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Henreh 12-16-2012 10:00 PM

MMORPGs, the MMO or the RPG?
Well it doesn't specifically have to be MMORPGs but what do you play for? The game itself or the MMO experience? Now I can speak from about 13 years of gaming that either can be pleasant or unpleasant experiences. These days I'm so jaded from lackluster games, that a nice core of friends is required to keep me interested in games. What about you guys?

Ascherit 12-16-2012 10:22 PM

80% of the time it's just the RPG. I don't really care about the community unless I actually get roped into a guild of some sort.

RoflKnife 12-16-2012 10:23 PM

Both. Jaded enough to only be able to play interesting/high quality games for a long amount of time, but not jaded enough to only be able to have fun with friends.

mikecxz 12-17-2012 12:00 AM

RPG majority of the time, typically it takes quite a while for me to find people i actually wouldn't mind playing with regularly, other then that sometimes it's not bad to group up with random people.

also, i only play like 2 games (being LoL and Wizardry atm) because they're interesting and different from the other 99% of MMOs. i tried HoN but i didn't like it, and I'm to cheap to pay for DOTA to try it. for Wizardry it's a refreshing (ironically) new experience of never ending tension. game is so unforgiving sometimes and the risk of someone looting your body or the very very slight chance of permadeath makes it that much worse when you die make it that much worse.

well, i suppose from that i guess you can say i like games that keep me engaged? i can't stand mindless grinding or there being 0 risk in the games i play. they need to be cruel, unforgiving, and/or a new experience every time i play.

kuyaBaka 12-17-2012 12:42 AM

A mix of both, but it's the people that keep my hooked. I only raid on WoW just because I like the rush of progression, even if I'm in a not-so-experienced group. But the fact that I click so well with their personalities, I don't mind sacrificing an hour or two per day just to keep up with them and then another 6 hours a week actively raiding with them.

Gaap 12-17-2012 03:51 PM

.hack make me want to experience both. With Trickster and it's "interesting" story, I end up focusing on the RPG aspects, but going to Lv. 360 (and paused for now) was from the ammount of support and help I got so far. (As of right now going indeependent on Tap. maps is not as cakewalk as I wanted to be.)

I want to get in the MMO experience of PangYa, but so far it's just me and gaming "alone". Tournaments are very popular for them to "level", and I'm pretty much alone being the only M.C. member alive.. And probably the 2nd person on ggFTW that is currently on PangYa with first being Mazuiko. :(

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