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Perfect World
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Perfect World



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10-22-2010   #1 (permalink)
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Default EternalCity / Lost online

Eh, whats up doc? :3

played eternalcity with zephna all night instead of edda XD

i saw santa claus! TOO EARLY FOR CHRISTMAS!!! >

this is how koreans do their math. 1+1=2 but its actually 4?!

woman trio, we all look different and thats the important thing!

we ran out of bullets LMFAO :eye: but luckily zephna had two aluminum pipes

so we're smacking on every zombie mobs we face, fun stuff much!!

omg a pervert? why is he doing this to me? stay away from me!~

IM LOVIN IT!~ Mc Donalds! (also found burgerking but it sucks anyway)

shot gun aoe with my other id, i got a weekly cash costume for server merge.

grenade launcher is overpowered.. so much aoe and damage O_O

welcome to the eternalcity, a world of zombies and invasion.

the subwaygirls are back!~ i don't remember bringing my flashlights though...

wait.. are you saying i have 10 balls? i have none! ZOMG >_> in the basement parking lot.jpg

it's time for school, but the bullies won't stop the beating...

class, lets now learn not to fight people with guns.

schools over, good bye students. :3

screenshots are over, good bye ggftws. :3
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eternal city, horror, lost online, resident evil, zombie

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