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10-19-2009   #1 (permalink)
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Default Bwanga's Training Camp Tips/Guide

Bwanga's Training Camp

One of the hardest stages in the game, mainly because of the second boss (Ice Layer Malaga) and the final boss (Bwanga). Most players try to get the quests done and get the **** out because it is THAT frustrating with an unorganized party.

General Tips
- Colored screen = GRAB THE BOSS
- Teammate getting owned = GRAB THE BOSS
- Teamplay is essential; letting people die is NEVER a good idea.
- If you haven't figured it out yet, grabs are your friends.
- Pack tons of DPS (Damage per second) and try to finish mobs and bosses off quick.
- Try not to drop combos; all bosses, even Malaga with his "Heavy Weight!" can be comboed, especially by a team.
- There are bags with rather high fairy rates in rooms 3, 5, and 7. Save them for when you need them; come back for them later and don't grab them immediately if you can't make full use of them.
- That said, that doesn't mean that there will ALWAYS be fairies in the bags. I've had a few runs where there were no fairies in the entire run, so be careful!

Room-by-Room Tips
Room 1
- The lower totem thing freezes a random player periodically (but it doesn't count as a hit to your dungeon score). Have someone take it out while you kill the mobs.
- Nothing special here, just dps the mobs down.

Room 2
- The first boss/mini-boss is here, Razor Wing. He specializes in birds.
- When Razor Wing uses "Invincible birds!" or "Rage on!" you may either grab him to cancel the attack or use this opportunity to dps him down. The former is preferred.

Room 3
- Watch out for super armors. Try to get on the other side of the way they're facing when super armored, or grab them out of it.
- There's a fairy bag in this room. Suggested: Save the fairy for after the fight with Ice Layer Malaga (Room 4).

Room 4
- Ice Layer Malaga is here. I suggest focus firing him down first, then leaving the adds for later.
- His Ice Layer attack ("This is my specialty." or "You're dead if you get caught in this!") hits pretty much the whole x-axis (horizontal). He hits behind him first, then after. It also leaves an ice layer which will "bounce" and do another hit's worth of damage. The ice layer persists for about 3 seconds.
- When he says "Don't even try messing with the master!" GRAB HIM. If you can't, watch for the jump, and time a jump and move when he lands. He creates ice shards when he lands, but I'm not perfectly sure which way those ice shards shoot.

Room 5
- The left totem is a "Saya" totem. That means players within the aura will take damage every few seconds, with a chance of being frozen. Take it out immediately.
- Nothing special here, just dps the mobs down.
- There's another fairy bag in this room. Suggested: Save the fairy for either before the 9th room (Chuseol) or after it, if you/r party is doing well.

Room 6
- Lariat Lari. Not really a HUGE threat, but can sometimes be problematic with her near-instant super armor charge.
- When the screen turns blue, GRAB HER. Otherwise she will summon 6 tornados and proceed to rape your Hit count (though not necessarily your hp).

Room 7
- Snake charmers! Kill them fast to prevent them from summoning Ice Snakes which will take more mana to kill off.
- There's a fairy bag in this room, too. Suggested: Save it for right before the boss.

Room 8
- Medusa Sasa. Probably the weakest of the four warriors.
- She has a poison gas attack that will Stone Curse, and she summons green snakes.
- Really though, just dps her down. She has a horribly slow wakeup recovery. If you've made it this far, you shouldn't have any trouble at all.

Room 9
- Cheseol, the Ice Exorcist.
- Treat him like a low-level Physical Exorcist in PvP, except he can freeze you. Yes, this means GRAB GRAB GRAB
- I suggest taking out the adds first, since they seem to like raining ice on you.

Room 10 (Boss)
- Bwanga. Good job making it here. Hopefully you're all healed up from the fairies, cause you'll probably need it.
- When he disappears, start moving along the y-axis (up or down). He teleports to the party member with aggro and more often than not charges straight forward. Easily punishable if he misses.
- When he jumps into the air, start panicking. Time a jump or backstep when he lands and GET AWAY from your initial position when he lands. Upon landing, Bwanga creates a ground-cracking AoE at the position you are when he lands. If you fail to jump/backstep away from that position, you're dead (I took 3700 damage as a Battlemage with max Mana Shield active on Kings Road when I accidentally backstepped into a wall).
- If a teammate is getting pummeled, GRAB HIM. Those stun combos really add up to tons of damage if left alone.

That's all for now. I may prettify it up with pictures or something later. Feel free to post suggestions, comments, and other such remarks in the thread.
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