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Mitchi 11-27-2009 05:40 PM

Torikakae answers~!
You guys got to ask Tori your (furrylicious, I might add) questions, and now you get to see his answers.



Originally Posted by Torikakae
Why am I not surprised it's mostly about the furries? ROFL


Originally Posted by SOC (Post 1067006)
Totally stealing this from another thread, but, what is your weapon of choice when you rush into those epic battles?

Nothing. Blades are for chumps and guns are for wimps. Nothing beats the thrill of bare-knuckle pugilistic brawling!

Magic and explosives are for non-epic battles. Using those would be too boooorrriiiinnnggg~


Originally Posted by Naps (Post 1067031)
There's a sexy furry around the street corner. What to you do?

Is it a guy, a girl, or a pedophile in a pedobear costume?


Originally Posted by zgmfx19a (Post 1067089)
What's with the furry obsession? = =

Because they're cute? Not like I could understand your obsessions with tarps anyway :P


Originally Posted by Miyuki (Post 1067432)
Furry, yaoi or both?

Both! Why discriminate when you can have everything? Share the love <3


Originally Posted by Mirae (Post 1067499)
How did your furry collection begin?

In Random actually. First, I found this calendar of a werewolf and said "Oh! I think I'll shock the people at /ggftw with this~". I was expecting that it wouldn't last for more than a week, but then people started reacting blahblahblah and months later, here we are :D


Originally Posted by Noperative (Post 1067517)
Do you actually like furries? Or is it to fool around in random?

Like anthropomorphic art? Yeah I do! It's cute~

Like as in a fetish-obsessed pervert? Mmm....I'll let you decide for yourself ;)

Though I've never furried up anything besides /ggftw Random. Maybe it's time to spread my wings~


Originally Posted by Jumpstart (Post 1067675)
If you were to become president of the world for a day, what would you do?

Appoint the US chapter of PETA (I think they're the most radical) as my official aid and watch the chaos unfold~ Bwahahaha!

That....or probably wipe out at least half of the world's population. Whichever does the most damage~


Originally Posted by RoflKnife (Post 1067689)
Choose one of the 3 furries below and tell me why.


Isn't my choice obvious? Everyone loves the lean meat <3


Originally Posted by Taik (Post 1067772)
Do you have a pet buffalo? If you don't, would you want one?

Sounds strange, but I did. When I was a kid, my family always takes this yearly vacation to my grandparent's province. My uncle there had a farm and he said to me that I could keep a new-born calf as a pet (He gave one to each of my cousins too, but I don't think he was really serious). Anyway, since none of us can take it home our "pets" stayed at the farm. Mine was a bull and last I saw of him was about 6 years ago. Dunno what happened to him though but I think he's still happily living in the farm~

And it gave me the true definition of "Cow Lick"...several times, which is a little bit worse than "dog lick"~


Originally Posted by PedroRomero (Post 1068213)
When you played joined Trickster Online was Buffalo the first class you tried out?

When I first started playing Trickster and read the class guides, my choices narrowed down to: Buffalo, Lion, or Cat. The official guide showed a Lion so I though that would be a populated class so that's out (I wanted to be unique). Then I read their back story; should I go for the sexy supermodel with Broadway dreams, or the kind-hearted fighter who works not for himself but for his opponent's family? The choice was made and here I am 2+ years later~


Originally Posted by kag (Post 1068275)
Cats or Dogs?
Furry Ears or Normal Ears?
Tails or No Tails?

Hmm....Furry ears and tails of course! More to grope grab cuddle~


Originally Posted by Shikisaurus (Post 1068316)
Was it(becoming a furry) an evolution of your buffalove?

Mmm.....nope~ It was an evolution of my desire to shock and abhor~ It's working on zgm a lot :D


Originally Posted by Milkshakes (Post 1068329)
When are you going to touch me when I'm asleep?

Take a bath first. An acid bath.


Originally Posted by Dook (Post 1068361)
Some artists draw anthromophic avians to add into their "furry" arts portfolio. But as we both know, birds are not "furry", they have freaking feathers. What is your comment on this outrageous blasphemy?

Dragons are "scalies" and not "furries" neither but they get lumped together too. I'd say let them~ It makes my searching easier with one keyword ;)


Originally Posted by Light (Post 1068488)
of all the choices for an image collection, why choose the buffalo?

Like I said before. I always fall in love with the first character I make in an MMORPG. In Ragnarok it was my Priestess, so I had a whole bunch of Priestess art before. In Flyff it was my Psychiper, and that had the same effect too. But those characters never had a stable face or personality. In Trickster, the Buffalo not only had a single face, but a personality and a backstory too. That made me fall in love with him even more and that's how the 1600+ image search began~


Originally Posted by Ethane (Post 1068751)
why do you suffer the indignity of random? I do it myself but could use some outside perspective

Because I love you and I wanna be with you forever and ever OwO


There you have it, the resident furry has answered. Well be bringing back Kota's ask the staff for the next round, but stay tuned for the next Ask the community after that one!

If you would like to vounteer for Ask the community, please PM me.

-ggftw Community Staff
PM Kotarou, Mitchi, Miyuki, or Sanichi.

Esper 11-27-2009 05:43 PM

That was fast. I like how so many of the questions are furry related. :3


Originally Posted by Torikakae

Originally Posted by Milkshakes (Post 1068329)
When are you going to touch me when I'm asleep?

Take a bath first. An acid bath.

He touches me when I'm sleeping!

Ethane 11-27-2009 05:49 PM


Originally Posted by Mirae (Post 1071158)
That was fast. I like how so many of the questions are furry related. :3

I don't. Out of all the posters on /ggFTW, he's made me laugh the most. Folks should have asked him what made him so popular (probably because he can take a joke and respond likewise)

Mitchi 11-27-2009 05:53 PM

I too think there was a bit of an oversaturation of furry related questions. Most of the buffalo related ones were okay though, since they showed the reason he chose the buffalo in the first place.

PedroRomero 11-27-2009 06:40 PM

thanks tori for answering.

actually i'm the same way as you are with buffalo. the raccoon holds a place for me as well. i am always biased to raccoon. i ended up choosing raccoon for roughly the same reasons you chose a buffalo. i think buffalo are cool too though.

and lol @ your furry love. random made you what you are huh? lol well if i must be frank you made me think furries are really cute too. but mostly the guys than the girls. i don't like furry girls

Milkshakes 12-01-2009 02:42 AM


Originally Posted by Ethane (Post 1071165)
I don't. Out of all the posters on /ggFTW, he's made me laugh the most. Folks should have asked him what made him so popular (probably because he can take a joke and respond likewise)

wry he make me bathe in acid .-.

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