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11-09-2008   #1 (permalink)
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Default Favourite Video Game Protagonists/Antagonist Thread

I'm bored and uh. This came to mind. Did this a few times on other forums, thought it'd be fun to find out what people like here o-o It'll probably die out quickly but whatever.
Also couldn't find any threads like this so uh. o_o tl;dr anyone? o3o

There might spoilers too, so read at your own risk :0
Format would probably be something like:
Favourite Protagonist(s): [Game] [namenamename] [reasonreasonreason] [Optional Picture?]
Favourite Antagonist(s): [Game] [namenamename] [reasonreasonreason] [Optional Picture?]
So I guess I'll start o_o
Favourite Protagonists:
Tales of Vesperia: Yuri Lowell. Best game ever, best protagonist ever Who doesn't love a dark protagonist who screws the laws over and kills two 'antagonists' (Boo. You don't get to fight them >_>) and goes all dark and stuff for a while in the game. And he's got long black hair. +Best name ever. God I gave a really crappy explanation but whatever. D: Also he's a hypocrite and proves it in game and changes his mind after 5 minutes.

Tales of Destiny: Leon Magnus (Okay so he's a Protagonist/Antagonist.) Stuck up brat kid who'll do anything for his maid who resembles his mother who died when he was a little kid. Maid fetish. Half-Emo. Sends his older sister down a staircase via electric shock, and has an 'abusive' dad. Also has a pink/red cape. What's not to like about him? ;u;

Favourite Antagonists:
Tales of Destiny: Leon Magnus (See above. o3o)
Tales of the Abyss: Sync the Tempest. Green hair, awesome mask and is a replica who hates his life and existence. (Wow I really like emo guys who aren't revenge bent and just want to die. o-o) He's just plain awesome o-o
Tales of Vesperia: Yeager. German accent, awesome lines and wields a gunscythe. Also has two loli-girl bodyguards. Need I say more~?

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11-10-2008   #2 (permalink)
Let's Pie Creation!
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A Tales fan, eh? I used to like the Tales series, but... not really anymore XD

Anyways, here's my list:


Virginia Maxwell & Jet Enduro (Wild Arms 3)- Such an amazing pair. Their personalities really complement each other, and their character designs are just beautiful/unique. The two of them are just lovable, in my opinion.


Estelle & Joshua Bright (The Legend of Heroes VI: Sora no Kiseki)- I really love these two, just because of how interesting their personalitites are. Plus, the two of them go through a lot of character development, which leads to their unexpected "separation" in the end of the game (which was sad, in my opinion). I really like how their personalities seem "reversed," where Estelle, the girl, is the reckless/lively/naive one, while Joshua, the guy, is the wise/kind/careful one (In JRPGs, the guy is usually the reckless one, while the girl is usually the wise one XD)

Estelle and Joshua:

Kevin Graham (The Legend of Heroes VI: Sora no Kiseki The Third)- He's a priest(?) with spiky green hair, and wields a crossbow that hides a bayonet-like blade. He's too awesome in my opinion.

Kevin Graham (The guy with the spiky hair):

Claude Kenni (Star Ocean: The Second Story)- PEAR INTO PEACHES! DRAGON HOOOOOWL!!! CRAWD HAS ADVANCED FORWARD! etc etc etc


Janus Cascade (Wild Arms 3): He wields a huge rifle with a big bayonet blade. Plus, he has some of Ashley Winchester's (main character of Wild Arms 2) attacks. Another awesome character in my opinion.

Decus (Star Ocean: The Second Story)- "SPICUUUUUULE! DON'T YOU THINK I'M VERY STRONG?!"

Albedo (Xenosaga)- Well, just play the game, and you'll see why he's easily one of the best JRPG villains. =3

I have a lot of favorites, but these are the ones on top of my head.
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11-10-2008   #3 (permalink)
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I'll add some action games to the list then =p


[Oni] Mai Hasegawa (a.k.a. "Konoko"): Must be the character that has the most brutal moves ever seen in any game: She can break necks and backs (too bad most enemies will survive those moves =p)

[Descent series] "Material Defender": I simply love this guy's sarcasm.

[Devil May Cry 3] Dante: Because of his cockyness and (minor) character development.


[Devil May Cry 3] Vergil: I dunno, I think I just like katana's =p
11-10-2008   #4 (permalink)
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[The Legend of Zelda]Link,he doesn't talk a lot(to say nothing)and thats what makes him cool.
[The World ends with you]Neku,Again not your normal video game Hero,altough his actitude changes during the game.

[Final Fantasy VI]Kefka,he is the ultimate antagonist,theres no one more evil than him.
[Phoenix wright]Manfred Von Karma,oh man the i haven't feel hatred toward a video game character since kefka until i met von karma,what makes him even more scarier it's that he is just a old man with no super powers
[The World Ends With You]Sho Minamimoto(A.k.a. Pi-face)he's probably the coolest villain i ever seen and that's why he deserves a mention.
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11-10-2008   #5 (permalink)
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Favourite Antagonist: [Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga] [Fawful] [Maniacal little green Engrish spouting insane bean thingy. None of those things should ever be in one character, and yet when they are, it is awesome.]
11-10-2008   #6 (permalink)
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Favorite Protagonist(s):
Neku (The World Ends With You) : C'mon! He goes from one end of the social spectrum, to the complete opposite! All in just three weeks!

Palom and Porom (Final Fantasy IV) : After seeing it in like, 3D rendered scenes, seeing them petrify themselves is just so sad. THEY WERE SO YOUNG! Q_Q
Damn you Cagnazzo. (Yes, I know they aren't.)
Favorite Antagonist(s):
Kefka (Final Fantasy VI) : He was just sick! No villain could be as evil as him.

Sho Minamoto (The World Ends With You) : "You factoring hectopascal!" "So zetta slow!" "Attention all binomials of the UG!" C'mon, he curses like every time he talks. (Think it through, binomial, bi____ . . . get it?)

Konishi (The World Ends With You) : She was so funny. With all her predicted data and whatever lol. And she had bewbies. <33
11-10-2008   #7 (permalink)
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Favorite Protagonist

Neku Sakuraba (The World Ends with you) He's an awesome Hero character because he begins alone and emo then he gets a HAWT girlfriend and learns the worlds moves on without him and BAM!!! he became awesome and the emo was cured.

Lloyd( Tales of Symphonia) He was cool. Sure he wasn't the smartest but he got awesome people to like him. Gathering a team of awesome Bada**es based off his ideals and coolness alone.

Favorite Antagonist

Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII/Kingdom Hearts 1&2) A main enemy so awesome he transcend games. Not only is he so awesome he called for clones was the toughest boss in KH 1&2 he made the awesome Cloud become so afaird and emo he doesnt even notice the hotty that is Tifa basically throwing herself at him nakie.

Beauty Queen Etna (Disgea 2: Curse of Memories) She was pure awesome she was so awesome-tastic that she made penguins spawn knifes and chop you up and when you fought her she was lvl 1000 like WTF your in your 30's if your lucky thats a enemy that doesnt hold back waiting for you to get stronger. I love her so much. <3
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