made in order to surprise the opponent, if she get the death is certain, however is easily counterável. It moves by itself, the char moving forward, so it is good to kill clusters of opponents before they escape. It is deadly when it takes an opponent advanced with a * mushidon in their direction.
Wind cutting tools: Skill 3 of CASH. In my opinion, the best offensive skill of the game, has 2 phases, the roll, which takes a ridiculous damage followed by the fire, which has the greatest damage concentrated in the game (with the exception of blizzard not advocated) and raises the opponent to an exorbitant time and remains for 3 seconds. Useful in almost all situations in which it is possible to take the opponent by surprise. An interesting detail is that when you raise the opponent makes room for interesting setups, I am not surprised if a trio of them could hold a agarrão five times added to the damage of fire with some creativity.

Command: Hold Z until at least the first complete bar mp and then get a hit, your char will "fall".
Uses: Main generic defensive move of the game, take it to the user loses the whole mp which was carrying, but falls instantly leaving him invincible for a few seconds. Combos and skills as ninja DelayGrab the arrow of light and the guardian can be easily reversed with a counter. The package allows the use of serdin counter without the use of mp, with that you become immune to certain types of combos, but experienced players know it can use techniques which the counter is slower, allowing the combo the same way. The only skill is impossible to counterar Maga's when the lightning takes closely.

Command: Hold Z, run in a direction to start the race long, and hold X to hold the opposite to what you were running. If you do them correctly and will turn steps forward only to going to the opposite direction, at that end slide release x.
Use: Technical extremely useful and simple to perform. By doing this your character turns around to the other side without losing the pace of the race enabling the use of skills. The principle may seem useless but can catch opponents unprepared coming running blindly in their direction, is also useful to use a Skill Air reversed.

Skill Air (falling)
Command: From the center of a platform, run to the edge and drop the skill at the right time. If you correctly your character use the skill as it falls.
Uses: There is set to use it, in most cases is to surprise opponents in different levels of time or if the reverse, hit the opponent on a platform directly below your skills with the type of sword of fire.
* It will be explained later

__________________________________________________ _______

Advanced Moves

Guan Step
Command: ↑ → (→ ↓) to dance and (↑ →) + (→ ↓) to go in one direction.
How to accomplish it: Jump and then dash down, the timing is to jump, press forward and then tighten forward with ↓. If you correctly your character will perform a jump and dash diagonally down before reaching the maximum height of the jump.
Uses: Some consider the move as an intermediary because of its slowness in comparison to mushidon. I feel as if the user dash intermediary uses as a basic locomotion. Meanwhile experienced players see it the potential to confuse the opponent to be a dash of amending level so unpredictable. If you are starting to use advanced dashs strongly suggest that the first train. He will guarantee you a speed much higher than with no N and open possibilities for combo.

Reverse Step Guan
Command: ← (hold) + Guan →
How to accomplish it: Hold for one side and performs an Guan step to another. If you correctly the character will hold a joint Guan, but looking at the opposite side of the dash and with an angle a little more closed.
Uses: It is a dash more for fun, not very useful, perhaps only a potential for confusion. However it can be a good training after dominating the Guan, if you do it perfectly the realization of common Guan becomes a joke.

Step Rocket
Command: → (→ ↑)
How to accomplish it: It has a timing a little complicated at first, and then dash the 2nd ↑ → tighten something with 0.1 seconds. If they are to perform properly driven at an angle of 30.
Uses: The basis of 90% of advanced dashes. He has in itself as utilities move quickly between platforms and Graber opponents falling. After Guan suggest that this train dash until he is PERFECT for those who try oh yes derive it. Note: Not all keyboards have enough sensitivity to the attainment of a rocket with ease, if your case look for the appropriate equipment. There are several topics with suggestions. Connected with a lock does not always work.

Shed Step
Command: → (→ ↑) ↓
How to accomplish it: Consists of tightening ↓ after holding a rocket, if you correctly the character will hold a bow down, like the dash of Rider only bigger and faster.
Uses: Dash for Grabs main fast. Why not a dash rasteiro capture the opponents to a greater height and does not need to push to grab as much, because is under the force of gravity. Most advanced dashs that this guide does not cover are variations in the timing that you squeeze ↓. There are ways to cancel the delay of the dash making it a formidable replacement of Guan.

Command: → (→ ↑ ↓)
How to accomplish it: Press ↓ immediately after the start of the rocket to make it his middle finger should be positioned "stoned" in both ↑ ↓ keys and squeeze them in sequence with different phalanges. If you build it correctly your character slide down by a considerable distance and speed insane. Some keyboards have no sensitivity to accomplish it to the left, requiring the exchange of equipment.
Uses: Main form of locomotion of a land they experienced. By having an insane speed to dominate if it wins a certainty as the possibility to catch people running away or move back into an opponent. Agarrões very useful for rapid and accurate, and has a range of variations. By using it you will see that through the stage in 2 seconds from end to end with a bid to capture mp loaded at the other end is not always the best way out. Whenever the use of wisdom and become a swordsman exceptional.

Mushidon Step

Command: →(→↑↓)

The beast move SWORD!


She presses sideways , after RAPIDLY she presses go ahead summit & delize the finger RAPIDLY down , the espadachim will glide at floor. Concert best dash of the I play with the ESPADACHIM!! OR ENTAO By one PLAYING ABOUT TO SIDE & RAPIDLY ( SIDE SUMMIT DOWN JOINED )

MUSHIDON STEP, SHINDONSHEDOU, TCHOGON STEP, VERYS GOOD DASHS OF SWORDMAN --------> YouTube - Grand Chase Dashs by Pinoquio - Game Over Guild

Step ShindonShedou
Commands: It is very difficult to describe the dash, is to connect various shedous in order to make a move like a much faster and Guan long. To do this several ways, one is to hold the opposite side while the shed, but you can also do as a mushidon adding that only a small delay between the ↑ and ↓.
Uses: If done well is faster than mushidon, serves primarily to grab opponents who are running away with any kind of dash. It is also very effective as walking in the castle serdin, since there has not shed the delay of any animation can connect them amazingly fast.

Command: Mushidon + Skill
How to accomplish it: Holding the MP mushidon and conduct a slide started after the release the mp, the character is done correctly perform the skill sliding forward.
Uses: Forget the other skills here, the focus is frontspell the sword of fire. He is not a movement to attack as many Rambo can imagine when you see in use, but a skill performed after sliding confuse the opponent in some way. Never go in front against a Rider using this skill, since the time of the boom is spinning much more and can kill you. To use it with perfection is necessary to master mushidon and its variations, oh yeah its devastating power will be useful.

Command: Dash Mushidom or to one side to the opposite Mushidon + + or Attack Skill
How to accomplish it: The command may seem complex, however is to cut a dash or a common mushidon with a Mushi in to the opposite side to his character that will slide to the side but then be pushed back.
Uses: Near the FrontSpell is possible to make an impressive set of skills. Is to cut a dash sliding backwards. With this you can use a skill as well as the Moonwalk, but during a sequence of mush. You can also perform a critical blow sliding backwards, capturing opponents are running in their direction. Again the sword of skill to fire out, but it is not the only possibility. Experienced players make a game of alternating between backspells and frontspells to confuse the opponents.

Step Back
Command: + Mushi BackSpell to the opposite side alternating sides.
How to accomplish it: First of all, do not try to achieve that dash in combat before it dominated the mushidon COMPLETELY. The command is to switch sides backspell of creating a kind of dance where your char is attracted to the center more.
Uses: Reversing the position of backspell with skill and confuse the opponent. While you are doing breakstep, it is impossible to predict its next step, because from there you can go out with a front, back in a reverse or cancel a Guan.

Break Step
Command: → → (safe) ← ←
How to accomplish it: Make a dash to some common direction, hold to that direction and make a dash for the opposite then, if you correctly and your char will go back. You may be repeating this command so that the char is to move quickly in a small area.
Uses: Tactical advanced to confuse the opponent, experienced players use it when necessary is a confusing and terrestrial locomotion in an area of land short. The most common is when it knocks the opponent, while he raises is possible some breaks on him to confuse him or influence it to proceed to a direction where you're able to close it.

Step Banmushidon
Command: Mushi → (hold →) + Mushi ←
How to accomplish it: Make a Mushi to one direction, hold the arrow down side, release it and hold a Mushi to the opposite side. If you correctly the character will perform a Mushi to one side, and then return to the original position with another Mushi.
Use: Extremely useful for Mindgames. For example serves to pretend that is running away, but come back with a frontspell. It also serves to create a feeling of teleport on your opponent, making a game where one time you're out there and another time is not. 100% combável to dash any seen before.

Step Tchogon
Command: Mushi on a platform followed by a jump or a Guan
How to accomplish it: When performing a Mushi ramp your character slides down instead of keeping straight. To perform a tchogon use the mushidon on a platform and jump through before it. If you correctly the character will recover the level of the platform and glide to it. It is also possible to continue doing other tchogons turn what would be a leap with a Guan. It works best on the edge of the platform where you can continue the sequence in a lower level without a dindon or similar.
Uses: I believe that if you reached the point of dominating the tchogon the uses are already mounted on his head. Basically it is a very quick move into a platform, and can generate backs and fronts in addition to cross the stage at angles extremely precise. During its implementation you may accidentally jump to avoid it is necessary to conduct several tchogons followed or that connect them with a Guan. The easiest place to do it in 2 tchogons linked platform above the forest where the track has a small gap.

Step Dindon
Command: (↑ →) + (→ ↓) Very fast
How to accomplish it: Make a Guan so fast so that the char not leave the ground, now do so on a platform and before the char falls then connect with others. If you make sure your char platform slide by leaving a trail of smoke.
Uses: Locomotion in advanced platform, most efficient way to move fast in a straight platform, without gap, can be used to connect 2 tchogons here not sure, but I believe that when you do this is called the dash tchoguan.

Command: Holding 3 bars of MP, jump and fall z releasing the button with a minimum of force and pressing it again. To do this hold the mouse button down with lightness and loosen without even taking your finger on the button. If you do them correctly will hold a hit air and remain neutral with mp loaded.
Uses: It is only achievable with the skills 3. The air lock hit the opponent by a fraction of a second possibility is that release the skill as the opponent is stunned by the coup. In the case of critical X, if done at a good pace you can even prevent your opponent have a hit counter in air, because the skill before it started falling.

Command: z ↓ Athe tchogon is considered a "bug" of the game. With you and your opponent on the same platform, drop and press z INSTANTLY. If you correctly, hit the air will hit your opponent, but that's before you even fall of the platform, so that you return to it.
Uses: It is trivial in missions, but has its uses in PvP. First plan does not recommend that you use a situation where Otto, will therefore probably wrong. Hold the opportunity appears, and when it appears life is -1 pro opponent. Other against them is easier to avoid it, however it is always useful when one reaches a platform Arm.

¬ Combos with Agarrão
The sword has an insane range of tactics to do after grabbing the opponent at the edge of a platform. By having a small delay and a dash versatile you can make the most diverse combinations using a bit of creativity.

Double Agarrão: Dash + Drop
Command: Grab the opponent toward the edge of the platform. Once you grab the end and hold a press dash down immediately. This will monitor the air allowing another grab.

Double Agarrão: Drop + Dash
Command: Grab the opponent near the edge and then drope of the platform and perform an air dash, allowing a second grab.

Agarrão Double: DashDrop + DashDrop
Command: Grab the opponent toward the edge of the runway. Grab this should be done differently. Immediately prior to seize drop, if you correctly your char will fall, but then return to the track, similar to Otto. If you hold for the meantime its char front end to grab a little closer to the edge. With this you can dashar straight toward it and DROP smoothly again to hold a second agarrão. Without falling of the platform.

Agarrão Double: GuanGrab + AerialGrab
Command: Grab your opponent after a guanstep as shown in the image above. If you correctly your character will fall agarrão the end of the platform on the floor. From this position you have an opponent down, which is great for a number of combos. You can grab it in 3 ways: Pulo + dash, guanstep and rocketstep. each with their respective timings. You can also grab the opponent at the moment he touches the ground only holding → z toward the opponent.

Agarrão Triple: Dash + + Drop GuanGrab
Command: A little more complicated to achieve. Is to achieve a double agarrão the highest platform and hold → going to go through that exists between the two platforms intermediary. If you correctly your character ends once the end of the ramp. From there you can grab your opponent the same ways as in the previous example and end the agarrão triple.

Agarrão Triple: Dash + + Drop SoloGrab
Command: Make a dash to grab double + ← drop and hold. If you correctly your character ends on the floor. From that position there is no time to jump so simply turn → z and hold to grab the opponent for the third time.

Agarrão Triple: DashDrop Grab + + Mushi Aerial Grab
Command: Grab the opponent in the first local show, then conduct a mushidon to grab it again, if you correctly the opponent will grab the "arrested" the edge of the platform and you will fall on the floor, with a possible last grab air.

__________________________________________________ _____________________

Mixed sequences and Combos

The sword has a large class library of combos and mixing skills Grabs. In this session sought the principal and most useful in combat, but feel free to develop their own.

String of Attacks Switching between Platforms
Command: When you're coming between two platforms you can switch between them using hits air to prevent the opponent away with ease. To do so is the highest position on the platform and DROP attacking, so touching the floor jump again making another attack on the platform and ending higher. If you perform against a wall in a dash toward the same before i jump up and conducting the attack. This will finish you in a position closer to the upper floor of the platform allowing a more rapid alternation.

Combo Air + Sword of Fire
Command: One of the main killers of combos them. If done to perfection you can kill up to 10 characters above their levels. Is to conduct an air combo and knock the opponent before dropping a sword of fire causing devastating damage. To achieve it we need a perfect timing.
-Make the combo normal until the part that she peddler the sword
-This thrust has 2 hits in the first hold ze ↑ tighten in the second to start the air combo
Wait 0.5 seconds, and release to hold a sword of fire with the opponent raised
This timing is very complicated, but you can practice with the doll's training. If they fall or if you drop the skill wrong is wrong because. Practice enough and he will eventually be useful.

Command: I invented this technique one day and realized that these may be useful in certain situations. Guan is to grab a hold of a high platform and while the opponent falls hit him in the air with a sword or a fire or a full critical X Power. X is for the critical need to position itself below the opponent and back to him. If you correctly both combos will result in probable death.

Cutting Deep Grab + / Sword of Fire
Command: Main technique of the attack against them. It is common use it to cover the delay caused by the fatal blow. Is to lift the opponent with the skill, wait a moment, and jump and grab it again (have those same changes in guangrab) in a correct timing and very difficult to get. It is also possible as explained using the sword skill of fire, causing certain death.

Sword of Fire + Grab (platform)
Command: Tactical widely used after a ottoshot because it pushes an opponent at a distance that the sword of fire cover. Is to overthrow the opponent's platform with the sword and perform a dash to grab + drop extra damage. It is also useful when the sword handle opponents in the air, because the "defeat" is greater.

Sword of Fire + Grab (Location specific)
Command: A combo of limited utility, but it's always good as the most range of possibilities. Only be achieved in the lower platform of the forest (where it is performed in the Otto quina of lire). With the opponent behind you use the sword of fire falling from the platform so that it is reached by the back of the coup. If you correct a bug occurs when you hold up the opponent to fall and he will be repeating the animation of a possible fall grab.

Grab + Berserker (Lire)
Command: As you receive projectiles (kunais or arrows) a Berserker bar appears at his side. When she reaches a certain point there is an animation in which they shouted causing a delay and all charas are coming back. During this delay is possible to grab the opponent, causing a greater harm than the Berserker, but you can add the two damage becoming a dangerous technique. To do this, hold that the opponent is falling, and then stick it in the air near the ground. If you correctly the lag of the server will make it fall down and grab the animation begins, adding the two losses.

Skill Air (Blow Against)
Command: Probably the most difficult technique of timing of them. There are some who play the characters blows up (reverse gravity, air combo, patada of basil, biting wind etc. ...), but is possible with much practice, to avoid taking these blows through a skill 0.1 seconds before be lifted. If you correctly your character will receive the damage and will be lifted up, but doing a skill. I just saw this happen in 3 different situations, the most impressive of them was an Arm that accidentally held a petrify when he received the protection of my skill archer. What happened was an assault where the beautiful Arm flew a few centimeters and petrify used in the air, causing my death.

In this guide tried everything I know about tackling this great class. List all commands that he knew and gave a brief idea of how to use them. From now on we need you to create your own style with some things in mind:
Train-dash is accurate but PvP play is essential
-In the first 3 months of dismay and dash you will want to change char, not discouraged
-There is a Scrub is not anti-lire, anti-grab or anti-spell, if you do become a player among many pathetic
-If you have situation is difficult, not to avoid it, but coach
This will become an even better swordsman.

My sincere thanks to:
Plaxsin: Why teach me the basics of dashs and Grabs vitally contributing to the creation of this guide
Swift ~: For me to show that dash is not everything (although I always forget it) and my partner have been the game for a long time
Maloka_kun: That showed me the first time what was a banmushidon opened doors for me and try to figure out how to do it
Verdin: What gave the hint on breakstep enabling the discovery of the same
Jeanne21: What made the tchogonstep during a PvP from allowing me to see their habits and find your command
Hao: What posted the names of facilitating the search dashs
Shokz: Why teach me the banmushi and reverse Guan and serve as an inspiration for me to continue seeking the improvement of dashs.

NOTE from Pluberus - Not sure how useful this guide will be, due to grammatical errors and use of skill tree which NaGC doesn't have yet.. It is NOT my guide, I merely translated it, formatted it, and posted here.

Video of the Dashes: YouTube - Grand Chase Dashs by Pinoquio - Game Over Guild

Kowiz 01-04-2009 07:27 PM

It's funny, because I had the original BR guide saved in a .doc, and it has the images :>

Bennysaurus 01-04-2009 07:43 PM

Nice guide, so confused about this stuff though :/

Not that advanced with Elesis.

Jokerz 01-06-2009 07:54 AM

I had trouble understanding the grammar sometimes. I'll try the stuff in it, though.

hueyple 01-06-2009 04:13 PM


Originally Posted by Kowiz (Post 654175)
It's funny, because I had the original BR guide saved in a .doc, and it has the images :>

i've thought i've seen this someone
before on google when i was lurking around

none the less its a great guide for awesome moves :py60:

Noperative 01-06-2009 04:18 PM

Nice guide, but I can't do most of these U: At least I know what BT is doing now.

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Originally Posted by Kowiz (Post 654175)
It's funny, because I had the original BR guide saved in a .doc, and it has the images :>

gimme please

Noperative 02-07-2009 07:40 PM

Gah, I reread the guide since I'm playing elesis now.
OK, what's the difference between keys in brackets than normal ones? Holding them down at the same time or something?

Shazbot 02-08-2009 06:54 AM

Press them all at the same time. ;P Or, in the listed order really fast.

WirbleWind 02-22-2009 06:27 AM

Bah , this is only for sword maiden and not sword master ... I need a 3rd job step guide ;)

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