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06-07-2009   #1 (permalink)
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Default [DS] Grand Theft Auto ChinaTown Wars

Is this game any good? I think it has been out for the Nintendo DS. I've heard very positive remarks about the game , but i wanna know ..

How does it compare to other GTA games in general? and How long is the gameplay/replay value for those of you who have it?

It's coming out for the iPhone/touch along w/ a port of sonic unleashed and I might pick it up. Sorry i couldnt find any threads on this yet
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IMO it's worth getting. For a DS game, I think it's epic. It has a great depth of content and great graphics.

The use of touch screen for PDA (i.e. start menu) access and several other functions such as dismantling a parked car's security, planting bombs, making molotovs etc. is pretty well implemented, and not as annoying as I thought it would be.

The drug dealing minigame is pretty good if you only got a few minutes to play the game. There are lots and lots of sidemissions to do but most of the rewards are pretty meh, only a few are worth getting.

The storyline I think is a little lacklustre compared to San Andreas and Vice City. I also dunno how this game fare compared to the PSP versions of the GTA franchise.

I haven't finished the game, but I played it for 16 hrs and I'm not that close to halfway through the main storyline.

So yeah, I think it's awesome


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