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10-15-2008   #41 (permalink)
situation walkspace
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Maplestory.. a few of my friends asked me to play with them. After they quit, since they got bored with it and moved on to Halo or something, I played Trickster instead. I.. was indifferent to that game. It killed time but it was so boring. .-.

My MMO Tree would look something like this:

Maplestory -> Trickster Online -> Gunbound -> Lunia -> Trickster (again) -> SEAL Online (god that game sucked) -> (big gap of time here) -> Audition (shoot me) -> Wonderland Online -> Granado Espada -> LaTale.

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10-15-2008   #42 (permalink)
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My first MMO was Runescape. I thought it was pretty fun. I even got a membership subscription for a year. Lotta quests that weren't just "go kill tons of this thing" or "collect these items" and for some reason I enjoyed reading how the storyline played out. Also, I like non-combat skills. Something nice to go do that isn't kill monsters for hours. Although... fishing and woodcutting were "Click and go something else" skills. Got to a fair level before my membership ran out and quit because f2p was boring after my members experience.

That was my first one. After that... ummm.... I can't remember.... eventually found Trickster and MT where people kept talking about other MMOs that I tried.
10-16-2008   #43 (permalink)
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I'm not clear what constitutes an MMO.

My first MORPG (with a server population of 40) was a circmud.
My first graphical MORPG was Diablo, but since it was a max of like 6 (or was it 4) per game I'm not sure that counts as an MMO.
My first MMO that I'm certain fits the criteria was Runescape. I didn't get far at first but after they released Runescape version 2 I played for about a year.
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10-16-2008   #44 (permalink)
Plot Twist!
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My first mmo was a game called tibia. I thought it was awesome at the time, now that I've played many others, I see how lame it was (in my opinion) x.x
10-16-2008   #45 (permalink)
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Runescape or Neopets if that counts
<(^_^<) ^(^_^)^ (>^_^)>

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I thought it was pronounced Run Escape. lool.

I went to Gunbound first, but it isn't considered an MMORPG.

Went to maplestory -> Trickster online -> Audition -> Back to TO -> Holic -> Maplestory ps -> Latale.
10-16-2008   #47 (permalink)
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Runescape ._. -> MapleStory -> *some* WoW LOLTRIAL -> Diablo Online -> Trickster -> Pangya -> LaTale -> Lunia -> Rohan -> Lunia.

Runescape = beginning, GRIND GRIND GRIND, castle wars! Grind.
MapleStory = fun conversations, grind grind grind grind grind.
WoW = grind grind graphics grind grind.
Diablo = horrifying things rushing toward you.
Trickster = grind grind graphics some things that makes you go KAWAIIIIIIII grind grind.
Pangya = relaxing golf, timing, graphics.
LaTale = quest grind monster grind grind grind grind, and Mario style jump quests? o_o
Rohan = grind grind quest grind monsters grind, graphics.
Lunia = super PvP, comboing everything to death, real time strategy, TONS of emotions, some graphics. `-`

I kinda played Runescape just to talk to my old friends we didn't know about MSN and AIM at that time LOLOLOL, and also gave me something to do when I'm bored. Then after a while, all of them quitted for some reason, so I asked them, and they said 'MapleStory is fun!'. And out of Runescape I go. o_o I eventually got bored, and they got me a WoW Trial thing that lasts for 15 days(?) or something like that, but I got bored after like 3 hours. And I don't even want to talk about Diablo, those were the scariest moments ever. .-.
Then I was led toward Trickster, the graphics are okay, but I generally don't have that much time for grinding, and my friends were already in the 60ish range when I was only 30ish. So the game got boring because I had no one to play with, and I left it. I heard that LaTale came out in China. so I went ahead and tried it. But I didn't like it that much. And I also tried Pangya at that time, it was nice, but no one to play with. Then I searched around and found Lunia being in CB, I was too late to join it, so I waited till the OB came out, the combo system thing really interested me. And after a year or so, some friends on there left and I followed them, to Rohan, then the Trickster thing happened all over again ._. I don't have much time to level on it, so I left, again. Annnnnnnnnnd here I am, back in Lunia again. ^-^

There was 'some' Cabal and RO in between, but I pretty much quitted in the first hour, so not so much worth mentioning.
Oh and I forgot CS, in which I sucked horribly at, always getting headshot'd .____.


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