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09-17-2008   #21 (permalink)
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Like alot of others already stated, the grind sets in around lvl 30 and the game is probably 80-90% botters or gold farmers. If you find a decent guild or some friends to play with ,it IS enjoyable. As for the PvP, it's extremely unbalanced now mainly due to the cleric class, simply put if you were to attempt to take on a cleric the same level as you, he'd just heal forever and you'd never win. Now imagine that same scenario, but on a larger scale, where the main attackers are being healed by bunches of clerics.

Aside from all that, I'd have to say from personal experience that Joymax is the WORST game company....ever, like Nexon, all they care about is..............the money. It's an unspoken, but guaranteed fact that if you bot, and purchase silk (cash shop currency) you will never be banned. That's just how great the company Joymax is.
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