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kuyaBaka 07-08-2012 05:41 PM

[Diablo 3] kuyaBaka sellin' sht in Caldeum
Now that I can just faceroll through Act 1 Inferno and while I'm still enjoying watching my Acid Rain melting faces left and right, I'm looting all these 60+ rares. And I need moneys so I can buy some upgrades (I'm so low on resists right now, it's a miracle I was able to make it through Act 2). So I'm selling stuff.

How this works: I usually spend the last half my day running and farming up all these gears. After that, I'll edit this post with the new stuff I get so you guys get first grabs. I hit up the trade chat every couple days so I've got a running list of gears I've got up for sale.

(Also, if you'd like to join me on these runs I'd totally be down with that! Normally, I just run Skeleton King repeatedly since it's quick and easy and hard to screw up. When I feel like I have a good couple hours to spend on a single run I'll do a full run of Act 1, starting with the beginning of the Skeleton King section. Then other times I just run the last dungeon, but take a trip to Festering so I can build up some Neph Valor.)

Any ilv 63's and 61+ jewelry I keep unid'd. I'll update a list of all that I'm selling below. I'd like to give a fixed price for each type just because it makes it easier to get buyers, but I'm always open to haggling.

Then I'll also sell select ilv 60-62 gears (that aren't jewelry) that have already been identified. These will be for offers-only, since stats make it difficult to price things.

If for some reason I'll have a large number, I'm open to selling for a bulk, discounted price.

Ceremonial Knife -- 252.7 DPS @ 1.4 Attacks/sec [300k]
2h Polearm -- 596.1 DPS @ 0.95 Attacks/sec [200k]

62's and below:
-none right now-

Battletag is in my sig, or if you want to RealID me to contact me if I'm on WoW just leave me a PM and I can send it to you.

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