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Default [MMO Fighting - PC] Lost Saga

Game Name Lost Saga
Link to Official Site (or state that there is none) Lost Saga! Fighting Action Heroes!!
Does it have guilds? Yes.
Detail: There are two major guild group called Factions: Order vs Legion. You can join any Faction as an individual, or create a guild so that every member inside the guild will be dedicated to that Faction.
Does it need a market section? No.
Detail: There are no trading since there's no item drops; but you can gift people via (cash) Astros and (currency) Pesos. Instead of a Market Section, maybe a Gift List can be implemented.
How much interest do you estimate? (1-10 scale, 10 being the highest)I've been playing MMO games since 2001. I can say that out of all the games that I've played, Lost Saga has a very fair PvP system compared to other games that I've played. Since there are currently no special cash moves, cash equipments, or stat boosters; and with equal game rooms based on level and stats, I would probably give this game an 8. Don't get me wrong, the game is still new and I believe this game has potential to be even better. I only wish it wasn't from OGPlanet. A few moderators I've met seems to be a bit rude or unreasonable.

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