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Senike 09-05-2009 08:54 PM

Rate the Signature Above You~'s pretty much self-explanatory~

Rate the signature of your above poster on a point scale of 1 to 10.
A small review for the artist would also be nice~

Noperative 09-05-2009 08:56 PM

What this doesn't seem like a random forum thing.

Senike: 7/10
It's a bit large considering the lack of a focal and simplicity. Points for making the simplicity look good though.

Cornlito 09-05-2009 08:57 PM


So much red, which I find as a good thing since red is my favorite color and also because the sig itself looks nice.

SkyAngelic 09-05-2009 08:58 PM

@ OP


It's unique; sigs are usually centered or left aligned.
It has more than one variation of pink
it's not a sig that screams your in-game character's igns
not too little, not too much.

I'm so optimistic >.<

Rie 09-05-2009 09:08 PM


For being green and calling Noperative Epic :py01:

Gladiat 09-05-2009 09:11 PM

Zzz I could have sworn there was something like this before... oh wait. Now I remember xD

Anyways, SkyAngelic:


IMO it seems a bit small, but the green does like good.
Looks pretty simple, but simplicity can be good.

Edit: D: Kooh inb4'd me lol. w/e xD

Senike 09-05-2009 09:40 PM

7/10, I rate harsh ;; Bonus points for pink.

I believe the blossoms can be done a whole lot better. Right now, it just way too messy. The font doesn't flow along with the signature as well. Though, I really do like the background with the gate-like designs~ Overall, it's quite nice!

Oh and...since the rendered is partly cut, I suppose adding borders would give a nice feel to it

zzz, did what I type above even make any sense >>;

Cornlito 09-06-2009 01:45 AM


For being Pandora Hearts.

ZeR 09-06-2009 02:10 AM

-10 /10 coz i don't like corn's loli 8)

Maybe 6/10's purple and it symbolises g? XD

Nah I like the cartoon style of it !

Gladiat 09-06-2009 08:16 AM


Bewb missile! :3

Lilica 09-06-2009 06:14 PM


The Pink is good,add a bit more red pl0x

Cornlito 09-07-2009 05:37 PM

10/10 for switching boobs and Mara.

Jon 09-08-2009 05:27 AM


All of you are GD perverts.

Bolter 09-08-2009 06:24 AM


Its pretty average I would say.

Jon 09-08-2009 08:59 AM


I fear the sea, and that signature is just creepy.

Belphybear 09-08-2009 10:04 AM


Love the colour combinations, but it's missing something.

Noperative 09-08-2009 11:28 AM

Rated E for everyone.

Shnao 09-08-2009 08:11 PM


Seems kinda plain but I like the Nekomata and how it matches.

Gladiat 10-05-2009 05:58 AM

Dead game is dead.

8/10. GOGO Face shovel!

ZeR 10-05-2009 06:35 AM

6/10 for ridiculous sleeves/arms

/i thought those wings were mountains ..

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