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Vioded 07-15-2010 09:22 AM

Build Posting Thread
Posting it in general because it's for any class.
Add trolls or comments too and post some builds.

soul bender


weapon master


nen master




Nihil679 07-15-2010 10:19 AM

Better add if you're PvP or PvE or hybrid. Makes helping builds easier. Also giving some hints on what type of build you're looking for also helps (example being, let's say you want to aim for a four-elements Elementalist. Or maybe a ground-combo/hit-stun abuse Striker. etc.).

For Soulbender:
-Lower Tombstone to 1. Damage doesn't scale amazingly per level, the spread is about as random as AFK-Elementalist awakening.
-Drop Cancel - Ghost Slash and Cancel - Moonlight Slash. I have never see anyone do a combo that would require them to normal attack and Cancel into these.
-Lower Ghost Slash and Moonlight Slash to 5. Ghost Slash is optional, but Moonlight Slash scales terribly.
-MAX Ghost Stop. Ghost Step's invincibility is just too useful.
Extra SP, max out the skills you have randomly dropped.

Nen Master
-Drop Iron Physique completely. I know defense sounds useful for cloth, but there's a lot of SP you could use elsewhere.
-Drop Crushing Fist. Low level Crushing Fists attack too slow to be useful, and that's a Steal skill. 60 SP for not much.
-You have a lot of skills in other places. Drop Doppelganger Blast to 1. Scales about 60 damage per level and, unless you're fighting idiots or PvE'ing, no one is going to run into it unless you use it as an oki.
-Honestly, all your builds have Backstep, but they don't have its Cancel. I can understand if it's for classes like Witch, Aerial Lantern Mages, or Female Spitfires that want the ability to "ground" skill, but Nen Master doesn't have that ability. Drop that.
-Max Lion's Roar or don't get it at all. Stun rate is extremely low and the attack is nothing to cry over when you don't have it.
-Suplex to 5, get Cancel. (optional)
-Nen Guard to 5, or max.
-Spiral Nen max.
-Energy Shield 1 or max. Electrocution rate is nice.

-Sunburst and Fire Pillar to 1. You aren't Light or Fire, so you have no pre-requisite on it for anything else.
-Max Mana Shield or don't get it at all. Anything below 5 is completely worthless.
-Final-tier skills, level 1, max, or don't get it at all.
-Drop Pluto to 10 to keep Frost at max.
-Max Mobile Cast. Max Magic Festival. Max Elemental Burn.

Battle Mage
-Drop Punto Wave to 1. Damage scales terribly.
-Max Mana Shield.
-Phase Shift. Level 1 or max. Post-warp gets you sometimes if you misaim. Recommend max.
-Recommend only having three Chasers max, not counting Neutral. I'd drop Shadow. Stabbing Wheel tends to be a combo-ender after a line of OTGs.
-Recommend maxing Golden Dragon Spear. Chaser damage scales roughly 90 damage per level. Considering seven Chasers (seven hits), that's 630 extra damage per level. Explosion scales nicely at roughly 200 per level. Stabbing speed also helps to combo easier in the case you miss.
Extra points, etc. Do whatever.
-If you want Awakening, Full Swing level 5.

Naps 07-15-2010 10:41 AM


Originally Posted by Nihil679 (Post 1292783)

Nen Master
-Drop Iron Physique completely. I know defense sounds useful for cloth, but there's a lot of SP you could use elsewhere.

5 is needed for necksnap or w/e its called

Shadow5YA 07-15-2010 10:41 AM

No, Cancel Moonlight works well as your 2nd Cancel Upward. It's hardly necessary, but it'd be nice to tack on a few normal hits for dmg.

Nihil679 07-15-2010 11:09 AM


Originally Posted by Naps (Post 1292797)
5 is needed for necksnap or w/e its called

Nah, Neck Snap is a Steal skill. Completely stand alone.

Naps 07-15-2010 11:28 AM

oh my bad, thats shoulder tackle

Vioded 07-15-2010 12:04 PM


Originally Posted by Nihil679 (Post 1292783)
Better add if you're PvP or PvE or hybrid. Makes helping builds easier. Also giving some hints on what type of build you're looking for also helps (example being, let's say you want to aim for a four-elements Elementalist. Or maybe a ground-combo/hit-stun abuse Striker. etc.).

I posted my builds to give others some sort of idea but I didn't make any details. It can be use for both, but im not focusing for pvp because of nexons shitty p2p connection scat I can't even make grabs on people so grappler that is like is out of the question for pvp( for me that is).

I made tomestone 5 because its an excellent mob skill but I don't want it maxed. I like power the power of ghost slash. I made moonslash 10 for the heck of it ands its soul benders spam/ basic skill.

Ya of course im maxing lions roar the range and stun rate increases.
I got the steal skils to get more attacking skills because that's what nen masters obviously lack.
In order to get a player with dopple blast you either do all or noting cast in there face, or uppercut then dopple blast ,or get stun rate to slow them down.

Elementalist use fire pillar and sun burst to defend(pvp or pve) the most and it gives better attack range per level. Elemental burn is good for the boost but I perfer 5. Moblie cast I was fine with 7 but if I have space i will max it.
I mite max manasheild but it kills my MP like mad so I leave it at 3, I didnt get mana shield till lv 35. I just pluto 15 for the range of course im maxing void at max I assume you can spawn 3-5 voids.

Ya I am going to lv up stabing wheel more but in pvp I cant grab so its useless but its sill good for a combo.
I like prunto wave so I mite max it everyone is going to max dragon spear, but in pvp it can be only used 2 times and if you screw over and its a grab so I will probably miss. Ya maxing phase shift is good, and mana shield im just playing around with it till I gain lv cap at 60.

So at most of those skill you explained will be maxed at 60 the real lv cap, and I will wait till we get the patch with the backstep cancel and stuff.

Were making custom builds here make em post em.

Nihil679 07-15-2010 12:29 PM

Mana Shield is an all or nothing skill. Having it loosely hanging like that is both MP inefficient and pointless, because it will drain your MP and not even help protect your HP at all.

Nen Masters have their plethora of buff attacks that make them near god-tier PvE, played right, they're also amazing PvP. One extra skill won't save you much in the long run, and you're much better off spamming X with your buffs activated than spamming skills like most classes in PvE. Coupled with Nen Cannon, Doppelganger, and Nen Guard, there's not much reason for MORE attack skills. In PvP, all Fighters just need the shoulder bump loop. A combo in PvP would be shoulder bump loop -> Suplex (Thunder). Suplex Thunder deals tons of damage already. OTG Energy Shield after Suplex to follow up deals even more. Doppelganger Blast honestly pales in comparison to Suplex Thunder.

J0SH2 07-15-2010 02:21 PM

Grappler:AradSociety - Skill Planner
got iron physique because its extra defense, even if its somewhat of a waste of mp. Didnt really level up elbow shock because it just acts as an extra small hit after a combo. fling and suplex are at 10 since those are my 2 most used grabs.Air steiner at 10 because its great in PvE and PvP, but more for PvE. I left spiral, cyclone suplex, and wild cannon spike at 10 and 5 because their cooldowns are long and i wouldnt be able to constantly use them in PvP.Thunder suplex is optional to get, but with the SP it takes you could just level up other skills.

Brawler:AradSociety - Skill Planner
My Throw Brawler, left double throw at 5 only because 30 seconds of double throw is already long enough. Mines and Junk spin left at 1 because i'd only use them after mount or just to get a random hit. Iron Physique was just for extra defense, and i didnt really need more SP so i got it. Level 1 taunt because i'd only need in PvE to grab everything using heaven's net and then launch all of em up and throw discs for basically infinite hits as long as i have discs. Max mount and Raging Vulcan because its pretty much my main skill. Level 10 brick break because having high brick piece stun rate is great to have. Level 10 hidden stinger + cancel because its a great troll attack in PvP because its high damage then high damage bleed afterwards. Level 10 Apply Poison because its a decent buff to do more damage with.

Bludgeon/Katana Weapon Master:AradSociety - Skill Planner

Max Draw Sword because its a pro troll attack, wide range, high damage. Max flipside counter because i like to counter, even if its only 30% it still activates a lot. 5 Wave Wheel Slasher because its a grab, and cancel just cause its easier to use that way. 1 Neutral wave just to have a decent ranged attack, even if its weak/Good to use when doing OTG stuff. Mountainous wheel is optional. Bloodlust i was considering because its another grab. Charge crash cancel just because its an easy way to combo with and easy way to end a combo with. Level 3 Leap just for some ashe fork and somewhat just for fun. Maxing masteries or leaving them at 6 is fine just to get the skill bonuses, but 20% weapon attack is nice too.

Launcher:AradSociety - Skill Planner

This one i dont really know too much about since i used random skills then reset and never touched my launcher again. Level 10 Jackspike + cancel because it helps with some juggling. Level 10 Rising + cancel for more juggling. Punisher is optional just for a grab that can stop super armor. 10 subweapon crusher just to hit enemies away, even though most people say it should be left at 1. 10 firearm mastery because 30% mp reduction helps spam skills in PvE, not too sure about it in PvP though. 10 Windmill for faster leg spin. 10 steyr because its a short cooldown, decent damage hit. 10 laser because i constantly spam charged lasers. Flame thrower Cancel because it lets you cancel both flames, and i use it for Fire Pillar. 10 Grenade because it launches up a little bit, nice range, and gives me time to either charge a laser or pull out any other subweapon.

Witch:AradSociety - Skill Planner

Somewhat of an all element witch. Mainly Fire and Light for PvE. Got Mantaeu + cancel for a good grab. Fly swatter for air "combo" thing. snow dust just to have Acid Rain and got that to 5 for level 1 drill, i wanted to get rain because i like to cover small stages with my rain and lava potion. 1 Disenchant to troll Soul benders and get rid of their ghost step or whatever. Level 10 Panzer cause its just fun to have and troll with its rocks.

Nihil679 07-28-2010 01:03 AM

I forgot to check and reply.

BECAUSE of your Cube skills high cooldowns, you SHOULD be maxing them. You're supposed to pull the most out of your Cube skills when you want to use them, meaning leveling them as high as possible.
Iron Physique is really stupid. I still heavily disagree with anyone getting it, but whatever. 200 SP of defense you could have spent in skills to kill people instead.

Ditch Iron Physique and Claw Mastery, shove it into max Heaven's Net and Brick Buster instead. Those things might have forced procs at 100%, but they still have proc levels, meaning it's recommended to keep it maxed if you want to maintain that 100% proc.

Level 1 Disenchant is garbage range. Get it to level 4 for two disenchants and better range.

Pro-tip: you MAX skills you USE A LOT or skills that do A LOT OF DAMAGE.

Shadow5YA 07-28-2010 06:49 AM

Get Draw Sword back down to 5. There are better cube skills to max for damage, like Illusion Sword Dance. Draw Sword isn't as reliable as you think. Fight someone with more experience, and they'll just jump away, or bait you to use the attack and punish.

Max Ashe Fork. You need it as big as possible for a y-axis approach, and it does decent dmg.

I'd also advise you to repost your build at the lv50 cap, because you're not going to have enough SP for two masteries, Flipside Counter, AND Auto-Guard, unless you're willing to make a lot of sacrifices.

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