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11-27-2008   #1 (permalink)
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Default About Xbox360....

Well, there are a few here goes. ;O

1) I am (I guess?) still fairly a new Xbox360 owner. All I have so far are RPGs from them (Lost Odyssey, Eternal Sonata, Infinite Undiscovery and Tales of Vesperia)

Are there any other RPGs Im missing (I know there is Blue Dragon but...I'll have to think about that). Also, what other MUST OWN games are there? I know lately there are the Fallout3, Gears of War2, etc games but....are they full 1st person shooting? >_> I'm not really a big fan of those.

Also the 360 CAN play original Xbox games, right? Or only a certain amount of them? Cause on Xboxlive, I saw a section to get/download? original Xbox titles?

2) Since I'm still on the "what games to get" kind of question, XboxLive/Arcade is similar to Wii's "WiiWare/Virtual Console", right? If so, are there any fun ones and how much are they usually cost? (I know the most expensive WiiWare/VC games are up to $15 only).

3) Finally this is what I wanted to ask before making the topic (those two above are just add ons so my post wont look so empty lol) Most Xbox360 games' text are...tiny. Very very very tiny.... (latest case was Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts) since I own a SDTV. I tried playing some games on my sis' HDTV and it does make a difference.

So tomorrow is black friday and I saw a HDTV for $200. I am just wondering, as long as it's HDTV, the size doesnt matter, right? Cause that said HDTV is only 19inches, but text WILL be readable even with that, right? I just wanna triple make sure.

Thanks all!
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11-27-2008   #2 (permalink)
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1) Well, there aren't that many RPG's that I know of, anyways. Gears of War/Fallout have a bit of a story to it, but I would say it's mostly FPS...

2) There are plenty. I think some games are free, but I dunno, I never really bother checking it out.

3) Have fun getting the TV.....But seriously, I dunno.
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11-28-2008   #3 (permalink)
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1) oblivion anyone?? and for the must own games there is gears of war2, ( no its not a fps, its third person shooter, dead space (like RE4 in space somg)

2) o.0 some games are awesome and i dont think there is a game yet to hit 15 bucks aside from the pool one, but castle crashers is awesome and i think its for 12 or so

3) dunno D:


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