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11-29-2008   #1 (permalink)
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Default The Trouble with Astros

Wow. Trying to get $10 of Astros is a freaking pain.

I thought I might try to get some on Friday, since I would get a 10% bonus, meaning 220 Astros. Didn't work out, since I went to bed before my mom came home from work.

Saturday morning! I wake up before my mom goes to work and ask her if she would use her credit card to buy me this $10 gift online. She agreed, but then she felt uncomfortable about buying something online when she could go to a store and not give out her information, so I ask her to purchase me a $10 OGPlanet game card at Blockbuster on the way home from work, since I could still get a bonus if I AFK'ed over the weekend. She happily agreed.

About an hour ago, she called, saying that there were only $25 cards, but there were $10 Ultimate Game Cards. I naively told her to go ahead and buy the UGCs.

Ten minutes later, it finally hit me that UGCs had to be $20 or more in value to be used for Astros. I called her on her cell phone, and although she was probably a minute or so from home and tired and hungry, she chuckled and said she would go and make the return and come home to buy online.

She arrived home, and I filled in all the information for the MasterCard/Visa purchase. It came up with an error message saying that it wasn't verified by MasterCard SecureCode or Visa, even though it was plain to see that the card was, indeed, a MasterCard. She told me that she would head to another Blockbuster tomorrow, and maybe that one would have $10 cards.

SO, I not only did not get the Astros, but I made my overworked mom and I go to no trouble for nothing. Unbelievable. I really hope things work out.

I decided to share this with my LaTale guildies instead of posting in the Rant Forum. I'm not angry, but I am slightly irked. I'm beginning to wonder if all this gas-wasting and stuff is really necessary. 200 Astros isn't worth this much trouble, is it? D;

tl;dr Version: I wanted $10 worth of Astros and went through too many troubles to buy them. In the end, I didn't even get the Astros, and I only troubled my mom and me.
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11-30-2008   #2 (permalink)
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I dunno what to say... But dang you OGP for making our Solemn and her mom troubled XD

Pixel is , Trickster is , FrenchBread is

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11-30-2008   #3 (permalink)
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Poor you *hugs*

Thank you so much k0n <3
12-04-2008   #4 (permalink)
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Argh. I hate when things don't work out like that. And then you will feel guilty for making someone going all over the place. ><

But lol, life is like that. Life can be really tiring but we just have to get over it. Sorry for such a late reply but hope you get the Astros (did you already..?).


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