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09-25-2008   #1 (permalink)
oh wow
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Default Robocalypse

Robocalypse Trailer

Robocalypse Gameplay

We always new mankind would meet its end at the hands of an army of death-dispatching machines in a fiery hell that shall be known as the Robocalypse -- we just didn't know it was coming so soon.A real-time strategy (RTS) game starring wise-cracking robots for the DS.. Spanning 17 missions, the story follows a batch of robots implanted with the brains of World War II veterans that must stop a band of rampaging machines. Beyond the campaign, up to four players can compete over wi-fi.

Robocalypse will be controlled entirely with the stylus.
There will be at least 10 different robot types and over 50 units at their command. The game will use a "heroes" system similar to other RTS games like Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth. The heroes act as commanding officers on the battlefield and have special abilities like Rampage Mode, Conversion (turn enemies into refrigerators), and Leadership (the ability to unite soldiers into a single fighting unit). Players will have direct control of their heroes.Control will be handled entirely with the stylus.
Comes out 10/28/08
a more kiddish RTS is what it looks like to me,
interesting concept,but idunno /=

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To be honest RTS is hard to play on DS just due to the way they make it, the only RTS i have seen that plays the best has to be FF but the story sucked.



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