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Yashiru 06-24-2009 02:24 AM

06/24/09 Patch Notes ( 06/23/2009)

* Siren is coming!
o Play as Amy to receive a 50% exp boost until July 7th
o Log on during the event to receive the "Investigate Amy" mission scroll.
o This is a 5-part mission; rewards are given automatically upon completion of each segment.
* Special Gacha Dungeon - Gaikoz's Castle has been reactivated!
o This special dungeon features the North American Grand Chase world premier Lilith pet and Dusk Wing armor for Elesis, Amy and Jin!
o An evolved form has been planned for Lilith, however it is not yet implemented.
o All rare items from this dungeon have a required level of 20, the rare weapons in this dungeon are designed for first job.
o Wearing the full Dusk Wing armor set bestows a special effect on the wearer that increases HP regeneration rate (PvP only), reduces MP lost by counterattack, and increases defense by 10%.
o Please note that Special Gacha Dungeons carry different "common" items and award 2 VIP Badges for completion, but also require 2 Gacha Coins per egg!
* Celebrate your pets with the Pet Festival!
o Pets will receive a 50% EXP boost for the next week.
o Pet attacks will recharge 50% faster for the next week.
o All the pets will be featured in the Park, go visit them and get a peek at the new pet, Lilith!


* To help earn Amy a little cheaper, three special mission packages are being sold in the Academy until July 7th.
* Muse Power-Up Package is being sold until July 7th to help players unlock Muse.
* Mind's Eye accessories for all characters are now sold in the shop.
* Peryton's accessories for Ryan are now sold in the shop.
* 500-packs of the skill for Lilith have been added to the shop.


* Shaman's accessories for all characters are now sold in the shop.
* Goat Horn accessories for all characters are now sold in the shop.
* 100-packs of the skill for Lilith have been added to the shop.


* Shop accessories have been processed for normalization and balance in price and stats.
* Players who purchased an accessory that is now sold for a lower price will receive item compensation based on the difference in cost for each item.
Refer to the following table for compensation received on a per-item basis:
o 100~300 Points Difference = GC Club (1 Day)
o 400~600 Points Difference = GC Club (3 Days)
o 700+ Points Difference = 1 Gacha Coin
Example: If a player purchased 3 items costing 2200, 1800, and 1000 that now cost 1500, 1200 and 900 respectively, the player would receive 1 Gacha Coin and GC Club (4 Days)

--Grand Chase Team

Great I am not getting my patch -.-

Milkshakes 06-24-2009 06:42 AM


Eliirae 06-24-2009 08:10 AM

Couldn't care less about the new pets/gacha junk.

yay siren :P

Nue 06-24-2009 11:32 AM


Shazbot 06-25-2009 04:59 AM

Oh crap, they have lolis now. /watches Light join GC

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