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Mitchi 06-07-2010 05:57 AM

Ask the community episode 11: Shnao!

Time for yet another ask the community!

Here again is the fabulous clone of Kotarou's own Ask the staff, Ask the community, Where we focus on picking the the brains of various members!


How this works:
1. We randomly select an active user, then ask if they would like to participate. If no answer is received, then we pm someone else.

2. We'll be taking 15 (Fifteen, may increase depending on support) interview-ish questions for Shnao. Please post only your questions, a few comments sprinkled in (along the lines of "interesting" or "lol" are fine) but please, DO NOT Discuss them.

What's your favorite food?

Do you have a girlfriend?

Not so good:

Please no "LOLOL WHO ARE YOU" questions. That's what this interview is for, to let you get to know your fellow members~!

3. When 15 questions are posted, or if a week elapses without enough questions (whichever comes first), this thread will be closed within 24 hours, and we'll send your questions to Shnao to be answered!

Of course, Shnao can choose not to answer your question, so pick wisely~

4. ?

5. Profit! I mean...We start the cycle over again!


If you would like to volunteer to be interviewed, please contact Mitchi.

-ggftw Community Staff
PM Kotarou, Ascherit, Mitchi, Miyuki, or Sanichi.

zgmfx19a 06-07-2010 06:53 AM

Who the heck is that fugly guy in your avvy?

Milkshakes 06-07-2010 06:59 AM

u liek bara? :py01:

Torikakae 06-07-2010 07:08 AM

What made you switch from lolicon to barazoku?

Noperative 06-07-2010 07:10 AM

Do you ever feel that the Artwork/Graphics section is unappreciated?

Esper 06-07-2010 08:49 AM

Can I punch or stab you? /flees

Aimee 06-07-2010 08:52 AM

Nice boat? explain.

Mums 06-07-2010 08:53 AM

Why did the cat cross the road?

Nihil679 06-07-2010 09:10 AM

Why does your name make me think of a cow's nose?

Mitchi 06-07-2010 10:30 AM

A wizard has turned you into a whale, this is awesome?

Dani 06-07-2010 10:44 AM

Why are you into bara now? ;_;

Rhois 06-07-2010 01:50 PM

Do you like glasses? Not sunglasses, normal glasses.

PedroRomero 06-09-2010 03:35 PM

what is a large purchase you'd be willing to make?

Shinkirou 06-10-2010 06:57 AM

do you shave?

PKShota 06-10-2010 07:01 AM

Shota, Loli, Cookies or calling for the SOS?

buta 06-10-2010 08:06 PM

2012 comes and it really is the end of the world!

Who would you want by your side fighting for survival and why?

Yumidesu 06-10-2010 09:24 PM

Would you punch a baby if it was a Cabbage Patch Kid?

Mitchi 06-11-2010 06:39 AM

Thread closes this evening at around 8pm PST, so if you've got any questions, get them in before then.

Thanks everyone!

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