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Sanichi 12-31-2009 06:42 PM

Ask the Community ep3: Johnnywup

So far, our "Ask the staff" project has been a big success, thanks to you guys, but we started wondering: What about members that weren't part of the staff?

So now we bring you the fabulous clone of Kotarou's own Ask the staff, Ask the community, Where we focus on picking the the brains of various members!


How this works:
1. We randomly select an active user, then ask if they would like to participate. If no answer is received, then we pm someone else.

2. We'll be taking 15 (Fifteen, may increase depending on support) interview-ish questions for Johnnywup. Please post only your questions, a few comments sprinkled in (along the lines of "interesting" or "lol" are fine) but please, DO NOT Discuss them.

What's your favorite food?

Do you have a girlfriend?

Not so good:

Please no "LOLOL WHO ARE YOU" questions. That's what this interview is for, to let you get to know your fellow members~!

3. When 15 questions are posted, or if a week elapses without enough questions (whichever comes first), this thread will be closed within 24 hours, and we'll send your questions to Johnnywup to be answered!

Of course, Johnnywup can choose not to answer your question, so pick wisely~

4. ?

5. Profit! I mean...We start the cycle over again!

If you would like to volunteer to be interviewed, please contact Mitchi.

-ggftw Community Staff
PM Kotarou, Mitchi, Miyuki, or Sanichi.

flaris 01-01-2010 02:38 AM

what picture comes to mind when the word "poopdeck" is mentioned?

Jessica 01-01-2010 02:54 AM

What would you do if someone threw a pie in your face?

Silver Rook 01-01-2010 06:39 AM

If I gave you the choice of a First Aid Kit or a Defibillrator, which one would you prefer to bring along with you on a mass zombie outbreak?

BriGuy92 01-01-2010 09:01 AM

Which do you prefer: steaks or hamburgers?

kag 01-01-2010 09:12 AM

Your favourite fast food "restaurant"?

Noperative 01-02-2010 12:10 PM

Do you take anything seriously?

zgmfx19a 01-03-2010 07:47 PM

Joker or Batman?

RoflKnife 01-03-2010 08:59 PM

Burger King Man or Ronald McDonald?

SOC 01-03-2010 09:15 PM

Rainy or sunny days?

PedroRomero 01-03-2010 09:50 PM

do you have any new year resolutions?

Sanichi 01-08-2010 04:54 PM

Questioning Period Complete
Thread Closed.

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