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NoeJeko 11-02-2008 10:53 AM

New Policy: Donations
First off, thanks to everyone that has donated so far to keep our servers alive. There will be some changes to how donations are handled but I wanted to show you exactly where your money has gone to date.

Total Expenses includes server fees and software licenses.
Net donations is donations less PayPal fees.

As of November 1, 2008:
Total Expenses: ($1,960.26)
Net Donations: $944.89
Total: ($1,015.37)

A more detailed accounting can be found here:

Starting November, there will be no more monthly donation drives. We have some projects in the works to try and raise site revenue and we have more expenses now than just maintaining the server. Some of our newer projects are going to require money being spent to marketing, advertising, etc.

Donations will not be stopped as we will always appreciate those that want to help us out. Anyone that donates from this point forward will still receive recognition and enjoy an ad-free MMOG. But donation funds will not be restricted to simply server fees and licenses anymore; they will be used for server fees, licenses, marketing, operating costs, MMOGCon expenses, anything that helps keep this site and its projects alive. True to our word, we've used donations only for server-releated costs thus far - and that's why I'm telling you right now exactly where future donations will go.

The donations/expense report will also no longer be updated; it's final date of accuracy is November 1, 2008.

Thanks to everyone for supporting MMOG.

Xpecial 11-02-2008 09:28 PM

Donations not needed?

I sense money!

Ok I lied, I know wtf is going on :3

NoeJeko 11-02-2008 10:01 PM

It's not that they're not needed - we're still operating far, far in the red. We're just not going to beg for them every month anymore and we need the flexibility to apply donation revenue (if we get any more) to the total operating costs of MMOG - which right now is hovering right about $600 a month counting server fees and marketing expenses.

We'll still be very appreciative of donations. As we made the promise that donations would only go to fund server costs I felt the need to post this change and make all potential donors aware of where their money would go in the future.

In no case will any donation ever be used to fund hack, porn, or other unethical sites. In fact, they won't be used for any site other than - we just need that money outside of server costs exclusively.

Crypt 11-05-2008 11:07 AM

may I ask about gavist? - Gavist Media, LLC

recently found it

NoeJeko 11-05-2008 11:30 AM

Crypt's question is answered here:

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