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Tea 01-25-2013 12:13 AM

ArcheAge Online
This game is coming over to english sometime later this year. Its being put out by Trion Worlds (they put out RIFT I believe). XLGAMES is the developer of this.. apparently this game has been like 5+ years in the making... which is about as much as RIFT so I read... so they are hoping it achieves just as much audience.

PUBLISHER: Trion Worlds, Inc.
WEBSITE (EN): ArcheAge


Siege Battle Trailer
4 Races
Nuian (Western Continent Human)
Hariharan (Eastern Continent Human)
Ferre (Furries)

One feature that I thought to be interesting.. was the ability to create your own housing and town development. Castle/Siege grounds n walls can also be constructed to defend against other guilds/clans.

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