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Richeyz1337 03-16-2012 06:06 AM

Freedom Online
I'm making my own MMORPG called Freedom Online

It's a side-scroller.

Beginning storyline-
You have just received a device from V-Tech industries, a USB chip that allows you to portal into the internet when activated by your computer. Upon entry, all of your garments are removed, you arrived to a blackened area with a single portal in front of you.

Then three more appear. High leveled adventurers pass by you, greeting friendly, before disappearing into their portals.

You decide to enter yourself, into an amazing world. Lush meadows, a quiet village, many people. You find yourself indignant for loss of clothing. An NPC walks up to you and presents you with a new set of clothing, a simplistic weapon, and a skill book. Your journey has begun, to explore the many worlds prepared for you.
There are 10 different miniature worlds you can discover in this game:
1 - The main world, a quiet fantasy world of quiet meadows and lush forests.
2 - A futuristic city resembling Tokyo
3 - A representation of the Chinese Mountains
4 - A pre-modern town filled with Steam-Punks and Alchemists
5 - A vast Desert with long-lost civilizations
6 - A town completely made of toys
7 - An ancient clocktower stuck between Now and Then
8 - A vast ocean dotted with islands, a large abyss at the core
9 - A world created in the sky
10 - A demonic underworld where chaos reins.
Choosing which class you pick, there will be an additional storyline for you to take if you like.
Still a WIP, as you see each world doesn't have a name yet.

At first, only the main world will be visible on the world map. After beating a dungeon on a certain world, a specific world will be unlocked. #10 will be the last one you unlock.

Max Levels: 300

I still have a LOT to work on, including character design and stuff. Leveling, monsters, clothing and potions, drops... yeah...

It'll be F2P, I plan on getting no money from it, :py62:

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