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NoeJeko 09-17-2010 03:10 PM

Game News in ggFTW Games Database
Hi everyone,

I had one somewhat bad news announcement today so I didn't want to let the day end without some good news. Many of you have mentioned you'd like ggFTW to be your one-stop shop for game news, beta keys, and MMO info. We've taken some great steps towards that today. I'm happy to announce that game news will start appearing on the game information pages. We haven't had any game news come out in a while because it was a cumbersome process to update it. Like the games database, we've simplified administration to allow us quicker publishing of news for your favorite MMO games!

If you're not seeing any news on your favorite game's page within the next week it's because the publisher isn't sending us any. Catch your favorite GM in game and ask them to send their marketing or PR people my way so we can start publishing their news!

- Your hardworking ggFTW staff


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