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Feeline 06-23-2008 02:52 PM

Queen of Darkness II
I'm very delayed on moving this to these forums, but here is my Grand Chase fanfiction.

Table of Contents:
  1. Elesis' Story: Part 1
  2. Arme's Story: Part 1
  3. Lire's Story: Part 1
  4. Elesis' Story: Part 2
  5. Elesis' Story: Part 3
  6. Lire's Story: Part 2
  7. Arme's Story: Part 2
  8. Lire's Story: Part 3

Feeline 06-23-2008 02:52 PM

Queen of Darkness II
Chapter I: Elesis’ Story, Part 1

Elesis was 14 when her father left. Her father would not be there to celebrate her next birthday with her.

Since birth, Elesis had been close to her father. Her mother happily stood aside to take the role of the secondary parent; she was busy enough as it was. Elesis’ father was an amazing swordsman. He had wanted a boy, but he was able to raise Elesis like one, and over the years, she became a perfect tomboy. While her young friends were eager to become archers and mages, Elesis carried a sword with her everywhere she went.

Her whole life had been based around the sword. Her mother had stopped buying her teddy bears after she had begun to use them as targets. While many of the local hoodlums had attempted to steal her sword, she could easily fight them off, sometimes with her sword, or sometimes, she would just grab them and throw them to the side.

Elesis’ family had managed to remain relatively untouched by the five-year war. Kanavan, with more citizens than Serdin, did not have mandatory enlistment. But when it was over, her father had to go as a tracker on a three-month mission, attempting to find Kaze’aze.

He never returned.

After four months, her mother said it might just be taking longer than expected.

After five months, her mother said they’d probably found Kaze’aze, and they had to keep chasing after her.

After six months, her mother said it was just taking a long time to chase her.

After eight months, her mother, now with less hope, explained that maybe Kaze’aze had taken the party of trackers hostage, but don’t worry, they’ll get rescued.

After nine months, two weeks, and three days, on Elesis’ fifteenth birthday, her mother sat down with her, and explained that, if she still had hope for her father, she could go out to try and find him.

And so she did.

Feeline 06-23-2008 02:53 PM

Queen of Darkness II
Chapter II: Arme’s Story, Part 1

“Come on, Arme, play mushroom ball with us!”

“For the last time, no!” screamed Arme back.

“Cooomee oooon!” pleaded Arme’s cousin, Irland.

“No.” said Arme, and she buried her head back in her magical research.

“You’re such a nerd...” mumbled Irland as she walked off.

“I heard that, you know.” Arme snapped back.

“While you’re in here, researching alchemy or whatever stupid crap that is, your friends are out having fun.” retorted Irland.

“And while you’re out there, having ‘fun’, I’m studying to get into the Violet Magic Guild.” murmured Arme.

“The Violet Magic Guild?” Irland asked, slightly in shock. “You know you have to be 15 to get in.”

“Every rule has an exception,” stated Arme, dreamily, turning her head back to Irland. “So while you have your so-called ‘fun’, I will become Serdin’s favourite mage child prodigy.”

“As if Serdin will have time to shower favour upon a child prodigy with the war.”

“The war? This war’s not going to last more than a year, mark my words.”

“And how do you know that?” Irland asked, with slight actual curiosity.

“Because I’m smart and you’re not, duh.” Arme turned her mind to her research again.

Irland rolled her eyes and walked off. As she opened the door, she turned back to Arme. “You are the most arrogant person I have ever met.”

”You say that like it’s a bad thing...”

”I didn’t know they let people with such attitude into the Violet Magic Guild.”

“Of course you didn’t know that, you’re a swordsman.” Irland looked at Arme quizzically. “That means you’re stupid.”

“Arrggh!” yelled Irland, as she left, slamming the door behind her.

“Stupid knight.” Arme muttered to herself. “Good thing there won’t be any of those where I’m going. I’ll probably never have to talk to one again.”

Feeline 06-23-2008 02:53 PM

Queen of Darkness II
Chapter III: Lire’s Story, Part 1

Lire thumbed through her closet, looking at her various styles and fashions. She had to leave for Eryuell Island Archery Academy in just half an hour, and she still hadn’t picked out an outfit.

It had to be functional – after all, archery wasn’t some stupid, uber-violent form of combat like wizardry or swordsmanship. It took precision and talent. But it also had to be cute – after all, how could you do archery without looking your best?

“Lila...which outfit should I wear today?” Lire asked her maid.

“Mistress Lire, I would advise you wear the outfit that you like the most.” said Lila. She was busy sorting Lire’s shoes by cuteness score (Lire’s personal cuteness scale ranged from 1 (ick, boy shoes) to 10 (ohmygawd)), but she was very used to answering these questions of Lire’s.

“’Like’? LIKE? It doesn’t matter whether I like it, Lila! The only thing that matters is if it looks good!”

“I would think practicality would play a role as well.”

Lire sighed. “You’re right,’re right. Archery isn’t about looking good, I need to be able to move, not just look good.”

“So which outfit shall you be wearing today, mistress Lire?”

“Hmmm.” Lire continued to thumb through the closet, before she stopped at a green dress. “Yes...that looks nice.” Taking it off of the hanger, she walked over to the mirror with it. She screamed. “AHH!! I HAVEN’T BRUSHED MY HAIR!!”

Lire dashed off to her bedroom, to retrieve a brush or two, dropping the dress as she went. Now she’d probably decide to wash it when she got back, because it had been on the floor. Of course, then, it wouldn’t be finished washing in time, and she’d have to go through the whole ordeal again, to pick another outfit to wear. And then the stress would make her hair get poofy, and she’d have to go brush it again. Then she’d have to leave for the academy only minutes before the class started.

Sadly, this happened every day.

Feeline 06-23-2008 02:54 PM

Queen of Darkness II
Chapter IV: Elesis’ Story, Part 2

“That will be enough, I can do it by myself from here on. Thank you for your services.”

”And the matter of my pay?” snapped the guide, not missing a beat.

“Ah yes, that. Now, this is a bit awkward, but...” Elesis scratched her head, blushing. “I don’t really have much money.”

“You give me my money, or I’ll kill you and loot your corpse.” threatened the guide, reaching for his pockets to remove a pair of daggers.

They were standing on the stone bridge that separated Kanavan from Serdin, right in the middle of the Gorge of Oath. Falling from it was certain death.. It wasn’t really the first place you’d want to pick a fight. Elesis looked down, slowly removing her sword from its sheathe.

“Well?” pressed the guide. “You saw me kill that drillmon, I can kick your *** from here to Ellia.”

“I can take you.” Elesis muttered, under her breath.

“What’s that, you little child?” the guide asked patronizingly. “Am I getting my gold in cash, or from the loot of your body?”

“I said, I can take you.” Elesis drew her sword as she spoke, and took a step back, prepared for a charge.

The guide scoffed. “As if a 15-year old could win a fight against me!” and it began. The guide lunged at her, but Elesis sidestepped, running behind him. As the guide turned to face her, Elesis swung her sword at his hands.

While it missed the hands themselves, they were not the targets. Hit right out of his hand, one of his daggers went flying, down to the sharp and jagged rocks far, far below. Stumbling a moment to adjust his balance, the guide growled. “Beginner’s luck.” Lunging at Elesis, she could not move enough in time, and the guide’s remaining dagger sliced through her left shoulder.

Grunting in pain, Elesis swung her sword at the guide’s neck, which he dodged. But when the guide began to run back for the second shoulder, the returning sword hit him; Elesis bringing it back for the rebound. While the part of the sword that hit him was mostly blunt, it struck him right in the face, and he took frantic steps backwards.

He accidentally stepped off the stone bridge. Screaming in fright, he wildly reached out with the hand that Elesis had knocked the dagger out of, managing to grab onto the edge of the bridge. Dangling from the natural bridge, the guide called out to Elesis. “Please! Help!” His grip slipped a little, and now he hardly even had a grip on it.

Elesis stood still. Am I a murderer? she thought. Should I leave him here to die? Does he deserve to die? She looked at him, and all she saw was a man who had been forced into fighting. He probably had a family back at home that would wonder why daddy didn’t come home.

Like her father.

Elesis knelt down, and grabbed the guide’s hand, pulling him up, until he was fully on the bridge again. The guide breathed heavily down at the stone for a few seconds, then stood up, and looked her in the eye. “Thank you.” he said. “Thank you, thank you, thank you. You just saved my life.” Elesis blushed, as the guide went on. “But it’s a shame there’s no one here to save yours!” the guide suddenly screamed, jumping at Elesis and knocking her to the ground. Her back hit the hard stone, and the man held her down, raising his dagger to slit her throat.

“And that,” he smirked, slowly lowering his dagger. “is why you should never trus-GAH!!”

While he had been busy monolouging, he had not noticed the loud sweep of the harpy’s wings. It swooped down, savaging his back with its claws. The man leaped back from Elesis, trying to get away from or kill the harpy. As he shielded his face from the Harpy’s claws, Elesis rose and picked up her sword.

In one stroke, it was over. The harpy was dead, its head lopped off, and the guide was plummeting down the gorge. Elesis was free to pass into Serdin, perhaps assume a new identity, and search for her father. But there was that strange grinding noise...what was that?

Elesis looked over to the Kanavan side of the bridge, and gasped, as she saw a drillmon – native to the area – drilling away at the natural bridge, cracking it severely.

And then the cracks started spreading. And they were approaching the very stone Elesis was standing on.

Elesis ran. She ran and ran and ran, as parts of the bridge fell apart behind her. Finally, she made it off of the bridge, as the majority of the bridge fell behind her, and the once mighty bridge was reduced to a crooked pathway, practically impossible for a human to traverse.

Well, that shouldn’t cause any future consequences. Elesis thought.

Feeline 06-23-2008 02:54 PM

Queen of Darkness II
Chapter V: Elesis’ Story, Part 3

After leaving behind the Gorge of Oath, Elesis had walked past a strange cave that smelled of brimstone, a ravaged forest, and some orc who tried to throw a rock at her. Then, she walked past all three of them; in the opposite order; again. And then she walked past the cave twice, and then the forest again, then the orc twice; the cave again, the orc, the forest twice, the orc three times, the cave, the forest, and the cave twice again.

Elesis began to think she had gotten lost.

So she chose to walk away from all of them. Elesis decided she would walk straight ahead; until she a. crashed into a tree b. found a village c. died.

B happened first.

It was a small Serdin village called Synlin, just outside Serdin Castle’s outer wall. Elesis rented a room at a small inn. She had the money for this at least; so she would not have to kill any innkeepers.

The room was small, but she could live in it for a little. A few days to get her bearings, and then she could leave to find her father.

It occurred to her that now; it would be a really good idea to assume a new identity. Not only was she now a murderer, but also she was from Kanavan, and even with the war over, Serdinites didn’t look upon Kanavanians in a positive light. Perhaps she could find a tracking party here that was looking for Kaze’aze. Or maybe someone here knew of her father’s fate. But she would sleep on it.

It was her first sleep on a real bed that she had had since leaving home. Her mother had given her some gold, but she had spent most of it on traveling clothes, and hadn’t stayed at any of the inns in Kanavan.

Elesis woke up at dawn. Yawning and getting dressed, she left her room, and walked downstairs, to the lobby of sorts. Sitting down in a chair, she took her notebook out of her backpack, and began to double-check her plan. Go to Serdin...check. Find Kaze’aze...not accomplished yet. Kill Kaze’aze...well, that was the optimal plan.

While she was looking at the notebook, three old ladies started talking at a nearby table. Elesis paid them no heed, but suddenly, something caught her attention.

”Yes, it was at the Gorge of Oath...” said one. “How old was the body?” asked a second. “Only a few days at most, they’re saying.” the third replied.

Elesis widened her eyes and continued to listen in. “Do they have any suspects?” the second asked. “No, Emma.” the first answered. “What do you think they’ll do the murderer when they find them?” the third chimed in.

“Kill ‘em, I’d think.” Emma said, almost smiling. “What do you think, Mabel?” she said, turning to the first. Mabel nodded. “People like that should be killed when they turn 15.” All of them nodded in agreement. Elesis buried her head in her notebook, scared that anything could happen to her now. What if there was a mind reader nearby? Nah, thought Elesis those don’t exist.

“Yeh, darned right they don’t!” Emma suddenly said. The other women laughed. Was Emma a mind reader?! Mabel laughed. “I don’t get any respect from men anymore either.”

Oh. They were talking about relationships. Whew.

It was definitely time to assume a new identity now, if news of the guide’s death had already spread. Elesis quickly narrowed down two possibilities – she could claim to be a student at some Serdin fighting school, or she could claim to be from a distant island that didn’t exist and that hated Kanavan.

“Are you okay, sweetie? You look troubled.” Elesis jumped. Mabel was leaning towards her with a look of concern.

“Uhhhh...I was just really scared about the murder and all that maybe it’s part of a huge conspiracy to kill everyone. That was all I was troubled about.” Elesis said quickly.

”Oh, don’t worry. They’ll catch the murderer and kill them. That’s because, unlike Kanavan, we care about our citizens.”

“Wasn’t the guide from Kanavan?” Elesis asked. She knew he was, but when suspected for murder, play stupid.

“No, of course ‘e weren’t! The murderer was probably from Kanavan, though.” Emma had now jumped into the conversation.

“Saaaayyy...speaking of which, who do you think would be more likely to be the murderer – a student at a local fighting school, or some nice girl who hates Kanavan?”

“Oh, the first one for sure!” the third woman said, not missing a beat. “No one who hates Kanavan can be a bad person!”

“Why did you want to know, sweetie-pie?” Mabel asked.

“Uhhhh...I heard those were the two main suspects.” Elesis stammered, sweating.

“You know, I bet it weren’t a human who did it; I bet it was Kaze’aze.” Emma suddenly said.

“Kaze’aze?” Elesis perked up.

“You know, that thingy that there made the war ‘appen. I ‘eard she skipped town and went to that Ellia place.”

“The continent of Ellia?” Elesis asked. Emma nodded.

”I heard that they were organizing some sort of force to go hunt down Kaze’aze.” Mabel added.

“They? Who’s they?” Elesis was now pressing for details – anything to learn about Kaze’aze.

“You know, Serdin. One of the masters of the knights is trying to organize some squad. I think they’re calling it Rancid Jays.”

“I thought it was And Lace.” Emma said, puzzled.

“No, it was definitely Band Face!” the third woman said, certain and agitated.

“Well...thank you ladies, I feel a lot safer now.” Elesis gave her best fake smile, and walked outside. She’d have to find out more about this Canned Base.

Feeline 06-23-2008 02:55 PM

Queen of Darkness II
Chapter VI: Lire’s Story, Part 2

Miraculously, Lire managed to get completely ready, and just in time to leave for the academy. She got into the raccoon-driven carriage, and prepared her mature self.

At home, Lire was highly preppy. Always obsessing over her look, and she never really stopped talking. But at the academy, and in public, she was levelheaded and optimistic. She was somewhat of a teacher’s pet at the academy, but that wasn’t to say she was bad at archery. She worked hard, and often got the highest grades.

The war had been going on for three years, but Eryuell Island had been untouched by it. While Serdin and Kanavan had both courted their government for help in the war; the elves remained devout pacifists. And while Lire valued her archery lessons more than anything else, she was confident she would never use them in a real combat situation for at least the next twenty years.

Lire arrived at the academy only a minute late, and, the servant opening the door for her, she stepped out, in front of Eryuell Island Archery Academy.

Elves were very devoted architects, and the academy was absolutely stunning. A 2-metre fence that stretched around the entire property, made of solid gold, guarded it. The money for the gold fence had been granted by Eryuell Island’s monarchy, over 200 years ago. The island was very wealthy, and they could afford extravagances like this – after all, the academy was set to become the island’s main source of fame – and so it did.

The academy was considered to be the best school for any kind of combat in the entire world – or as much as was known as the world. In recent years, it had struck controversy, when a lawsuit was filed against its speciesist policies. The school would accept any elf from the ages of 10-40 automatically, but non-elves had to go through a rigorous application process, and were almost always declined. The school also showed a distinct bias towards the students native to Eryuell Island – a non-elf from Bermesiah was almost always turned down in favour of someone who was essentially the same, except from Eryuell.

But despite those controversies, the school was still widely hailed and beautiful. Beyond the golden fence lay the academy – but it could almost be a palace. It was a specimen of pure beauty. The outer walls were made of steel, polished until it shined. Some of the higher rooms had balconies, made of beautifully painted wood. Gems lined the turrets and towers, and an inviting sign that said “ERYUELL ISLAND ARCHERY ACADEMY” perched above the entrance door, each letter sold silver.

Lire slid her student card through the enchanted card reader by the door. The gate slid open, as a voice spoke “Welcome to Eryuell Island Archery Academy, Lire Eryuell.” coming from a nearby (also enchanted) speaker, the voice of the academy’s principal, Lime.

Lire walked up the path of stone, which was lined with some of the island’s native flowers. A large pond was to her right, where fish and frogs lived together in harmony. The pond was in the shade of a small forest, where the academy’s students could often be found, resting against trees and doing their necessary physics homework.

A path to the left led to the academy’s housing. The few students who were not native to the island could pay extra to live on-campus. In line with the academy’s flagrant native bias, the area around the houses was nowhere near as up-kept as the rest of the academy. Weeds sprouted all over, and tree roots (from the unpruned trees) sporadically uprooted houses.

Lire opened the large academy doors, and stepped inside, walking to the room where she had left her bow and archery uniform.

Despite all the preparation she had gone into selecting a dress, Lire did not wear it for her lessons. Any of the selections in her wardrobe restricted her movement far too much, and it was very important for her to be able to move. The dress was primarily for the trip there, and for the trip back. She couldn’t be caught wearing her uniform in public. She had to keep up on her fashion in the public eye.

After all, she was the princess of Eryuell Island.

Feeline 06-23-2008 02:56 PM

Queen of Darkness II
Chapter VII: Arme’s Story, Part 2

Dear Arme Orre,

We have received your application, and we have reviewed it. We find everything in order, and would be pleased to accept you. However, you must be at least 15 years of age to gain admission to the guild. We do not accept mages 9 years of age like you. We would be happy to see you apply again once you reach the age of 15.


Irle Erne, Admissions Office, Violet Magic Guild

Dear Irle Erne, Admissions Office, Violet Magic Guild,

I have received your letter, and I regret to tell you that you are an idiot. My age means nothing: I am easily the best mage your guild will ever have, of any age. I request that I be allowed a visit to the guild to demonstrate my abilities. I am a master of both light and dark magic; I spend all my days researching magic, and I spend all my nights dreaming about magic.

Arme Orre

Dear Arme Orre,

Very well. You may arrive at the Violet Magic Guild on the following Sunday, at 2 PM, for a meeting, in which you may demonstrate your ‘mastery’. Please ask the secretary for directions to the meeting upon your arrival.


Irle Erne, Admissions Office, Violet Magic Guild

Arme arrived at the guild exactly on time, and proceeded to the room in which her meeting with the school’s principal was to take place. He was already present. “Please take a seat, Arme,” he said, gesturing to a chair.

The room was large, and mostly empty. It had two chairs, which had been enchanted to be more comfortable. Next to the principal’s chair was a wooden box. Arme could not see what was inside. In the centre of the room sat a practice dummy. Arme recognized them, she went through about one a week.

”You are to demonstrate your ability on this dummy. Please begin now.”

Arme had already dressed in her best practice outfit before leaving, and taken her favourite wand in her hand. She began to charge up her simplest offensive spell, and power began forming between her hands, which she was slowly moving. She mumbled under her breath, until she had completely charged the spell, and her voice changed from a mumble to a yell. “STONE CURSE!!” she screamed, and the orb that had grown between her hands leapt out, transforming into a wave, that went straight through the dummy.

From the floor of the room, rocks rose up, quickly enveloping and mummifying the dummy. Tinier boulders were meanwhile barraging the dummy inside, cutting through the leather it was made from. Arme turned to the principal for praise.

“A simple capturing curse. And how does the target escape from its binds?” the principal asked, unimpressed.

“If they struggle enough, pushing their body left and right, they can get out of it.” Arme explained, as she began to charge up another spell.

“And what of the dummy? It is inanimate, it cannot move.”

“Oh, it wears off after a little bit.” Arme shrugged, as if it was no big deal, continuing to charge.

“So it is not anything near permanent. How unsurprising.”

Annoyed by the principal’s rudeness, Arme, now finished charging, shot one of her strongest spells. “LIGHTNING BOLT!” she screamed. The force that had been growing in her hands exploded with a crack of thunder, and lightning sprang from Arme’s hands. As the stone fell off of the dummy, the dummy was freshly attacked with the lightning. She moved it up and down and around, hitting the dummy in all spots, until the power faded away, and the lightning stopped. Arme panted for breath – it was not a simple spell.

“A lightning attack – unoriginal.” stated the principal.

Arme growled, annoyed at the principal’s attitude. “Why didn’t it shoot through the wall? I always break through the wall at home.”

“That would be because the wall is magic-proof, as is the standard for an academy of magic.” the principal said, condescendingly, as if Arme was a three-year old child.

“Whatever.” Arme dismissed, and began charging her next spell. She had now switched to white magic, and the appearance of the developing magic changed accordingly. Instead of an orb or force between her hands, her entire body was now emanating with power. An aura developed, and grew larger and larger, until...

“SAVER!!” Arme shouted. The aura left her body, and began to travel outward. It changed from a simple white to green, and suddenly an emerald green shield surrounded Arme. She again turned to the principal, this time certain she would be praised.

“A shield.” The principal blinked. “Does it do anything?”

“Try me.” Arme smirked.

“Very well.” the principal, sitting in his chair, leaned to the side and took something that looked like some kind of crystal ball from the box next to his chair. “This is a chaos orb,” the principal explained. “A talented mage can seal the soul of a strong monster into an orb made of magical glas—“

“I know that.” Arme interrupted, stubbornly. “I read about that when I was 7. Just break the orb already.”

“I shall.” the principal said, coldly. “But I will dispel it before you die.” Arme scowled. “Please feel free to use any remaining offensive spells you have to fight it off.” The principal threw the orb onto the ground. It smashed immediately, and the glass went everywhere. A cloud of fog came out from the orb, and it quickly filled the entire room. It made Arme’s eyes water. But as quickly as it appeared, the fog vanished. Standing where the orb was broken She’d never seen one that big. It was so tall it almost went through the ceiling. She had never seen a bigger...Mushmon.

“A mushmon? What?! Are you serious?” Arme shouted, angrily. “I thought it was going to be something serious, like a giant goblin or something!”

“Do not underestimate the power of the mushmon,” the principal said. “You are but 9.”

Arme laughed, as her spell finished charging. “Laaand Scamp—oof!” As Arme had been casting her next spell, the huge Mushmon had leapt at her, headbutting her and easily knocking her to the ground. Her shield vanished, and Arme felt the energy from her spell drain from her body – the attack had taken away all effects of the spell she had been charging. She would have to start anew.

“Your shield has been broken, but you are still undamaged. Interesting.” the principal noted, as Arme dashed away from the Mushmon. “FIREBOLT!!” she screamed, turning around, and sending a ball of fire towards the huge Mushmon. As it dashed at her again, the fireball struck its legs, and it fell over, its right leg singed from the fire. This gave Arme time to charge the spell again, as the Mushmon got back up again. She was just finishing charging her spell – the energy was overwhelming her, she could feel her ears tingling, and the Mushmon charged at her, trampling the practice dummy as it went.


The room was shaken, and Arme fell to the floor from the pressure that had suddenly been released from her body. She had cast the spell a few times before – mostly on that stupid knight, Irland – but she had never put her heart into it so much. It was the strongest spell she had ever cast. The door to the room flew off its hinges, and went straight up, hitting the ceiling and falling back down again. The box where the principal had taken the chaos orb from was nailed down to the floor, but the chairs were not. They flew up along with the door, and broke as they crashed against the ceiling. The practice dummy the Mushmon had knocked down was now in the air as well, hovering uselessly – apparently its enchantment did not allow it to get as high as the roof. The Mushmon was lifted from the ground, and its head slammed hard against the ceiling. Even the principal, though he was trying to hide it, had to work to stay on the floor.

And then everything came crashing down. The door landed hard on the floor, cracking it, while the chairs went right through it, going through to the basement below – apparently the floor was not magic-proof. The Mushmon landed hard on the ground, and it was just too much for it – it tried to stand up, but fell over, defeated.

It took about 15 seconds for the feeling in Arme’s legs to come back, but she stood up, and happily smiled at the principal.

“ have any other spells you’d like to show me?” the principal asked, trying to regain his demeanour. He was impressed, and he could not hide it.

“Yeah...I just...gotta sit down...feeling dizzy...” Arme began to sit down, but everything was going dizzy, her eyes were going out of focus, and she lost control of her legs again, falling unconscious onto the floor.

Feeline 06-23-2008 02:56 PM

Queen of Darkness II
Chapter VIII: Lire’s Story, Part 3

After changing into her archery uniform, Lire picked up her bow, and walked down the halls, to the room where her meeting would be held. Instead of her normal classes, she would be having a private meeting with one of her teachers today, Ms. Lila. Having attended the school for years now, Lire knew the way to the room by heart – but the academy was huge, and new students often got lost in the hallways.

She walked down the Queen Lipi Memorial Hallway, and just as she was about to reach the room, which was on the far end of the hallway, she heard her teacher’s voice coming from another room. That’s strange; she thought she must have a meeting that’s running late. She stopped for a second, but decided it was none of her business, and continued on her path. She would just wait in the room until her teacher arrived.

Suddenly, she heard her name. Someone had distinctly said “Lire”. And it wasn’t one of her friends calling her; it was from the teacher. Lire quickly dashed behind a statue, and listened in on the conversation; her curiosity too strong to quench.

“The princess?” someone else said. She couldn’t place the voice, but it sounded like one of the generals in the island’s army.

”Yes, General.” Bingo! Correct guess!

“Are you insane?!” the general asked, dumbfounded. “We cannot endanger the heir to the throne like that!”

“She is the best student in my class; her skill exceeds that of many of our greatest military heroes already.” her teacher responded. Were they really talking about her?

“Princess Lire is royalty! The people would revolt if we let her join the Elven Corps!” shouted the general, as if she could not believe what she was hearing. Elven Corps? thought Lire.

“General Lini,” So that’s her name... “To have the princess fighting in the field of battle would renew the public’s faith in our royalty. If she is an accomplished military commander by the time she succeeds to the throne, our people will be ready to take up arms in her name.” These Elven Corps were some form of military?

There was silence for a while, as the general pondered this. “She is too young.” she finally said.

“Too young?” There were sounds of a chair being pushed up, and it sounded as if her teacher had stood up in outrage. “She is of the perfect age for combat!”

“We must not let the heir to the throne enter combat when she is only 13!” and it now sounded as if the general had stood up as well.

“The war won’t be ending today!” shouted the teacher.

Then there was silence again. What role did the end of the war play in this?

“If the princess has reached 15 years of age by the time the Elven Corps must take action, then we shall allow it.” the general finally said.

“Very well.” her teacher said, seemingly satisfied with this agreement.

Lire stood there, still somewhat confused. She was sure the conversation was about her, but what was the Elven Corps, and what were they supposed to do?

And then she realized that the meeting was seemingly over, and her teacher would probably just be getting up to leave, and would find her hiding behind the statue, and realize she had been eavesdropping.

So she ran to the room where the meeting would be, as fast and silently as she could.

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