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NuvaXThrower 06-17-2008 08:53 PM

The Three Word Game!
1. 3 Words Only
2. Cannot post twice
(This means you can post another time but after someone posts after you)
3. Do not start a new story until someone posts the whole story.
4. Story Ends on 15th Post
5. If you get the 15th Post, Please get from 1. - 15th post to form the story.
Game Begins Now:
Once I saw...
Our Stories:

1. One fine night, It was so, That this night, I was going Home to a Birthday Party that
My friend crashed Right into a... Aeroplane. He said
"Planes could Fly?" Then he Threw My Teddy Into
The burning wreckage, BUT HE DIED!!!!

2. My bestest friend Who I loved, Was suddenly killed with a phone! The Police was as ugly as My Pet Rock Whom lives next to a moose In my Basement With a rat who liked biting many nice persons With pet cows!

3. Today it was three flying cows that suddenly died from glowing corkscrews That ate them Then Commited Suicide from a cliff. Then they nearly escaped the paparazzi when they fell Into a Big Satanic Cherry pie That was burnt. After that they Shot the pie.

4. One Day a crazy old man Tried to shoot My Girlfriend in The Lost Woods. Where my Friend Was looking for A big banana That could fly. Instead she found A Scum Bag, who she fell in love with And made Love all night long.

5. My old granny Hated this squirrel who is my Long Lost Brother Who was found in a pound With a corpse of the dead Mother-in-Law that he killed Without using force. after then i Lept into my T-Bird-seven To commit suicide!

6. I once saw My mom and my father in The Park Kicking A small puppy that was defenceless
but took out an machinegun and His kitty friend who knew kung-fu Kicked their a**, With a piano, while the puppy begged for mercy Dad shot him.

7. Forums are a great palace to Kill people on the threads with very big words after they call
you a puppy that has STDs Along with Cancer that has no Home, so he Let out a Bomb in my pearl white toilet But nothing happened.

8. In the world of candy computers there stood a big green giant from the land of coloured crayons who wanted to shake it like there's no tomorow But when he shook his computer
He spazzed out and the computer got a keyboard that looked like some flying fat dancing banana wearing a panda suit that went hurtling in a pie And it came In my house.

9. Once upon a Vanilla Chocolate Bar. there lived a senile old aardvark who jumped out of my gun and sounded like a tyrannosaurus rex from the 2080s which was scary. A watermelon flew while singing the campfire song song that went like: YOUR MOTHERS CRY!

10. And here is Barney the Dinosaur! with a big Fat ugly gross child called Porney! Who Ate So That he died from his fatness Without Stomach Cancer Or other Diseases. unfortunately he still Is Fat and As dumb as Chicken Pot Pie! and A dead Chocolate Chicken Cow

11. Meeep is a Very Bad Word Which made It impossible to write and read, like That cats are Mooping around like Crazy Bears Who Is doing drugs and drinking Peptobismol because they have.. Pretty Pink Colours And also are Given Mad Cow A new name

12. Nuva is so... Sexy, Cause He Beats up hackers and is a good friend of Alex. He is Very nice like Soooo Nice... Like Aleeex and Nuva Who are Very good friends and play the 3 parts in the new play by George Washington Carver III. The play looked like it would be good. But it Wasn't.

13. A fat pig Was Blank's Mother Ship's Anti-Aleeex great missile failure of seeking sauces Without any BBQ of destruction. Many Bottles were lost And a beam Of light shone above a prickly Prick with a pickle stuck to One end of a dead hobo.

14. One cold night it's very cold And I'm Freezing. My Hot Tea Made me warm Until it Froze, and then my My Frozen Fish came to life and started dancing! then beat up My Math Teacher because she gave It a wedgie around the neck

15. my wedgied fish ate a panda who was trying To Steal Blanks and Aleex's BBQ? When the Thief ate my watermelon and spat out My pet squirrel! Then a moose and the moose was rainbow color. A driving gorilla passed by saying ZOMG WTF BBQ!

16. I was missed back in Serdin. Poops fly about hitting people in Very unexpected places but we don't eat them, yet! After that one got in a muffin coated chevy He Nearly died, from the horror of refining materials being covered in Some old Junk.

17. I saw a Red Gorgos once. He was blue and depressed. I fired him from my company. He spazzed out and brutally slaughtered the poor little kitten named George. Immediately, the symphonic orchestra stole the copyright of Grand Chase's hovering gorilla car 2.0. That sucked.

18. Have you ever Been in love? If you haven't, go bite off your buttocks. Then, eat a blurbleberry and puke endlessly. Then a slimy Fell in love but cheated on Harpy Queens King Then the Harpy Queen Eventually tried to break the slimy's heart by dieting.

19. Stop killing your friends! Please, don't sing to them or kill them. because eventually they Kick a Puppy since they are Mentally disconfigured with unintentional murderous instinct That causes them to melt glue and kick puppies. With no regrets they do this. Let us rejoice!

20. Let's make love on the hammock! Lose some weight and then I'll strip down to nothing but my birthday suit, and dance around seductively. When that happens, we'll tango while shaking our booties. Yell "Aren't I sexay?" while pelvically reading pron mags and suggestively thrusting.

21. "My god!" said The Old Aardvark that was ran over by Blank's Bottled BBQ Sauce that grew wings and commited suicide. The Aardvark flew, hitting an aeroplane That exploded into more BBQ Sauce, Blank was there to collect more Honey for Winnie then they eloped.

22. The euphoric bunny named BBQ was running from Blank, Then was hit by some corksrews That Nuva Threw. The bunny was partying all night and getting stoned by an arme. She took it to the kitchen and made some honey lemon stew that they ate.

23. BBQ is bad For the soul! Let's mooch off Winnie The Pooh by stealing his pots of cracks which he hid under Piglet's big tree. If he Jacks Pooh's Viagra things will grow On Eeyore's Mom , which stands by The Law of Ignorant bureocrats... END

24. Red Gorgos Sucks but not Paradom Neither does Gaikoz really want to Eat Gorgos ALIVE So they Kill Gorgos with Sporks. Water fell on the combatants, who Planned eating Gorgos on a blind Mouse. That didn't Know to drive Because that it Meant Gorgos Died.

25. Gorgoses are hot. Paradom's a snot. A Gorgos and Zyeal make love. Gaikoz was between. Blank kissed BBQ, and died from bliss to heaven. Strictly prohibiting the overuse of firebolts, which a used Paradom Killed Gorgos, and then Gaikoz and Paradom Owned Red Gorgos forever!!!!

26. Paradom and Gaikoz was pwning Gorgos until Elizabeth saw this and helped Paradom kill Gorgos, and eventually Gorgos died a horrible Life during... pregnancy. Gaikoz stole Elizabeth's I Hate Gorgos Doll, that she Hit Gorgos With. Now this sentence Will Kill Gorgos after we eat.

27. The cake is for Gaikoz. Do not tell Gorgos, as she will own the universe. And then fart. Paradom and Gaikoz were on a big Red Gorgos. Paradom shot Gorgos right in the crotch! Although she's female, she had surgery and Paradom died. It was tragic.

28. Once a butterfly mass-murderer, always a sucker for crimes, proclaimed the sexy people should die. Criminals love to have people die, while sexy grannies do not. The world is nearing robbery by the 15 cent corner, unlike his caterpillar, which loves 1337 things, and muffins.

30. Once upon a freakishly huge sasquatch with a wookie ate a cow. How could this affect global warming? Is something which we all think of when we look at toilets in the bathrooms. But Toilets, cannot reproduce by division, because of toast and they died.

31. Once I saw A broken Nuva Who Flew Away To south Africa.
But got shot twice in Kenya, He became crippled then he died!
Then his ghost Killed zyeal But Backfired back Because Yakuza's Stuborn.
Which is believable, but it didnt Kill Nuva, again

NuvaXThrower 06-17-2008 08:54 PM

Starting Post:
New Story:
1. Once I saw

Zyeal 06-17-2008 08:56 PM

2. A broken Nuva

(Yippy Nuva brought her game with the move ^_^)

MsSquid 06-17-2008 08:57 PM

EDIT:beaten consider this an unneeded shit post

NuvaXThrower 06-17-2008 08:57 PM

3. Who Flew Away
I'm a boy xP,
I'm not exactly happy with this.. move

Zyeal 06-17-2008 08:59 PM

4. To south Africa.

NuvaXThrower 06-17-2008 09:01 PM

5. But got shot
If it's unneeded then either...
delete or...
post this ,
OFF TOPIC: (Insert Message Here)

Zyeal 06-17-2008 09:02 PM

6. twice in Kenya,

(Only in kenya! Lol Aleeex annying flashy things)

NuvaXThrower 06-17-2008 09:05 PM

7. He became crippled

Yakuza53 06-17-2008 09:05 PM

then he died!

Zyeal 06-17-2008 09:06 PM

9. Then his ghost

(Yakuza Number Your posts please)

NuvaXThrower 06-17-2008 09:07 PM

Off Topic:
Thank you Zyeal,
I didn't have to yell at Yakuza for that

Yakuza53 06-17-2008 09:08 PM

i wanted the story to end -.-

Yakuza53 06-17-2008 09:08 PM

10.Killed zyeal because

NuvaXThrower 06-17-2008 09:09 PM

11: But Backfired back

Off Topic:
Please put off topic,
plus stop being so mean,
It's just a game,
I'm already pissed about switching forums...
don't upset me anymore I already am

Zyeal 06-17-2008 09:09 PM


Originally Posted by Yakuza53 (Post 2590)
i wanted the story to end -.-

Out of Game:
It dosnt end until the 15th post. and PLEASE number it Yaku :(
(the 8th post)

In game:
12. Because Yakuza's Stuborn.

Yakuza53 06-17-2008 09:12 PM

i did #10 zyeal

NuvaXThrower 06-17-2008 09:13 PM

13. Which is believable,
Rechange your number Zyeal

Yakuza53 06-17-2008 09:16 PM

14.but it didnt

Zyeal 06-17-2008 09:17 PM


Originally Posted by Yakuza53 (Post 2580)
then he died!

Out of Game:
This is the one i whant u to put "8." in

Originally Posted by Yakuza53 (Post 2605)
i did #10 zyeal

Out of Game:
What does that post above me means Yakuza...I dont get it...The one were it say "but it didnt"

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