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Kusuriuri 07-26-2009 05:45 PM

... Crap...
SO LIKE. I patched finally. But... I cant log onto either of my accounts o_O The one I had before the servers got merged and junk, and the one Im in/was in clan with ._. Ive tried password recovery, but it keeps saying my username/email combinations is invalid and/or theres no accounts registered ._. So, I mean... I can come back but.. I lost everything. Ive tried all the passwords I could think of that Ive ever used, I only had 2 usernames, both of which I remembered, and Ive tried the few email accounts I have for various games, nothing works.

I dont wanna come back if I have to do shit on my own though :/ Just the prospect of starting completely over with absolutely nothing is already turning me off to the game again, before I even make a comeback ._.

kuyaBaka 07-26-2009 07:54 PM

^ Y'know we're a very charitable bunch of Moogles, right? I can easily loan you out a quick 5m to get you started. 1m got Vai to make tons of money to be one of the richest people ever to log into the Moogles Clan.

Send me a PM or something in-game when I'm able to be on and I can loan you out some vis.

Kusuriuri 07-26-2009 10:23 PM

lol Vai ._. Im not much a merchant, so dont expect anything near that.

Iunno, Im just not sure how active Im gonna be just yet. I still wanna get back to Tenvi too .-. But grinding there takes a lot longer, I guess.

Fascinating to see coming back ._. Erufen summoned two of em >.> Just sat there and watched, then watched the loldrama that took place afterwards ha ha. Was amusing to me, having been in drama central, Trickster pvp, last night.

kuyaBaka 07-26-2009 10:43 PM


Originally Posted by Megiddo (Post 913628)

First thing I noticed was the /broad about Lv 100 cannon.
I feel ripped off since I paid 22m for mine. `-`

Also, I'll be sure to try and /stalk you tomorrow afternoon if I'm not already passed out from band camp. I'll be sure to get you some starting out moneys.
As far as Vai being a merchant, most of hit profits came from spending weeks buying and opening Bellem boxes, then putting the nice stuff in the MM. Honestly, anyone can make decent money from Belleming, given time, patience, and luck to get some good stuff.

Kusuriuri 07-26-2009 10:46 PM

xD If that was recently, then that must suck :x

Typically dont get on til later in the evening, since we're back to only one computer again ' -'

I feel lame for always doing the same starting team, but its what I like to use Dx Lol.

EDIT: lolfail

Hector 07-27-2009 12:36 AM

Haha, oh wow. XD

XooSliceooX 07-27-2009 05:27 AM


Originally Posted by kuyaBaka (Post 913640)
First thing I noticed was the /broad about Lv 100 cannon.
I feel ripped off since I paid 22m for mine. `-`

I broke one since they weren't even worth selling. Yay lv100 Chip. 8D

Kusuriuri 07-27-2009 01:04 PM

Someone grind me, I dont feel like trudging through Al Quelt, Tetra Hill and Porto Bello again D8 lol


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