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Ascherit 03-04-2010 03:44 PM

Ask the Community episode 6: Accent

Mitchi's currently undergoing some laptop problems so I shall be temporarily taking over this week's AtC!

Here again is the fabulous clone of Kotarou's own Ask the staff, Ask the community, Where we focus on picking the the brains of various members!


How this works:

1. We randomly select an active user, then ask if they would like to participate. If no answer is received, then we pm someone else.

2. We'll be taking 15 (Fifteen, may increase depending on support) interview-ish questions for Guiles. Please post only your questions, a few comments sprinkled in (along the lines of "interesting" or "lol" are fine) but please, DO NOT Discuss them.

What's your favorite food?

Do you have a girlfriend?

Not so good:

Please no "LOLOL WHO ARE YOU" questions. That's what this interview is for, to let you get to know your fellow members~!

3. When 15 questions are posted, or if a week elapses without enough questions (whichever comes first), this thread will be closed within 24 hours, and we'll send your questions to Accent to be answered!

Of course, Accent can choose not to answer your question, so pick wisely~

4. ?

5. Profit! I mean...We start the cycle over again!

If you would like to volunteer to be interviewed, please contact Mitchi.

-ggftw Community Staff
PM Kotarou, Mitchi, Miyuki, or Sanichi.

buta 03-04-2010 03:54 PM

What is the most disturbing thing that you've ever eaten?

zgmfx19a 03-04-2010 05:00 PM

Accent huh... 8D

Why the craze for mecha?

Marisa 03-04-2010 05:25 PM

Favorite mecha series?

drkmerc 03-04-2010 05:40 PM

What does 0Shift stand for other than ")"?

RoflKnife 03-04-2010 05:45 PM

We already know how this is gonna end, HOHOHOHO...


Noperative 03-04-2010 05:47 PM

Is there a particular thing you always thought would be fun to do? (Within human limits, like money, no penalties like being sent to prison or debt)

Naps 03-04-2010 09:00 PM

Favourite Gundam?

SOC 03-05-2010 06:13 AM

If Japan started to build the first real gundam, what would you do if Russia stole it and made it before Japan did?

Sanichi 03-06-2010 05:50 AM

If you were an anima-...Wait.

If you would change into any animal at will what would it be?

Nihil679 03-06-2010 09:52 AM

Favorite Kamen Rider series?

Jumpstart 03-10-2010 07:05 PM

what is your opinion on happy cows living in California?

PedroRomero 03-10-2010 07:22 PM

what games are you looking forward to in the next few months?

Ascherit 03-11-2010 09:48 PM

Thread will close in 24 hours so please get those questions in!

Rhois 03-11-2010 10:01 PM

What was the most anticlimatic moment of your life? As in the thing which disappointed you the most.

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