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zgmfx19a 11-13-2012 07:56 AM

[iPhone/Android] Puzzle & Dragons
Originally started out as a iPhone game by Gungho, it is now a consistent top-rated application in Japan, and has been ported to android. It is only accessible in Japan's iTune stores though, while Android has even stricter restrictions.

Well here's the 30sec commercial. Yeah, it's pretty successful.

Basically it's a glorified Bejeweled. You have to set up a team and grind dungeons and etc. Thanks to the introduction of monsters, it's actually much more complicated and fun than what I had originally imagined. Different dungeons will require different team setups and strategies, so that's where the fun comes from.

Best of all, the game's free. It's a lot more challenging if you don't use cash, but it will not have too much of a handicap on you. Plus, the company is pretty cool with giving away jewels (ingame currency), so you will have access to the cash shop items once in a while. I've been playing for free for like two months plus, and I think I'm doing pretty decently for a non-paying player. Just a warning, the jewels are pretty costly if you are actually interested in paying for the jewels.

Here's a sample gameplay, though the player is pretty high in levels with an incredibly strong team.


Anyone who's playing it? Also, if there are enough interest in this, I may just post a guide on how to start or something. I pretty much start off blind, but it will be much easier if you know what the hell you are doing.

buta 11-13-2012 10:16 AM

So I saw this this morning. And downloaded it. And just now I watched the video. And WTFF YOU CAN MOVE THE JEWEL IN CIRCLES?! That would've made shit so much easier..

Blizt 11-13-2012 03:40 PM

It looks pretty fun, although I'm not really good at it, still learning >_<

There's an English version released just a few days ago btw, although it's US's iTunes store only.

zgmfx19a 11-13-2012 06:34 PM


Originally Posted by buta (Post 1783573)
So I saw this this morning. And downloaded it. And just now I watched the video. And WTFF YOU CAN MOVE THE JEWEL IN CIRCLES?! That would've made shit so much easier..

You can move it diagonally as well, though I seldom use that due to my fat finger.

It's a pretty good time to start now due to the event going on which gives a high chance of a lvl30 water monster on the rare cap, but the problem is water teams are a costly team to construct. Then again, it's makes it much easier if you start off well with the rare cap.

The easiest and cheapest team is dark, followed by fire.

Below is basically what I have for now, and considering the fact that I have not spent a dime yet, I think I am doing relatively well.

Also, it's common to have multiple sub accounts, though I haven't really grind it yet for now.


Originally Posted by BliztForever (Post 1783618)
It looks pretty fun, although I'm not really good at it, still learning >_<

There's an English version released just a few days ago btw, although it's US's iTunes store only.

Great, now to see if I can boot up my sub account with it.

EDIT: Needs IOS5 for Eng version, can't do it on my age old iTouch2.

Blizt 11-13-2012 09:13 PM

Hmm, I wonder if JP and US version can link together? My ID is 337,137,282 :)

Btw, what does cost do exactly?

zgmfx19a 11-13-2012 09:51 PM


Originally Posted by BliztForever (Post 1783698)
Hmm, I wonder if JP and US version can link together? My ID is 337,137,282 :)

Btw, what does cost do exactly?

Tried searching your ID on my Japanese version, did not locate anything, so probably not. Guess that means I'll be sticking with the Japanese version then.

As for cost, there is a cost limit to your team. The stronger the monsters, the higher the cost. God-type monsters usually have high cost, but in exchange for powerful stats and/or active skills.

The cost limit of your team will increase as you level. The highest cost monster I've seen so far are 50-cost ones, but you'll exceed the 250 cost limit when you are at an extremely high level.

I'll work on a short guide on what monsters you should start off with using the rare cap you get from the start of the game.

Summerishere 11-13-2012 10:46 PM

looks good.. unfortunately it's not available in our
country yet.. hope it will be available worldwide soon :)

zgmfx19a 11-14-2012 07:39 AM

Guide (Basics)
I'll assume you understand how to play the game. If you don't, view the youtube video above to know what is roughly going on. Let's get straight to the basic mechanics and stuff then.

1.) Game Files
Use a program like iTools or something, access the folder "Documents" within the game data. data048.bin is your account info, while data056.bin is your monsters collection database file. Just backup these two files onto your computer, and voila. You can now play multiple accounts.

2.) Jewels
Jewels are the cash item of the game, and can only be used for the following purpose:
i) 5 to roll rare gacha once.
ii) 1 to expand monster storage by 5
iii) 1 to expand friendlist by 5 (it max out by 50 normally)
iv) Restore stamina
v) Revives

It is recommended that non-paying players roll rare gacha only twice or at most thrice at the start of the game. The rest of the jewels should only be spent on storage expansion. It's only advisable to try rolling for the rare gacha again after hitting like 80 to 100 storage spaces.

General thumb of rule is not to revive but to just restore stamina. Usually, your maximum stamina will be much more than the amount of stamina required for the dungeons. Only revive when a very rare egg has dropped and you want to keep it. Like when say, the dropping of a Magic Sword egg.

Ways to get jewels:
i) cash
ii) rewards for accumulated days of logging in (300 days of accumulation max, up to about 50 jewels in total)
iii) events
iv) compensation for bugs, sudden maintenance etc
v) clearing a complete set of dungeon. This includes special dungeons and technical dungeons.

It is imperative for non-paying players to know how to manage their jewels carefully. By the way, gold has no other purpose other than to level and evolve your monsters, so you don't have to worry about saving them for anything else.

3.) Types of gacha
There are 4 types of gacha:
i) Friendship gacha. Cost 200 friendship points per roll. Usually garbage, but a main source for the elemental defense dragons. If you are lucky, you may also get the Healer Girls or even Vampire or Titan. There may be ongoing events which will add special monsters into the gacha.
ii) Rare gacha. Cost 5 jewels a roll, basically the easy-modo gacha.
iii) Special events gacha. The first of its kind appeared only at the latest version, and has special monsters from FF Crystal Defender Dungeon events.
iv) Lvl20 gacha. Once you hit level twenty, you'll get a chance to roll the gacha plus gives one of your friends the chance to roll as well. Has one of the three main starter dragons plus the light and dark versions. Used to be the only source for a monster with leader skill that grants 2x light damage, but newer monsters have replaced it already. Monsters from this cap will definitely have a +1 stats to them.

4.) Event dungeons
There will be two ongoing events in the special dungeons at any one time (boss will drop eggs, but at varying rates depending on the difficulty), since each event will last for 2 weeks and a new event will replace an old one every week. Other special event dungeons will appear there as well, such as the guerrilla dungeons for the metal dragons or etc.

5.) Raising monsters, evolving monsters, +1 monsters, ultimate evolution
The cost of feeding monsters to your main one will increase gradually as your monster's level increase. Cost is calculated by levelx100 gold. So feeding your lvl 3 monster 5 sacrifices will cost you 3x100x5 = 1500 gold.

Evolving monsters is carried out specifically under the evolution tab.

Ultimate evolution is carried out in the normal tab where you raise your monster's levels. For certain monsters that are eligible for ultimate evolution, just feed them the correct sacrifices and you will be given the option to evolve your monster, plus gain the experience from the fed sacrifices as well.

+1 eggs/monsters have additional stats given to them. Every +1 to HP will gives an additional 10HP to your monster. Every +1 to atk will give an additional 5 attack, while every +1 to recovery will give an additional 3 recovery.

Hosts can absorb the +x attributes from it's sacrifices. For example, if you feed a monster with +5 stat to its attack to your main monster, the sacrifice will disappear and your main monster will absorb the stats. However, it will cost more to feed +x monsters. In addition to the normal costs, you will have to pay an extra 1000 for every additional stat on your monster and on the sacrifice, for each of the monster.

For example: I have a lvl 10 monster with +25 stats total. I'll be feeding a sacrifice with +2 stats. So the cost I'll have to pay is (25+2)x1000 + 10x100 = 28000 gold.

The maximum additional stats a monster can have is +99 to each stat, for a grand total of +297 total stats. And yes, that is a pretty common sight for the high leveled players.

6.) Monster skills, leader abilities
Each monster may or may not have the following: an active skill that is activated actively, and a leader ability that is actived passively as long as the monster takes the leader slot.

If you are using the monster of your friend, then you will be able to use the leader ability of that monster. However, you will not be granted the same bonus if you are just renting a monster from a random player. Active skills still applies though.

For active skills, they can be upgraded by feeding it sacrifices with the same ability. In some extreme cases, that means you'll have to feed the same monsters to the host. The upgrading of skill is a randomly triggered event (low rate) whenever you feed monsters of the same skills. You can feed multiple monsters of the same skills, and each monster will just roll the triggering of the event by itself. So feeding 5 will have 5 chances of the level up happening. It's a rare event, so be prepared to feed a lot. Also, it may be wise to wait for events where they increase the rate of happening by 2x.

Each upgrade to the active skill will decrease it's cooldown by 1 turn.

If the monster's skill changes as it evolves, then the skill upgrade of the previous skill will not be carried over during the skill change. Example: with max level in gem conversion will retain her upgraded skill even when she evolves to However, will lose the levels it obtained in its active skill when it evolves to

7.) Monster types
i) Balance type monsters: their 3 stats are balanced, obviously.
ii) Recovery type monster: monsters with higher emphasis on the recovery stat and lower emphasis on the HP/atk stat
iii) Physical type monster: incredible HP, average atk, shitty recovery
iv) Offensive type monster: high emphasis on atk, lower HP and recovery
v) Dragon type monster: dragons with generally good HP and atk, below par recovery
vi) God type monster: high costs monsters with great stats, and usually incredible active skills and/or abilities
vii) Evolution material monster: basically used for evolution purposes. However, some can have incredible stats (rainbow guard, for example)
viii) Raising type monster: monsters specifically used for raising the levels for your monsters. Aka the metal dragons. Note that gold dragons sell for high gold.

8.) Dual Elements
Some monsters have dual elements.
The upper left element is their main element, and damage dealt by that element will be at 100%.

The lower right element is their sub element. If the sub element is different from its main element, the monster deals 33% of its atk as damage for the sub element. If the sub element is the same from its main element, the monster deals only 10% of its atk as damage for the sub element. A monster can attack with its main and sub element at the same time.

If the main and sub elements are the same, the sub element will only deal 10% of the damage.

Next post, I'll go about discussing on which are the best monsters to start the games with.

zgmfx19a 11-14-2012 09:44 AM

Guide (Starting off), ver 5.1.2
First, I'll talk about what teams players should be focusing on.

The easiest team for non-paying players to build are fire teams and dark teams. Dark teams are especially popular because all of its essential core monsters are available without the need to spend on any cash, plus the fact that nothing resists dark (and light for the matter).

Let's see what is needed for a basic solo-element team to roll. I'll be basing this on a basic fire team.

1.) A monster as leader with a 2x bonus to said element
Basically you are given one when you first start the game. If you are not going to pay, pick fire unless you are a masochist. You can get the rest via lvl20 caps or event dungeons anyway. Well, 2x bonus is a standard, and when combined with a friend's monster, you'll gain 4x bonus to your element.

2.) Recovery-to-offense Gem Converters
These monsters basically has the active ability that goes "convert all recovery gems to gems of ____ type", where ____ depends on the monster's element. Basically, they are there for the offensive power boost. Fire has it the easiest since it is a boss drop, and the boss is available at the very early stages of the game. There is one version for each element.

3.) Magic Swordsman
There is one such monster for each element, and each has the active ability that goes "convert all xxx gems to yyy gems", where yyy is the element of your monster while xxx is the element which counters yyy. In this case, the fire swordsman converts water gems to fire gems. Basically an incredible offense boost.

These three forms the core builds of a standard 4x element team. You can either drop the magic sword or the recovery converters, but the team will lose a whole lot of offensive power.


A Brief Look at Rare Gacha Monsters

Now, you will gain 5 very easy jewels at the tutorial stage of the game, where you will be forced to roll the rare gacha once. However, there are incredible monsters and mediocre monsters waiting in the rare gacha, and it's up to your luck to see what you'll get. So why waste the good chance of getting a monster that is helpful for the overall team?

An easy way is to keep redoing the tutorials till you get a monster that is decent enough. You can easily redo the tutorials by deleting data048.bin as mentioned in the earlier post. An alternate way is to keep deleting and reinstalling the application, but trust me, the data048.bin deletion is much simpler.

Now then, one thing to note is your mindset for capping that very first cap on the rare capsule. More specifically, it applies to the event when you cap a god-type monster. God-type monsters are incredibly rare, and quite a few of them have excellent active and passive abilities. However, it is also worth noting that plenty of them only shine in the late levels at their final stage of evolution. God-type monsters are typically the costliest to raise (up to 4 million exp for maximum level at the final stage), and that is not including the amount required for their first stage (roughly 800k exp from lvl1 to lvl50). As such, you'll require a lot of patience and discipline to raise them while not forsaking the rest of your team. It's the choice of wanting to start the game easier, or wanting to reap your rewards when you are late into the game. I'll leave that for you to decide.

Still, it's worth noting that you can roll the rare cap for another one or two time, so I'll say to set the account aside first and see if things get better with the other rolls. Cash-paying players, feel free to ignore this.

And now for the analysis of the monster.

Element Resist Dragons (Said to be removed from rare gacha)
Has the leader ability to reduce the damage taken from their own element. First three stages cuts the damage by 30%, final stage by 50%. Note that rare gacha will give you versions from stage 2 onwards.

If you have somehow obtained this, dump the account right now. It's easily obtainable in friendship gachas (at stage one) or special dungeons. You can entertain the thought if you have somehow rolled the final stage dragons since they have incredible offense, but I'll say to just ditch it anyway. You'll definitely regret it later.

The Element Guardians
The 3 elements are useless, purely because they can be obtained as boss drops, special dungeons or friendship gachas.

Black and white are okay due to their unique active skill, which reduces enemies' defense by 75% for 5 turns. They are rare since they can only be obtained via rare gacha or a unique special event as boss drops. No point starting with them, since they are not that useful as leaders.

Healer Girls
Get it because they are cute.

Well joking. They can be obtained from boss drops or as rare drops in friendship gacha. Also available in special dungeons quite a number of times. So of course, it's not the best idea to start with them.

However, the water, fire and dark versions are incredibly useful in the game.

Water mermaid (or Siren - Songstress of the Seas for the final stage) is widely regarded as the best healer in the game because of her incredible active skill and leader ability. Her active skill turns fire gems into recovery gem, allowing you to get out of your pinch. At it's maximum upgraded level, the cooldown for the active skill is only 5 turns (and easily leveled since there's a fodder which has the same skill as her). Final stage's leader ability is nothing to scoff at either. It heals the party for an amount equal to 3x of it's recovery stats as long as you eliminate gems on that turn, making it the second best babysitter in the game and losing only to a god. The grass and light healer girl shares the same leader ability, but loses out when it comes to the active skill. In fact, Siren is pretty much a must have for each player, and appears in many of the teams that are not water just due to how good she is.

Fire healer is valued mainly for its active skill, where it will delay an opponent's attack by 3 turns. Quite an incredible ability, and again only out-rivaled by that of a god. Final stage's leader ability is to deal damage to the enemy equivalent to 2x of your attack stats as long as you eliminate gems on that turn, and the damage ignores element bonuses/penalties but takes into account their defense. Allows you to breeze through low levels, but useless at high stages. Still, very much valued for its active skill. A must have as well.

Dark healer has a shitty ability, but is valued for her poison skill. However, there are other poison monsters available (though mostly from special dungeons), so she's not that important as long as you have poison monsters.

I'll say to skip them for your first roll. However, if you have actually obtained Siren (that's water's 3rd stage), you may want to settle with her since she is that good of a babysitter. I started with fire's 2nd stage, and it's actually playable, though obviously not the best of choice.

Remember to grind for the water, fire and most probably dark healers. However, drop rates are low from normal dungeons, so just a heads up. And how low is low? Well, you may actually grind for more than 100 times and nothing drops still. Try to boost the chances by grinding in dungeons where multiple of them appears as bosses on the final stage or something. If you go even higher, there will be stages where there will be a 1.5x drop event for certain days of the week. You may want to grind there for your healer as well as sacrifices fodders.

Also, maximize the skills for Siren. 5 turn cooldown heal support is damn freaking strong. She's not the best healer in the game for nothing.

The Late-Game Dragons
So called by the Chinese because of their high experience requirements (same as most Gods when they are at stage two). At stage two, the leader abilities is 2x damage to their elements. Does not really shine until they are ultimate-evolved.
Their leader abilities will then be changed to 2x damage to monsters of their element AND their sub element.

Incredibly outdated and pointless in the current metagame

Recovery to Offense Monsters
I've explained it earlier on, and they are an excellent way to start the game. Other than the fire version, because it is a grindable boss drop.

Water and Grass can be obtained via a unique event dungeon that will appear once in a while. However, the difficulty for that is quite literally hell, so you'll only be able to grind them when you have a really good team.

Fire can be grinded at boss drops or obtained at friendship gacha at low rates. It's leader ability is sturdy (if a monster is supposed to KO you while you have more than 70% of your health remaining, you will be left with one HP). It's kind of okay, but outclassed by 2 monsters with a better version of sturdy. Grind two of him, one to place in fire teams. The other, just leave him as it is at the dropped level and do not ever feed him. Sturdy team revolves around having the leader at low HP so that you can beef up your main team with strong monsters while not exceeding the HP limit healable by your team's recovery, or the healing from your babysitter (Siren or Amaterasu Ookami).

Dark is Vampire and Vampire Lord. Vampire Lord is an incredible monster with an excellent active skill and also a leader ability. Its leader ability actually increases dark element damage by 2x. Though it is gradually replaced as the leader by other dark monsters with similar abilities (Loki of Norse Gods), but it is still a solid and irreplaceable member in a dark team. You can also get it via friendship gacha at an incredibly low rate, encounter it randomly in a specific set of dungeon at low encounter rates and even lower drop rates, or a unique event.

White (Valkyrie) is probably the best monster out of all the five, and a core member to its unique team. It's leader ability increases the damage from recovery-type monsters by 2.5x at stage 2 and 3x when ultimate evolved at stage 3, and is thus the core monster for 9x recovery teams or 2.5 recovery/sturdy team. Also, it is obtainable only via rare gacha or an incredibly hellish dungeon, so it's one of the most sought after monster in the game.

Valkyrie is a great start to the game, since healer girl teams last long into the game with the new 9x bonus thanks to her ultimate evolution. As for Vampire/Vampire Lord, it's a very decent start, though kind of a pity since you can try to get them via friendship or drops (but rates are incredibly incredibly shitty, be warned). However, it is currently overshadowed by the Moonlight Dragon, so it's not too advisable to start with it. Water and grass, depends on whether you want to play their elements. Fire a definite no since he's easily grindable.

Magic Swordsman
They are excellent to start off with as a newbie, so if you get any stage of them, you are set and ready to go. Their final stage also offers unique and powerful leader abilities.

Grass boosts the damage of dragon-type monsters by 2.5x, and is a core monster and leader for 6.25x dragon teams.
Water boosts the damage of balance-type monsters by 2.5x. Kind of okay to start, but you'll need a group of strong balance-type monsters.
Fire boosts the recovery of balance-type monsters by 2x. An essential member in fire teams.
Dark boosts the HP of dragon-type monsters by 2x. Not really used for its leader abilities, but he is the core member of 6.25x Grass/Dark dragon teams.
Light boosts the damage of god-type by 2x. He is the only god type with a 3 million total exp requirement. Again, outclassed by a better monster. However, still essential in light teams.

Also, there can never be enough magic swordsman. You can store up to 3 or 4 of them and just use them for fillers of your team. As for the leftovers, use them to raise the skills of your main swordsman. Yes, they are that good.

Toy Dragons
Basically, their active skill is to convert the gems which their element is effective against into recovery gems (think Siren). Their leader skill is a 50% damage reduction against their own element and another additional one. They have weak offense however.

Generally a pretty decent skill marred with weak offense and quite an unnecessary ability. Most of the times, the special dungeons are places where you will need the elemental resists, and you'll only need to resist one type since they are usual mono-color. If it is multi-colored, then toy dragons will not cover everything, so they are just slightly more useful.

I'll say not to get them as starters. Some of them are pretty great as members though, especially if you can get their skills maxed. Notable ones are Piedra (dark) and toytops (grass).

They have leader abilities that increase HP of their element by 2.5x, and active skills that negates damage from the element they are strong against for 3 turns (Fire healer/Orochi are usually better for that purpose). Coupled with their mediocre stats, not much of a use.

Don't get it for your starter.

All of them share the same leader ability, which is to increase damage from offense-type monsters by 2.5x. Their active skill is: "Convert their sub-element gems to their main element gems, and recovery gems to their sub-element gems".

They are sort of like an alternative (but deemed inferior for now) to your Magic Swordsman, if you will. However, no where as good as swordsmen to start off with.

Sengoku Characters
All of them are orb converters. They convert orbs of a certain element to those of their element. For example, Fire converts light to fire.

Fire's leader skill boost HP and Atk by 2x for all Balance monsters.
Water boosts all healers' stats by 1.5x.
Grass's boosts HP and Atk by 2x for all Offense monsters.
Light boosts all Physical monsters' stats by 1.5x.
Dark's boosts all Offensive monsters' stats by 1.5x.

They are pretty decent monsters by their own right, but not really recommended to start off with.

-----Gods/Devils diving line. Remember, gods are high maintenance but (usually) high rewards-----

Roman Gods
Finally, the gods. All of them have some sort of worth since they have ultimate evolutions, but obviously some are made better than the rest. Their leader ability is to resist their element by 50%. If they are ultimate-evolved, then they resist their sub-element as well (either light or dark).

Fire is kind of pointless, since the active skill deals fire damage at one of the enemy at 10x the value. Has a cooldown of 10 turns (lowest 5). Not the best of skills, generally deemed low tier. Do not start with it.

Water's main use is it's upgraded poison. At second stage/ultimate stage, it will inflict poison which will deal damage at 5x its attack, compared to the normal 1x by other poison monsters. Worth getting, usually a core member in water teams.

Grass is shitty. Active skill heals full health, but 20 turns cooldown. Don't start with it.

Light's active skill allows you to move the gems as you please for 10 seconds (when you fully evolve it).

Video shown is the same skill from another god.
It's a great skill for high offense team but has a 20 turns cooldown. It's ultimate evolution is incredibly cute though. But do not start with her, since light teams are expensive to assemble.

Dark's active skill inflicts 30% of a monster's current HP. Great for bosses with crazy HP, but replaceable by Hera, another god that has a 100% drop rate at her unique event hell dungeon. Still, a great addition to any dark team. However, the 30% reduction only applies for stage two, so it's a late game god. Not recommended to start with it unless you get its stage two version.

It's worth noting that the dark ultimate evolutions grant them devils subtypes as well, making them way more valuable than the light counterparts. The only exception is Venus, since the light/light version's 60% resist is incredibly useful.

Japanese Gods
Fire has an upgraded ability of the fire healer. At it's second stage, instead of inflicting 300% damage, it does 500%. Makes the earlier dungeons a breeze, but useless later on. Active skill inflicts 30x its attack as damage to a single opponent, but has a cooldown of 30 turns. Great to use as secondary accounts, best not to start with it.

Water (Orochi and Yamata no Orochi) is regarded hands down as one of the best gods in the game. It's leader ability, super sturdy, is an upgraded form of sturdy that activates at 50% instead of 70%. Also, it's active skill delays enemies attack for 5 turns. This is the only monster with the 50% sturdy. Because of its leader ability, it's best not to level it at all and keep it at the lowest level when you are starting off new. Once you are on your way and no longer requires the super sturdy skill, you can then level it up and slot it in a water team, god team, Horus team and etc. Forms the core for sturdy teams. Try not to start with it unless you are only playing a single account or is planning to use cash.

Grass has a leader ability that reduces all damage by 20%. It's active skill reduces all damage by 50% for 5 turns and has a cooldown at 20 (lowest 15) turns. It's leader ability is nothing impressive. If you maximized the level of its active skill, it has a specific role where you stuff three of them into a grass tanking team (3 monsters, each 5 turns 50% reduction for a grand total of 15 turns) with either Indian or Norse god as your leader. Don't ever start with this, unless you are planning to burn cash to get 3 of these.

Light (Ookami and Amaterasu Ookami) is regarded as the best babysitter in the game. At the second stage, its leader ability allows it to heal 500% of its recovery as long as you eliminate gems on that turn. At maximum level with +99 recovery, it can regenerate up to 4k+ HP a turn. Now combine that with Orochi and you have the core leaders for a sturdy team, where your team HP can go up to 8~9k. However, at its raw stats, its babysitting ability will only outshine Siren's when it reaches lvl70 at stage two (due to its inherently low recovery stats), meaning it is an incredibly late game monster. Also, its active skill (full HP recovery but 20 turns cooldown) means Siren is still widely regarded as the best healer in the game. Again, it is incredibly late-game and its stage one (only 100% recovery) is pretty damn useless compared to the healer girls. I'll leave it for you to decide if you want to start with this since this is a truly high investment high rewards monster. Also, if you do ever get one, stuff all your +1 recovery monsters to her, and NEVER EVER give her +1 HP monsters.

Dark, same active skills as Greece/Roman's light. Leader ability not great either (longer time to move your gems around). Not recommended to start off with.

Indian Gods
At stage two, Fire increases HP, atk and recovery by 1.5 times. The HP and recovery boost is very useful for fire teams. Also, its active skill drops opponents defense to zero for a single turn, and if they are destroyed on the same turn, the effect is carried over to the next. Decent starter.

Water increases HP, atk and recovery by 1.5 times. Active skill deals 5x the damage of its attack and heals half of the damage dealt. Not the best of skills, but the leader ability makes it worth it. However, water teams are costly to assemble, so make sure you are committed.

Grass increases HP, atk and recovery by 1.5 times. Active skill changes all water gems to recovery gems. An excellent god to start with. Regarded as the best offense->defense orb converter in the game, and thus is also ranked as one of the most versatile monster in the game. Feel free to start with her if you rolled her.

Light increases HP of all dragons and God types by 2x. Active skill reduces damage by 75% for 3 turns. Honestly, it is pretty much killed by the leader ability, while the active skill is not too hot either. Ultimate evolved form increases HP and atk of dragons by 2x. Considered by many as a nerf in the leader skills instead. Don't start with it.

Dark increases attack of all dragons and God types by 2x. Active skill deals damage depending on how much HP you have. Its leader skill is outclassed by the 2.5x ones, while the active skill is only useful in sturdy teams. Ultimate evolved form increases HP and rec of dragons by 2x. Not too useful considering the inherently shitty rec stats for dragons. Do not start with it.

Norse Gods
All of them basically has the same set of leader ability and active skills.

Leader ability: Increase attack and recovery of the same element and sub-type by 2x
Active skill: Increase attack of the same element by 1.5x for a single turn

Basically the best 2x element monsters out there thanks to their active skills and the additional 2x recovery. Complimented by other Norse Gods or the 3-element Indian gods.

However, the current latest version of PaD has the inclusion of ultimate evolved starters, who has the same leader ability as the Norse Gods. As such, the value of Norse Gods have diminished by quite a substantial amount. As a result, Indian gods are the much more valuable leaders now due to their HP increment.

Another thing to note is that the ultimate evolutions are actually much cheaper to raise in terms of the exp requirements. 1.5million exp as opposed to the 4million exp required by gods is nothing to scoff at. I am actually not too interested in the Norse leaders anymore.

Norse Gods - Odins
Grass is Odin and Awakened Odin. Both Odin's leader ability decreases damage taken by 80% when the health bar is full, while its active skill is Gungnir, where it deals 20x of its attack as light damage. It's leader ability allows it to set up defense teams similar to sturdy teams. If you get one, feel free to start with it. However, it's worth noting that Odin does not really function as well once you get into the technical dungeons.

Water is Mysterious Odin and Awakened Mysterious Odin. Its leader ability increases damage from god and water monsters by 2.5x, while active skill is similar grass'. It's actually pretty decent to start off with, but you'll have to do water/god teams, which is costly as hell.

Worth to note that Odins will only appear whenever there's a godfes event going on.

Egyptian Gods
Horus (Fire)'s leader skill boost the team's damage by 4 times as long as 4 or more different element attacks on the same turn. Active skill increases the damage of fire orbs. Incredibly strong, but requires skill to use. Beginner players may find it hard to fully utilize it at the early stages. Acknowledged by many as one of the best gods to start off with. Also has its use in Goemon teams.

Water's leader skill boost the team's damage by 3 times as long as 3 or more different element attacks on the same turn. Active skill heals you for 3x her recovery stat, which is kind of lame. However, her leader skill is easier to active compared to Fire Egyptian. She's pretty decent, though you'll have to sort of build a team around her. Her power is incomparable to that of Horus though. It's your choice whether you want to start with her.

Grass' leader skill boost the team's damage by 2.5 times as long as 4 or combos are fulfilled on the same turn. Her active skill is incredible, making all attacks do AOE damage for 3 turns. Hands down one of the best Egyptian gods for newbies, and she looks cute too. Versatile leader skill. Starting with her is a solid choice for newbies. However, with the ultimate evolved form of Bastet released not too long ago, her use in the game has extended by quite a bit. Starting at 2.5x multiplier for 4 combo, each additional combo will add in 0.5x multiplier till she hits a max of 4x at 7 combos. This makes her pretty damn versatile and easy to use for players looking for an easier time to hit high multiplier damage.

Light's leader skill boost the team's damage by 6 times as long as 5 different element attacks on the same turn. Active skill does 5000 AOE dmg and ignores all defense. A very hard god to use. A great option for advanced players.

Dark's leader skill boost the team's damage by 10 times as long as 10 or combos are fulfilled on the same turn. Active skill is counter for 5 turns. Again, another really difficult god to use, even though the damage multiplier is amazing. Do not start with him.

Greece Gods
All of them basically has the same set of leader ability and active skills.

3 elements Leader ability: Increase HP and atk of the same element by 2x
Light/Dark Leader ability: Increase all stats of the same element by 1.5x
Active skill: A combination of swordsman and heart->offense orb changers

All of them are excellent to start off, especially Persephone (dark). For the 3 elements, you can easily form a 242 team when coupled with a Norse God/Ultimate starter. Light/Dark has the same leader skill as the Indian gods, making them very versatile and valuable in higher stages.

All archangels share the same leader skill, which is to boost the HP and rec stat of the same element monsters by 2x.

For the 3 elements, their active skills convert light orbs to orbs of their elements, and dark orbs to recovery orbs.
For light, he converts all orbs to recovery orbs.
For dark, as long as you has 2HP or above, he deals 300000 damage and reduces your HP to 1.

The 3 elements are pretty decent to start off with, though their leader skill clashes with the Xmas Dragons. One angel worth noting is the fire angel, since his recovery stats is impressively high for a fire monster.

Seraphim Lucifer (dark) is regarded as hands down the best monster for newbie to start off with. He is incredibly easy to use, and good dark monsters are easy to obtain. If you know what to do, you can easy powerlevel yourself quickly and leave the rest of the newbies in your dust.

They are the new set of monsters added into the game with the Devils type, and serves to function as the "gods" for the devils.

All of them (except dark) share the similar active skills where they reflect 3x the damage with their base element for 5 turns.
For dark, he deals 150000 damage to all light monsters.

Fire boosts the atk of Devils by 2.5x.
Water boosts all stats of Devils by 1.5x.
Grass boosts the HP and rec of all Devils by 2x. By far the most valuable devil in this series. She is the core leader for a stalling devil team or a cross-counter devil team. One of the few teams to be able to clear Zeus with 0 stones, but requires lots of investments.
Light increases all damage by 2.5x as long as your HP is above 50%. A great newbie monster.
Dark increases the atk and rec of all Devils by 2x. A pale shadow compared to Seraphim Lucifer.

If you are investing cash, you might want to consider starting off with grass devil.

Chinese Gods
The Chinese gods are actually a pretty strong set of addition to the gods family in terms of offense. For fire, water, grass and dark, they share similar passive and active skills. Basically for the passive skill, they offer a 3.5x boost a specific set of 3 element attack on that turn. For the active skill, they convert all orbs on the screen into the 3 types of element orbs, randomly arranged. Kirin (light) is different from the rest, so I'll touch on that later.

Feel free to start with any of the gods if you want to, but obviously there's some that are better than the rest.

Reiran (Fire) controls the elements fire, wood and light. The element set is kind of awkward, and is probably the least sought after god out of the four.
Karin (Water) controls the elements water, wood and dark. Pretty damn good, because you can easily do a pure 12.25x water with monsters like Ice-Hera (water/dark) and Chrono Turtle (water/grass). However, Chrono Turtle may be hard to acquire.
Meimei (Grass) controls the elements wood, light and dark. Ultimate evolved Wolf Hero fits the roll of grass/dark nicely, while you can use monsters like Dios Zeus and Saiga for grass/light. Awakened Athena, which provides strong burst damage by strengthening light and grass orbs, is also the new core member to be included in a Meimei 12.25x team.
Haku (Dark) controls the elements dark, fire and water. Not surprisingly, its base element and element set makes it the most sought after god out of the four. Easily paired up with stuff like Ice-Hera, ultimate dark toy (dark/water) and Fire-Hera (fire/dark). More importantly, you can combo Fire-Hera's skill with Haku's and do insane damage with strengthened fire and dark orbs. The 2 to 3 turn burst damage can totally outstrip any offered by conventional Horus teams.

Kirin (Light) is the unique Chinese god. Her passive skill offers you 5x damage whenever you eliminate light, water, fire and grass. Active skill removes 20% of the opponent's current HP. Basically the "new" Horus, Kirin teams are quite a bit harder to use than Horus (and just slightly easier than Ra), but offers quick 1~2 turns burst damage that can put even Ra teams to shame. Monsters include typical suspects like ultimate Valkyrie and Echidna. Ice-Hera usually fits in the role of water (or you can also select Orochi). Last slot can be offered to monsters like Light Sword, Zeus, Awakened Athena and etc.

Personally, I think you can start with any gods other than Reiran. Kirin is obviously the best choice, though she may be difficult to use for newbies. For newbies, you may wanna aim for Haku or Meimei.

Enforcers - Metatron
Light Metatron's passive skill boosts the atk of all recovery monsters by 3.5x whenever your HP is full. Her active skill your HP by 6x her recovery stat. She's sort of awkward to use, since the 3.5x at full HP can be a dual edged sword. Active skill is pretty meh, though it sort of helps out with her passive.

Dark Metatron boosts the atk of all Offense monsters by 4x when the HP is below 80%. For her active skill, she strengthens the light and dark orbs on the field. Pretty impressive monster, but one of the core in Offense monster comes from Eva #13, something which is not available to the US version as of now.

Dark Metatron can be a pretty okay start, but beware of the shitty recovery as well as the sub-par HP. Also, acquiring good Offense monsters (Dark rider for one) can be costly.

Similar to Odins, they only appear in the gacha during godfes.

My recommendations:
It is best to start with Seraphim Lucifer (brainless mode). Either that or Horus/Kirin (challenging route). You can consider Ra (light Egyptian) if you are confident of your skills. Thanks to the new ultimate evolution, Valkyrie is a great start as well since she forms a very powerful 9x healer team.

For pure elements, I'd recommend starting off with either Parvati or Persephone. Parvati scales well even late into the game and has a place in other teams such as Horus and etc, while Persephone has the great support of dark monsters. Or Seraphim Lucifer.

Other options includes Egyptian Grass (Bastet), Egyptian Water (Isis), Light Devil, Grass Odin or Archangels. With the inclusion of the new Chinese gods, Haku or Meimei are excellent options as well, especially considering the fact that you can easily convert your team to pure 12.25x elements in the later part of the game. Or Seraphim Lucifer.

For brainless easymodo, start with the fire swordsman (assuming you picked fire starter) or Loki. Or Seraphim Lucifer.

For babies' mode, go with Siren. Or Seraphim Lucifer.

If you are lazy and unwilling to grind for a good start like the retards we are, you can start with anyone whom I deem above as an okay monster to start with.

Side note: Amaterasu used to be an excellent start, but her value has diminished greatly to the point be becoming semi-useless outside of a few stages. I'll recommend against starting off with her in the current meta.

zgmfx19a 11-14-2012 09:47 AM

Team Building
There are basically lots of variations of different teams, each with different playing styles and geared for clearing different dungeons. I'll just cover a few of the teams that players can aim for.

Standard 4x (or 3x/2.25x with Norse/Indian Gods) Element teams
Dark is the most rampant thanks to the relative ease of obtaining the core monsters without the need for cash, and also the fact that it has no resistance. Fire is the next most common one as you can easily get it going with a fire starter and grinding for Titans early into the game. Fire swordsman is your only headache though.

Starter dragons are generally replaced by Late-game dragons, Boss Dragons or the Machine Dragons. Machine dragons offer incredible HP and attack, but has a high cost of 50. Also, they are boss drops as well.

Also, one thing worth mention are the Eco monsters. They are normal drops from the Eco event dungeon, and has leader abilities which grants you 1.5x boost the element's attack and recovery. Basically an inferior Norse God, but still very useful for non-cash players. Plus, Eco monsters are cute too.
Eco monsters are now forever replaced by the ultimate evolved forms of the starter dragons, which offers x2 atk and recovery for members with the same element.
Ultimate-evolved starter dragons now have dual elements. Their leader skill is x2 atk and recovery to the same element. Active skill does 20x their attack as AOE damage (30 turns cooldown, reduced to a maximum of 10 turns cooldown).

Damage multiplier monster: Starter, Norse God/Indian God/Greece God
Recovery-to-offense: Titan/Gigantes - easily grindable, also obtainable via friendship gacha
Swordsman: Very rare appearance, basically obtained via cash or high difficulty dungeons as a rare-encounter rare-drop

Easy starting team with great HP and offensive power (thanks to Gigantes). The only problem is the recovery as Gigantes is a physical-type with shit recovery stats, but a fire healer more or less solves the problem (and is thus essential).

Damage multiplier monster: Starter, Norse God/Indian God/Greece God
Recovery-to-offense: Cash item or obtained as boss drop via it's unique event dungeon (dungeon is held once in a while) at hell difficulty
Swordsman: Very rare appearance, basically obtained via cash or high difficulty dungeons as a rare-encounter rare-drop

Basically, you will not have access to the two gem converters early game unless you roll for them in rare gacha. The main beef of the team comes from the Greek/Roman God and/or Orochi, so it is a freaking expensive team to assemble.

Damage multiplier monster: Starter, Norse God/Indian God/Greece God
Recovery-to-offense: Cash item or obtained as boss drop via it's unique event dungeon at hell difficulty
Swordsman: has its own unique event dungeon

Grass are more or less defensive teams (thanks to the Japanese God), but still playable without any cash. However, definitely needs more patience as compared to fire. Indian God is basically one of the best grass monsters due to her active skill and great stats.

Damage multiplier monster: lvl20 gacha, Norse God/Greece God
Recovery-to-offense: Cash item or obtained as boss drop via it's unique event dungeon (dungeon is held once in a while) at hell difficulty
Swordsman: has its own unique event dungeon

Shares the same no resistance functionality of Dark, but incredibly difficult and costly to build. Not for the faint hearted, and definitely unrecommended for non-cash players to start out with.

Damage multiplier monster: lvl20 gacha, Norse God/Greece God
Recovery-to-offense: Cash item, friendship gacha, rare-encounter rare-drop at a certain set of dungeon, has his own unique dungeon
Swordsman: has its own unique event dungeon

Based Vampire Lord. 1 monster basically covers two purposes, and the whole team can be obtained without cash. This is basically why dark teams are the top choice for most players. Still, Loki (Norse God), Moonlight Dragon or Persephone is a much better leader nowadays, so if you can get them, then all the better for you.

Hera, a boss with 100% drop at her own unique event hell dungeon, is also one of the main reasons why dark is popular. You can basically play till late game without any cash as long as you start off well.

Other mono-color variants
Depending on what you pair them up with, you can get teams with multipliers (HP/atk/rec) such as 2/4/2, 3/1.5/3 and 1/4/4, just to name the more common ones. They are a combination of Norse/Starter dragons + Indian/Greece + Archangel/Xmas Dragons. A notable mention is a 4/1/4 team, which is used to grind your way through dungeons such as Goemon and etc.

Valkyrie recovery teams (6.25x/9x or Sturdy variant)
Behold, the team (Sturdy variant) that is acknowledged by many as the team that can clear Hell Hera easily under relatively low specs. 6.25x offers above average offense with great recovery management, though has a low HP weakness (but low HP/high recovery is a plus for sturdy, so there).

Team members are basically interchangeable depending on dungeons, so it gives you a lot of flexibility. Grass and Light healers are generally considered useless and are not used. Ultimate evolved Freyja (Grass Norse) has a healer sub-type and is thus a great addition to a healer team as well.

Sturdy/Odin teams
Basically, they are variations of Orochi/Amaterasu Ookami/Awakened Odin with other monsters. Shown above are viable sturdy teams that can clear Hera Hell Dungeon.

Orochi/Amaterasu Ookami teams generally aim for monsters with low HP and high offense. An Ookami at maximum level and +99 recovery heals 4745 HP a turn, thus allowing you to have teams of up to 9489 HP. Siren is an inferior alternative who can heal for 2964 HP a turn at maximum.

Awakened Odin teams allow for a higher HP pool (requires a minimum of 16500 at Hera), but otherwise functions similar to Orochi sturdy teams.

Titans + Little Matchstick Plus (the fire sturdy team) is a rather unique combination. Little Matchstick Plus is actually a offensive-type monster with shit max HP (100) but incredible max atk (1765). Titans provides the recovery -> fire skill for offensive boost (since you need no recovery gems at all). However, Little Matchstick Plus is an event monster that drops only at Taiko no Tatsujin dungeons. Please grind 3 of these if when the dungeon is opened. I joined the game during this event, and so I had no idea how great these little things are (kept only 1, junked the rest). Amaterasu Ookami can be replaced with Siren, since the HP pool will be incredibly low. Basically the cheap no-cash sturdy team in the game.

6.25x Dragons (most common variant is 6.25 Grass/Dark)
The cookie cutter team in the game, and comprises of the final stage evolution of the Grass and Dark Swordsman (both are dragon-type). Utilizes Grass' leader ability, which increases dragon-type damage by 2.5 times. Basically, you will have 2 Grass Swordsman as the leader, while the rest is filled with dragons (usually Dark).

Incredibly versatile and damaging. 6.25 is nothing to scoff at. Moreover, you rarely lacks gems to attack due to the gem converters.

Also, the 4 team members can be replaced by dragons from the other elements, thus forming other teams.

In the latest patch and the opening of FF Crystal Defenders Dungeon, boss drop Bahamut has the same leader ability as Grass Swordsman, thus allowing for a 6.25 dragon team that is geared more towards the dark element. It lacks gems conversion however, so Grass is still the superior choice in general cases where grass is not heavily resisted.

Its potential is fully unlocked when you maximize the levels for all the active skills of your Swordsman. The cons are a relatively lower HP pool and a lack of recovery. Since it serves as a team which kills the boss as quickly as possible before the boss kills you, it is common to replace one of the dragons with Orochi or fire healer (Usually fire healer as she has much better recovery stats).

5x atk + 2x rec Dragons (Grass or Dark variant)
This requires the pairing of either Grass Swordsman + Ultimate-evolved grass starter or Bahamut + Ultimate-evolved Moonlight dragon. Basically trades of 1.5x of the damage for more heal. The plus side is that rec->offense gem converters can be included in the team. While they will not be able to enjoy the 5x damage since they are not dragons, a 2x damage increase is pretty fine too.

Poison team
A poison team consists of a sturdy, 3/4 poison members, an optional fire healer and a babysitter. Used generally to clear the Wednesday (Mask) and Friday spirit dungeons, where a simple poison ability is enough to sweep everything, including the bosses.


That's all for the beginner's guide, I guess. I'll add in more stuff if I find something missing.

zgmfx19a 11-14-2012 10:54 AM

Tips and FAQ
Resources for Japanese version:
Friend search site: /forum/1805147-post1249.html

English Wiki:

Restoring data on Android:

How to break the game as a newbie and ride on the highway with Seraphim Lucifer:

Why are mono-color teams usually better than multi-color ones
*Note, this does not include Horus/Ra teams into consideration

How to clear Masks/Double Spirits:
/forum/1790007-post370.html + /forum/1790008-post371.html

Gem elimination tips:

Efficient leveling guide:
The real EXP/leveling guide

Teams setup for Hera dungeon:
Clearing Hera with Odin/Resist

Team setup for 2 Heroes dungeon:
Clearing 2 Heroes

Team setup for Zeus dungeon:

Team setup for Valkyrie dungeon:

Team setup for Ice Hera:

Blizt 11-14-2012 05:35 PM

Well after several retakes I managed to roll Vampire + Rider (Dark/Light), somewhat satisfied~
Planning to farm for the 3 Healing Girls later on and maybe possibly raise a Golem :)

I have two questions though:

1) If I were to challenge Special Dungeons like Magic Swordsman's or the one that drop Dark/Light Golems, going offensive or defensive, which is more recommended? (for people in early stages like me of course :x)

2) I heard that once you reached rank 20, you can send a present to a friend which let both of us get a Starter Dragons out of the 5 kinds, how does it work? Can I pick it or is it a gacha?

buta 11-14-2012 05:51 PM

It's gacha. I got another fire dragon. >_>

zgmfx19a 11-14-2012 07:38 PM


Originally Posted by BliztForever (Post 1783849)
Well after several retakes I managed to roll Vampire + Rider (Dark/Light), somewhat satisfied~
Planning to farm for the 3 Healing Girls later on and maybe possibly raise a Golem :)

I have two questions though:

1) If I were to challenge Special Dungeons like Magic Swordsman's or the one that drop Dark/Light Golems, going offensive or defensive, which is more recommended? (for people in early stages like me of course :x)

2) I heard that once you reached rank 20, you can send a present to a friend which let both of us get a Starter Dragons out of the 5 kinds, how does it work? Can I pick it or is it a gacha?

Wow, good start. The rider pretty much functions as a Magic Swordsman already, so you basically have a 4x Darkness team ready to roll. Get Siren and you are set.

1) The Magic Swordsman dungeons only have difficulties of beginner, intermediate and hard (no very hard and hell). I'll say 0.75 resist, 0.5 + 2x or 4x offense team will all work, but obviously 4x teams will have a much faster clearing time, provided that your monsters have high enough offense to do it. This set of dungeons is pretty much what got me my 6.25 grass/dark dragons team going, and I could only clear up till normal back then (no stage 4 element reduction dragons, no strong monsters for 4x fire to work, no Vamp Lord for 4x dark). Japan reopened them recently, and I basically breezed through the light Magic Swordsman dungeon at hard difficulty. At hard, there are 3 Magic Swordsman each dealing around 4.5k ~ 6k of damage, and HP at around 125k ~ 180k. Just make sure you AOE and wipe them out before they kill you. Should be easy with your Vamp Lord and Rider.

For light/dark golems, You pretty much have to go 4x route since they have light and dark bosses and a multi-colored dungeon, so element-resist is not practical.

2) Gacha. That's the reason why many people grind lvl20 gachas in the early days to get the 2x Light "starter".

buta 11-15-2012 09:29 AM

So... I got my housemate addicted within 5 minutes of seeing me play. And he got a level 30 from the rare gacha. Should I just restart til I get one? ;-;

So sad.

docfreeze 11-15-2012 10:58 AM


Originally Posted by zgmfx19a (Post 1783791)
I'll update part 3 of the guide on another time. Long shit is long.

Hey there, I found your thread through Google. Newbie to P&D on iOS (English ver). Excellent guide! I really appreciate you writing up all this information. There's nothing like this online right now so it gives me a great idea on what is the best way to start building.

So I just signed up to this forum to say kudos to you - many thanks! :py16:

btw, fellow Singaporean (overseas) gamer here! :py48:


core 11-15-2012 02:11 PM

Question about leveling
I have two questions about leveling / evolution changing a character:

1. Do the + (pluses) stay with the character on evolution change?

2. Does it matter what level you do a character evolution change? Is it better to do the change on max level or is there no difference between leveling a character at level 1?


Blizt 11-15-2012 07:16 PM


Originally Posted by core (Post 1784063)
I have two questions about leveling / evolution changing a character:

1. Do the + (pluses) stay with the character on evolution change?

2. Does it matter what level you do a character evolution change? Is it better to do the change on max level or is there no difference between leveling a character at level 1?


1. They do.

2. You can't do an evolution change unless your pet is max leveled, unless it's the ultimate evolution, which I don't think you would reach yet.

zgmfx19a 11-15-2012 07:18 PM


Originally Posted by buta (Post 1783972)
So... I got my housemate addicted within 5 minutes of seeing me play. And he got a level 30 from the rare gacha. Should I just restart til I get one? ;-;

So sad.

Starting right is much better than starting with a poor level 30 monster. It really depends on what monster you get. I've no idea what event the English version is having now for its gacha, but it's still much better to start right. Of course, I am not denying how a level 30 monster will help you in your early game.

Also, level 30 is no big deal for monsters with a low exp curve.

If you have a poor start, you can try creating another account since early levels are a breeze (and you can try for lvl20 gacha again). If you did not use any of the jewels you've obtained to roll for the rare gacha, you can try doing it twice and see how far it gets you. If you pay cash, then there's no better time to get jewels and roll.

EDIT: Took a look, it's level 30 water monsters. Save your jewels for the lvl 30 fire gacha instead unless you are playing water teams.


Originally Posted by core (Post 1784063)
I have two questions about leveling / evolution changing a character:

1. Do the + (pluses) stay with the character on evolution change?

2. Does it matter what level you do a character evolution change? Is it better to do the change on max level or is there no difference between leveling a character at level 1?


1.) It stays.

2.) For normal evolution, your monster will have to be at the maximum level, so you are really stuck with no choice. For ultimate evolution, you can do it at anytime as long as you have the right sacrifices. There's no advantages or disadvantages for doing it early or late, so obviously you'll want to ultimate evolve asap for the extra sub-element.

Blizt 11-15-2012 07:23 PM

Something I wanted to ask as well:

What's the proper and cost-efficient to raise pet?

I got a few of those Metal Dragon (the smallest kind), but I'm not really sure what to do with them. Should I just feed them all for my Dark pet, or use them to feed the "food pet" first?

I heard it's this kind?

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