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Aironique 11-11-2008 10:21 PM

Virtualization (4 slots open)
Alright... So some of you might remember this game from when I tried this over on MyLunia, but it seemed to fail because of lack of understanding of what was going on and activity, but I'm trying again. This will be my fourth text game, after two successes and one failure. :p This story was worked on by myself and a friend of mine on another forum, so if it looks familiar, that's why. Read below for the story/rules. THIS GAME WILL MOST LIKELY TAKE A WHILE TO FINISH (I.E. A MONTH OR MORE) SO PLEASE DON'T SIGN UP JUST TO FLAKE OUT. THANKS. :P I don't expect to gain a lot of interest, but hell, who knows, people might enjoy this.


1. As stated above, this is a text adventure, so you carry out commands by simply typing them, like "talk","throw","fight", etc. Try to keep your commands simple and clean, like old text games.
YES: Walk East
NO: Pick up everything in the room, light the room on fire, take a nap, then head East while whistling Twinkle, twinkle, little star

I think you get the point. If you have something funny to add, go ahead. If not, SIMPLE, PLOX.

2. Spamming is a big no-no. 'Nuff said.

3. Only 5 people on at a time. Each one will be in a specific game world: NES, SNES, N64, PC, or Gameboy. Only ONE to a world. For more info, scroll down. When the character dies, he will start at a point I choose and the player that gave him the faulty command will be eliminated. No, you may not take over an NPC. Sign up AFTER you read this.

4. Each player must post once every three days or be kicked out of the game. If a player wishes to stop, PM me, lest you be booted and shamed.

5. You'll end up in a game related to your system, but you'll never know which game or at what point. In fact, you could jump to the end of the game and then later jump to the beginning. There will be NO complaining about this. Or else. >.>

Now that you read the rules(or did you?), lets go for it! :jj:

The year is 2089, and it's the era of futuristic gaming and life. People spend more time on the internet than ever before, and a new company, Retech, releases a brand-new virtual world, where anyone can do literally anything, immersing all five senses in virtual reality. Months later, people choose to spend a lot of their lives in here, creating an actual virtual-economy. The government rushes to create laws and safety procedures for this new world, and not months later, a terrorist group arises, called the "Realists". The Realists think this new world is disgusting, fake, and will lead to the end of the real world. They make an announcement refusing to take part in this new technology, and launch a virus attack on the virtual-world, in an interesting way. Parts of what should be a virtual Earth are now parts of video games from earlier in the century and the one before it, characters and monsters from the games running rampant in the world, causing people to use it less.

You're part of a new police force, dedicated to policing the new virtual world. Your job is to enter the world and remove the threat so people can use it peacefully. You've been briefed on the viral programs, nicknamed PALZ. The PALZ, you've discovered, are disguised as characters in the specific games. The only equipment you're issued is a special scanner, used to reveal the PALZ for what their true form is, when you've discovered a PALZ in a game. The only other information you've been given on them is that they appear different when you look at them at different times, and they sometimes say things that don't pertain to the game they're in. Only destroying the PALZ will fix the area you're assigned to... and be careful, killing a normal NPC in the game will kill you (A fun side effect of the virus from the terrorists). Once you think you know where the PALZ is, scan it, and defeat it, warping you to the mother virus.

Ways to Win:
Unlike my other games, there is only one way to win: Kill a number of PALZ and find the data stream into the source. You will all be working together on this, you're a team, even if you're not in the same game at first. A player that kills a PALZ will be instantly teleported to another team member.

Ways to Lose:
#1: Be killed by a PALZ or in game monster
#2: Be killed by a stupid action. example: Killing a non-PALZ NPC, jumping off of a cliff, into a hole, drowning yourself.
#3: Not post in 3 days

This is, of course, where you sign up. The form is self-explanatory, so I don't need to explain it. I only need the information on the sheet below.


Forum Name(So I can remember who's controlling who)
In-Game Name(For fun. Make it something related to your system if you can. Or just your favorite video game character.)
System(One to a system. At first. No exceptions.)
Skill(Choose a skill or weapon from another game and specify what it does. If I think it's overpowered, I'll decrease the power. One skill per person. You may earn more later. It's fun if you use your In-Game character's skill. Example: I'd pick Samus as my 'ingame' name, and use screw attack. It does minimal damage, but stuns an opponent for a round.)

Signed-Up players:
SNES: Chrono (xXPwnageXx)

This game will start whenever I have five participants. First come, first serve, as I said.
Any questions after the game has started (I will let you know when) MUST be PMed.

Poople 11-13-2008 04:15 PM

Forum Name: xXPwnageXx
In-Game Name: Chrono
System: SNES
Skill: I use a katana ._. with chrono's first skill cyclone

Aironique 11-13-2008 04:55 PM

Yay for having one person. Now for four more. -_- Also apparently I can't change the thread title, so if a moderator happens across this, please just take the 'slots' part off. Thanks.

Aironique 11-19-2008 11:11 PM

Sigh, apparently this didn't go over as well as it did on ML. -_-

ZeR 11-24-2008 05:42 AM

Forum Name: TogSawks
In-game name: Mario (lol)
System: GB
Skill: fireball thing? you know...

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