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NoeJeko 08-12-2008 05:10 PM

Ultimate Game Cards now at 7-11
Hail Knights,

For your information, Ultimate Game Cards(UGC) can now be purchased from 7-11 stores (U.S. only).
Currently, you'll be able to purchase these game cards in $10 increments.
Get em' while they're hot, and grab a Slurpee while you're at it.

For more information on the Ultimate Game Cards, please visit the following link:
Ultimate Game Card

If there is a situation in which you may have been charged $20 vs. the $10 displayed, do not panic.
Please take the following steps, and the other $10 will be recharged:

First, access the Ntreev USA here: website

1. Click [Recharge] (on the left hand side in listed in the Recharge category)

2. Select the [$10 - 10,000 Points] option

3. Then, select [PayByCash]

4. Once the user is moved to PBC, they will see the following message:
Just click on "Yes" and follow the instruction to complete the transaction.

Again, these steps only apply to those who'd charged $20 to their cards.
If there are any other issues associated with Pay By Ca$h, please visit their website here.

-- Grand Chase Team

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