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Tea 06-06-2012 04:33 AM

Regarding GE Updates
Raiden's Post:

Just got back from a 2 week long vacation and have beentrying to catch up on a lot of emails and work. I needed this vacation sincethe last one was back in 2010 and I was slowly running out of battery. But I amback, people!!

This announcement has been long pending and the last rumormade it necessary that I write this. First of all, the rumors are not right. Toclarify the statement put out by the FE team, there is no mention of S2 beingclosed. The game itself wasn’t mentioned because of one reason. Sword is whereit is.

Please do not over read statements and arrive at conclusions. Ifthe game is closing, I am confident that I will get to know about it firstrather than some game review site. And if I get to know about such a thing, thecommunity will hear about it from me.

Meanwhile, where we are actually at is that we are notupdating to 9.5. Don’t strangle your cat yet… read the rest.

We threw the plans to update the client to 9.5 and we arenow gunning for version 10.6 instead. The flip side is that there are stillmany factors that I need to take in account for and I do not have a release date foryou. Not even a wild guess to be completely honest.

This jump will result in a faster globalization process thatIMC has been working on. Once that comes to life, the content delivery systemwill change unlike anything and updates will not have to wait for months andyears at a time. More info on this later.

IMC sent another file related to 10.6 yesterday which is 20MB in size and I am already liking the things I am seeing in it. I am veryexcited and eager to release it as soon as possible. But please do not takethis statement as the bible for “10.6 is coming soon” rallies. I am NOT givingany dates yet and the update will only happen when we are ready.

In other news, we are also in discussion with IMC and HBSregarding the S2 contract. It is one of the factors that is affecting the blackout on the release plans. Apart from revealing this piece of info, I cannottalk anything else about it.

The day before I went on my holiday, we added a new bladeserver to the existing pool. I will be collecting data and feedback from the communityto see the impact that it has made (hopefully). If that isn’t an obvious sign as to how serious we are about Sword sinceblade servers cost a ton and cannot be mail ordered from wal-mart, I’m reallynot sure what I should do with such rumors.

Meanwhile, I will be busier than ever. A recent positionchange is going to keep me occupied along with the work on 10.6. Fynlo will betaking over a lot of responsibilities from my shoulders and will be handlingmore than just being the head GM. So if anything breaks, you should blame him.

I will also be bringing in more CS guys to clear off theback logs and to work on faster responses *writes this point down in my diary*YES I HAVE ONE. Get over it already!


YAY 10.6 is in the works...gonna take a bit longer though.. but I'm fine with that... booo.. its sad people can't take a vacation without their job being jumbled up and them having to do clean up when they get back...

kuyaBaka 06-06-2012 08:27 AM


What's in patch 10.6? I can't seem to find it amidst all this Chinese writing on google.

Ascherit 06-06-2012 01:29 PM

...'SOON (tm)'........oh lawd /relives 5.0 impatience

I know about some of the new UPCs coming out but not sure if that was in 9.5 or 10.6...might have to stalk jGE or kGE for info

Tea 06-06-2012 05:47 PM

Granado Espada Official Forum

somebody posted this link in the forums.. I dunno whats in it.. since I don't have an account at sGE.. its for the 10.6 patch over there supposedly..

kuyaBaka 06-06-2012 10:23 PM


Originally Posted by Tea (Post 1731906)
Granado Espada Official Forum

somebody posted this link in the forums.. I dunno whats in it.. since I don't have an account at sGE.. its for the 10.6 patch over there supposedly..

Here it is:

Here is the unofficial list of changes, so you know what to expect for the upcoming 10.6 patch .

New recruitable npc Ion ( )
New recruitable npc Cruise ( )
New recruitable npc Beatrice ( )
New recruitable npc Adriana ( )
New recuirtable npc Grandies ( )
New recruitable npc Vincent ( )
New recruitable npc Elisa ( )

Recruitment quest thanks to Ashardalon & Minun .

Fighter HP increased to 70
Idge, Battle Smith Idge HP increased to 60
Coimbra Trooper HP increased to 80
Reboldoeux Soldier HP increased to 70
Claire HP increased to 50
Bai Hu STR and AGI increased to 75
Cruise AGI increased to 30

Calyce can wear Leather (scout) armor now

Changed base stats of Hellena:

AGI 27 -> 30
HP 32 -> 30
INT 89 -> 90
CHA 77 -> 75

Changes in Combination buffs:
-Listed only combi buffs with changes and/or new members-

The Pioneers
Bonus STR +5, DEX +5, AGI +5, HP +5, INT +5, CHA +5
Members Fighter, Elementalist, Musketeer, Scout, Wizard

The War of 3 Years
Bonus ATK Rating +1, DEF Rating +1, ATK Speed +5%
Members Adelina Esperanza, Adelina the Pirate, Grace Bernelli, M'Boma, Jack, Panfilo, Panfilo the Battle Cook, Raven, Najib Sharif, Soho the Wind

Chains of the Past
Bonus ATK Rating +1, DEF Rating +1, ATK Speed +10%, Accuracy +10
Members Alejandro, Claude, Jose Cortasar, Claire, Grandice, Grandies

Misunderstood Truth
Bonus ATK Rating +1, DEF Rating +1
Members Ania, Nar, Helena, Emilia, Emilia the Sage, Reckless Emilia

Torsche's Dream
Bonus ATK Rating +1, DEF Rating +1
Members Catherine (STR), Catherine (DEX), Catherine (INT), Catherine the Summoner, Catherine Torsche, Ion

Hidden Truth
Bonus ATK Rating +1, DEF Rating +1
Members Andre, Calyce, Diego, Valeria, Beatrice

Soldier's Will
Bonus ATK Rating +1, DEF Rating +1, Immunity +5
Members Coimbra Trooper, Reboldeaux Soldier, Auch Infantry, Rescue Knight, Cadet Adriana , Cadet Elisa

Duty of the Officer
Bonus ATK Rating +1, DEF Rating +1, RES +10
Members Romina, Lionel, Natalie, Daria, Ralph, Adriana , Elisa

The Wanderers
Bonus ATK Rating +1, DEF Rating +1, ATK Speed +10%
Members Asoka, Cruise, Vincent


Added Telekinesis stance exclusive for wizards.
Added Sniper stance exclusive for Najib Sharif

Added Twisted Spacetime Room mission -Weekly- Not roulette, 12 to 30 players, drops include Soul Bringer stance book, Strata devil accesories recipes, montoro ring recipe.
Added Fury Auto Baron -Punisher stance book included in roulette-
Added Bahia secret chamber
Added Ice Wizard Tower, Novia`s mission
Added Argus instanced mission
Added Sehkmet instanced mission -Weekly- Roulette includes ELNr, and ELN item
Added Time paradox -Cortez
Added new missions to Coimbra Nimrod Bridge
Added Time paradox -Nephtys
Renewed Torsche Mansion Basement mission
Renewed Chateau de Bourgogne -Added roulette-, can start with 1 player.
Renewed Arsene secret vault -Becomes a weekly raid, MCC1, can proceed without Hellena, having Hellena can obtain extra reward, 1~12 players-
Renewed Secret Tower

Castilla mines, relics, tower of chaos daily quests added
Romina sub quests added
Bernelli sub quests added
Najib Sharif sub quests added
Selva sub quests added
Brunie sub quests added

World Cross PvP
Added to mercenaries package
Selva (Rapida Espada),
Brunie (Wanted),
Daria (Equites),
Musketeer (unlimited shots),
Wizard (Telekinesis)

New maps added to team and single modes
Corrosion debuff effect relaxed
Resistance and defense balance in the damage received
Skill and normal attack damage slightly reduced

Buffs, Stances & skills changes

The damage is increased slightly in the following stances.
Blitz Assault

Grandies -Soul Guard-

-Changed position- trigger effects at lvl 12 changes as follows:

[Aggressive Posture] Attack +24%, Accuracy +12, Penetration +6, Attack Rating +1.
[Defensive Posture] Defense +24, Block +12, Immunity +6, Defense Rating +1.

Some skills have been renamed.
Ele Invisible -> Mass Invisible, Third Element -> Triple Element
- Some skills have been changed as follows.
Gabi Quake: Damage at level 10 979%> 1,255%
Triple Element: Damage per level 10 732% > 898%
Spell bead: 80 seconds cooldown -> 50 seconds, 1978% damage at level 10 -> 2261%
Spell Hail : 60 seconds cooldown -> 35 seconds, 1829% damage at level 10 -> 2,207%

Tronada Cruz:
Added Bonus at lvl 25
+5 Block
+5 Immunity

Merciless maximum range of skill has changed to 6m.

Ludin NPC has the following changes:
- [Flame Hammer] skill cast time 0.5 seconds is added.
- Efreet stance bonus at lvl 25 change from 22 immunity to 10.

-Bloody Feast, Destination buff defense & resistance reduction deleted.
-Lisa`s Grinding skill at lvl 12 enemy defense rating reduced is now -2
-Alejandro`s cast net ignores mind resistance

Some skill cooldown will be changed as follows.
Encore 180 seconds-> 120 seconds
Tenacity 120 seconds-> 45 seconds
Alchemy 15 seconds -> 10seconds
Chemical Protection 180 seconds -> 150 seconds
Chemical infection 30 seconds -> 20 seconds
Strong Acid 180 seconds -> 150 seconds
Wolves Rage 40 seconds -> 35 seconds
Satisfy 45 seconds -> 40 seconds
Redemption 120 seconds -> 60 seconds
Resurrection (Innocentio) 180 seconds -> 120 seconds
Siege 180 seconds -> 90 seconds
Wave Illusion 90 seconds -> 75 seconds
Escape Artist 5 seconds -> 2 seconds

Martial artists renewed:

Martial arts compendium
-Stance basic attack has increased slightly.
-Ehanced lionheart defense reduction has been deleted.

-List of changes at lvl 10 buff-

Bai Hu: Hwoarang Spirits +150 mental dmg, +50 mental res, penetration +10, immunity +10, 10% chance to -Stun-, reset all cooldowns

Gracielo: Violent Wind Attack +150 lightning dmg, +50 lightning res, penetration +10, immunity +10, 10% chance to -Shock-, 25% chance to deal 1.5 damage from skills, movement speed +10%

Jean Pierre Gascon: Earth Mental Attack +40 All ATK attributes, +30 all res, penetration +10, immunity +10, 10% chance to -Paralyze- , x1.5 damage to enemy on [Paralysis] status, +10 defense

Feng Ling: Soul of Ice +150 Ice dmg, +50 ice res, penetration +10, immunity +10, 10% chance to -Freeze-, Evasion +20

Irawan: Soul of fire +150 fire dmg, +50 fire res, penetration +10, immunity +10, 10% chance to -Burn-, attack damage increased by 1.5

Items & other changes:

The manufacture of some items will change materials. The changes are as follows:

Constellation weapons: Ambrosia removed, veteran enchantment chips increased to 50

Le noir: Ambrosia removed, added lvl 92 enchantment chips x 20

Elite Le Blanc: Ambrosia removed, added lvl 96 enchantment chips x 50

Elite Le Noir: Ambrosia removed, added lvl 100 enchantment chips x 150

-Tempest- skill rings added to Einwind and Chaos Einwind loot table.
-Frost- skill rings added to Elmorc, Legendary Elmorc (Battle Colosseum) & BHG Ice Wizard Tower Elmorc loot table.

Skill reset manual added to Leonardo Expresso.

Letizia shiny box, some items have changed the odds, the following items have been added to the roulette:
-Promotion recipe stance
-Portable box ammo for : Steel, large caliber, elemental sphere, Psychic sphere.

Increased EXP received from all experience cards below veteran grade.

Trump armor changed to veteran lvl and can be chipped with lvl 100 chips.

Alchemy has been added to grade 16, new grade 5 alchemy item will drop in Battle Colosseum, pure gold bar will not longer drop.

Added Grade C & B pioneering shop and test applications
Favor rate needed to use pioneering shops are:

Grade D 1000
Grade C 2000
Grade B 5000

New formula for bonus hp after master lvl 2
{( HP * HP) / 7.5} + increased by 500.

Deleted penalty in resistance for characters with INT below 50

Added Costume alchemy machine in Outside Bahia

Poison yard and Secret Temple will be deleted.

Bahama base camp especial product exchange, changes as follows:

Scale Piece 50 Expedition Memo
Snail Skin 20 Expedition Box
Old Chess Piece 20 Expedition Box

The following changes apply to Sheol raid:
Attack and Defense rating of all bosses reduced by 2.
HP of bosses reduced slightly.
Sheol chance to drop one of 5 types of Greek Croma and Fate of Castilla changed to 100%.

Montoro includes "Montoro viscount ring" -recipe- in his loot table, a Master exclusive ring wich adds +1 Attack Rating & +1 Defense Rating, the materials to craft it are:

Viscount Ring x 1
Pure Otite x 1000
Jewel Powder x 1000
Hero`s Seal x 1000
"Key of construction" x 1

-Key of construction most probably drops from Montoro itself or Lucifer bosses :P-

-Added two new songs

Luckily I remembered I had an IAH account from when I played sGE and DragonicaSEA.

Ascherit 06-07-2012 12:44 AM

What's the point of adding block to Tronada when the stance itself doesn't allow block .______. or is this gonna be changed somehow

kuyaBaka 06-07-2012 08:25 AM


Originally Posted by Ascherit (Post 1732120)
What's the point of adding block to Tronada when the stance itself doesn't allow block .______. or is this gonna be changed somehow

I'm pretty sure adding Block means it will now allow Block.

Ascherit 06-07-2012 12:50 PM

In that case, yay. Now I might be able to actually tank Arsene \o/

Tea 06-07-2012 03:06 PM

Jean Pierre Gascon... and we get Gertrude.. wtf?

kuyaBaka 06-07-2012 03:20 PM


Originally Posted by Ascherit (Post 1732304)
In that case, yay. Now I might be able to actually tank Arsene \o/

Which means I spent 2 weeks levelling my Trooper for nothing.

Sodacan 06-07-2012 04:59 PM


Originally Posted by kuyaBaka (Post 1732374)
Which means I spent 2 weeks levelling my Trooper for nothing.

You're kidding, right? That shit hits HARD. The Honors at the end were destroying Kait's fighter AND my Romina. More than one tank is VERY welcome.

kuyaBaka 06-07-2012 05:20 PM


Originally Posted by Sodacan (Post 1732415)
You're kidding, right? That shit hits HARD. The Honors at the end were destroying Kait's fighter AND my Romina. More than one tank is VERY welcome.

You guys should totes get me the Crusader stance book.
Then I'll go ahead and chip the hell out of my 92e blunt.
Then I'll go ahead and play tank, too.

Ascherit 06-07-2012 05:22 PM

Yeah, your trooper is still valuable. With block I can probably tank the other cards but Honors are still a pain in the ass :<

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