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NoeJeko 09-22-2010 01:30 AM

Welcome to the New ggFTW
Hi everyone,

As you no doubt have noticed, you’re now looking at a different ggFTW than you saw yesterday. We have a new look and a new direction and I hope everyone finds this more attractive than the blue and white layout we had before. The new ggFTW offers you game news, game downloads, and social features allowing you to connect with other gamers in your favorite games.

This redesign represents the first phase of a broader project to overhaul the entire site. First addressed was the general site layout and homepage. Soon to come are games, guilds, keys, ratings, forums, wikis, and blogs. Finally, we have some new things in the pipeline so keep your eyes open!

Currently, ggFTW offers the following services – we hope to continue expanding this in the near future!

  • Game News – Find out what’s happening in your favorite MMO games.
  • Game Database – Find information on your favorite MMO games and download game clients.
  • ggFTW Guilds – Create guilds and keep up with your guild’s members.
  • ggFTW Social – Keep tabs on what people are talking about.
  • ggFTW Game Ratings – Rate your favorite (or least favorite) MMO games.
  • ggFTW Keys – Beta keys and more for new MMO games.
  • ggFTW Forums – Forums for discussing your favorite MMO games and pretty much anything else.
  • ggFTW Blogs – Share your game or real life with the Internet.
  • ggFTW Gallery – Image host for all your game memories.
The easiest way to keep up with all the changes is to “Like” ggFTW on Facebook.

Please be sure to report any bugs with the new layout in our Site Bugs forum. As always, we welcome your feedback; please drop us a note in our Questions, Feedback, and Suggestions forum. Thanks for flying ggFTW!

- Your hardworking ggFTW staff


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