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k0n 07-11-2008 02:38 PM

[EVENT] GM Test of Endurance Today 4:30 PM PST
Good day Grand Chase Knights, some of the finest members of Grand Chase Game Master team will be making appearances in Free Class PvP rooms challenging YOU to a battle!

If you would like to participate, simply fight all your battles during the specified event period in the Free Class, but be sure to leave room for the GMs! We will be making *random* appearances in your rooms, so feel free to start without us if you're ready to fight. GMs will not join a room asking for a GM to join. ie 'Please come in GM!'

If your room is visited by a GM during the event period, every player in the room will receive 10x HP Potion (L).

To keep it fair, GMs will not be participating in Team Mode, so please be sure your games are set to Survival Mode! Also, we want to encourage as many players to join the fun as possible, so please do not block any spaces in the room.

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