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Firest 11-07-2008 03:56 PM

BGC Updates [12/04] [Lots of Pictures]
BGC Update 12/04
BGC Update 11/27
BGC Update 11/19
Penumbra Valley -- Conversations Translation -- This is NOT perfect:

--Stage 1--
Elesis- God! This place is weird... Whats those stones that shine with a blue light?
Ronan- Those are quartz. They emanate MP, and when you get near them, your MP is restored.
Arme- But those look different... Apparently, they absorb your MP.
Lire- It must be because they were cursed by the power of darkness.
Amy- There is no other path to the Temple of Syntony.
Lass- We must keep walking here, even if it means we will need to break those quartz...

--Stage 5--
Elesis- Hmmm.. Maybe the quartz destroyed the monsters here?
Lire- No, and they are too strong. This is gonna be a difficult battle.
Lass- Don't say weak words like those! We certainly will encounter stronger monsters than those in the future.
-Knight in red armor appears
Astaroth- You arrived. Grand Chase!! I was waiting for you all.
Lass- ?!!
Elesis- Who are you?!!
Ryan- Governor God?!! So, you are here to attack us?!!
Astaroth- Exactly. The Governor God thinks you are inconvenient. Then, i have come personally to punish you all in his name.
Elesis- We will not be scared with anything that came from the Governor God.
Ronan- Elesis.. Please, be careful. I can sense a lot of strenght in him.
Astaroth- Hahaha... Now you will fear THE DEATH.
Lass- Prepare!
--Battle Starts--

--After half of his HP--
Astaroth- Thats better than i expected, Grand Chase.
Astaroth- But this ends here and now!
--Meteors start to fall--
Elesis- Whats this?
Arme- This... This spell really works... I can't believe this.
Lass- Ronan?!! Do something! If this continues, we will be completely destroyed!
Astaroth- This is the absolute power of the Governor!
Amy- I can't continue like this...
--Venese Enters--
Venese- ...
--Venese uses Soul Impact to stop the meteors--
Astaroth- What?! Venese?! Don't interrupt me. This battle is not yours!!
Venese- I have the duty to protect them.
Astaroth- No... The battle was almost at the end..
--Astaroth dissapears--
Ronan- Thanks Venese. Thanks to you, we were saved.
venese- The God of Light had a presentiment, and ordered me to follow and protect you.
Lire- As we though, the God of Light is too kind.
Venese- The battle is not over. We will talk later...

--Stage 6--
--Astaroth appears and is floating in the air--
Astaroth- Venese, how can you and the God of Light believe in such trivial creatures like that? They are too weak.
Venese- They know better than anyone that together they can surpass any difficulty. So, they always protect their friends to unite their strenght and become even stronger than before. Thats how they fight.
Venese- Thats why they are strong. And for every friend that joins, they become even stronger.
Venese- This is why the God of Light and i believe in them.
Astaroth- Do you also believe this fantasy? If you weren't here, they would be dead. Even so, you believe that they can surpass any difficulty?
Astaroth- So, you will interfere util the end. I will need to send you to Hell with them.
--Summons Bultaros--
Elesis- What?
Ronan- Whats this creature??!
Astaroth- Go, my servant!! Go and crush those fools!!
Bultaros- Grrraaaauuurrrrrr!!!!!!
Lass- Lets go!

--Bultaros dies--
Lass- Wow! Is this the end?
Ronan- Whoa.. This was a very hard fight.
Elesis- Now that you witnessed our power, prepare yourself!!
Astaroth- (They won? The powerful Venese helped, but they shouldn't trust that too much.)
Venese- Do you see now, Astaroth? This is the power of those that have something to protect!
Astaroth- Venese, you look tired.
Arme- You too. Theres no way to not be after the use of all that magic.
Astaroth- Right... I'm a little tired too, you little circus mage. I will return to the temple and rest.
Elesis- Do you think that we will let you get away like this? Get back here and fight!
Astaroth- Venese... It is a pity that you have been free'd from our control and became an enemy. It will be harder to deal with you than with the God of Light.
Venese- ...
Astaroth- I will fall back this time. There will be no benefit in revealing the inside of each one and fight.
Astaroth- But i will watch you, Venese. How much will your son survive whitout you? Hahahahahaha!
--Astaroth Dissapears--

Amy- He underestimates us too much.
Venese- Its not like that. He is too worried with you. He should be with the Governor God, but he coming here personally shows that.
Ronan- In any way, we were saved thanks to Venese. Thank you.
Arme- Wow.. Venese will accompany us? I feel much safer...
Venese- No. This is the best i can do for you all. From now on, it will be territory of the Governor God, and i can't go ahead like i wanted to.
Venese- But you will certainly be victorious. If you are always together and keep up the friendship like now, nobody will be able to beat you.
Elesis- Yeah!! Lets teach some things to the Governor God!!
Lass- What now? We should continue slowly? We don't know when monsters will appear...
Lire- we just united, but we already need to separated from Venese...
Venese- There is no fun in waiting at a place like this.
Ryan- So, Venese.. Thats it.
Venese- I wish divine protection upon you all...

BGC Update 11/13

BGC Update 10/30

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The Abyss Knight in a PvP match

Endgame 11-07-2008 04:41 PM

I don't see why it wouldn't be.

Firest 11-07-2008 05:57 PM

Well, in BGC forums we get strict restrictions about other servers, so.. I'm kinda afraid. But i'm posting the 10/06 update.

Shirakani 11-08-2008 01:53 AM

Inquisitor? That's what they called Abyss Knight?... WTF...

Firest 11-08-2008 05:01 AM

Yeah. I'm currently uploading another vid, me soloing a small dungeon (Gaikoz 1 star) with Abyss Knight.

Amanda 11-08-2008 05:02 AM

I'm gonna call Abyss Knight Inquisitor on NAGC forums to see what people say ._.

Firest 11-09-2008 01:08 PM

New vid uploaded :D
The Abyss Knight in a PvP match

Kudaranai 11-09-2008 02:54 PM

=o thanks for sharing. The hat for the summer set on Amy(?) is cute

Kowiz 11-09-2008 03:04 PM

what do those potions do? o.O

Firest 11-09-2008 06:45 PM

Kowiz, those potions restore LARGE amounts of HP AND MP at the same time. I had like 17k points left, now i have 50~100 G potions, it restores a level 32 ronan life and MP to the max. The purpleish potion cures you of curse, petrify and freezing.

Kowiz 11-09-2008 06:57 PM

I don't even use potions, only thing useful would be that curse cure thing
cause even petrify and freezing can be nerfed pretty fast

dirtyneedles 11-09-2008 07:29 PM

dun dun dun, those pots are the same color as the rejuvenation pots from the original diablo which have the same effect

o kog ................. u sly dogs ...................

Nihil679 11-09-2008 07:42 PM

Those new P-Point equips look pretty cool OOO:
What level/duration are they?

Firest 11-10-2008 06:03 AM

14 Days, for level 40. They are pretty good :)

Nihil679 11-10-2008 12:32 PM


Originally Posted by Firest (Post 566340)
14 Days, for level 40. They are pretty good :)
Hope the stats are as god-like as the Wild Force items then, assuming Ntreev puts them in how they're supposed to be...

Kudaranai 11-10-2008 09:12 PM

The wing thing does look pretty, but I <3 my guild flag =|

Jumpstart 11-10-2008 09:44 PM

i want the potion thingies... they look kool

Firest 11-13-2008 08:25 AM

Okay, today is thursday, that means another update has been posted. :)

Hector 11-13-2008 12:20 PM

The 'custom' set is cool. o-o

Globalastro 11-13-2008 12:52 PM


Originally Posted by Shirakani (Post 562662)
Inquisitor? That's what they called Abyss Knight?... WTF...

No one expects the spanish inquisition brazillion inquisitor

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