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1stsim144 07-18-2010 12:51 AM

Does it cool down your body like how watermelon does? o_o

And speaking of apples, do you guys wash your apples before you eat it? Or more specific wash it with salt first?

I often see on the tv that most of them doesn't wash it, they just grab, wipe on their clothes then eat it. :/
Do you guys do that irl?

Mello 07-18-2010 12:54 AM

I rarely eat apples nowadays, But no i don't feel it cooling down my body
I wash them, peel off the skin & put it in a bowl [ filled with water ]
Who would not want to wash they're fruits before eating it? >->

1stsim144 07-18-2010 12:57 AM

The tv people. LOL
Idk.. I eat em with the skin on. <3 Crispy.

Mums 07-18-2010 01:00 AM

I only wash my fruits if I see that they need to be washed (I always was strawberries, grapes etc tho). If the apple has this gross glossy thing on it, I wash it. Otherwise I usually eat them without washing.

Mello 07-18-2010 01:00 AM

I hate how the skin gets stuck in ur teeth tho

Aimee 07-20-2010 08:40 AM

I like to chop up my apple and eat it with honey :>

But I rarely wash it first, depends on how it looks.

SOC 07-20-2010 08:49 AM

All apples should be washed regardless of how they look, to be 100% sure. You don't want that crap in your system. As far as cooling down, they probably cool you down a little bit as apples hold a lot of water, but no where near as much as watermelon so it won't cool you down as much as watermelon. That's just my guess though. :P

1stsim144 07-20-2010 08:57 AM

Hmm.. Idk.. I watched too many tv i guess. Lol.. coz even in some commercials they just pick right from the store and eat it. :/

SOC 07-20-2010 09:08 AM


Originally Posted by 1stsim144 (Post 1296654)
Hmm.. Idk.. I watched too many tv i guess. Lol.. coz even in some commercials they just pick right from the store and eat it. :/

You realize TV and commercials are planned, staged, scripted... not real life/actually how things are right? XD

MintyVampire 07-20-2010 09:56 PM

The reason why the soak the apple in the water is because so it want change colour.
I usualy do wash my apple before I eat it since there might be some insecticides or spray left on it...
I don't know if they would cool you down or not...But I know they do help with cleaning your teeth 8D!

Mums 07-21-2010 01:48 AM

A little bit of chemicals is always good for the stomach 8D

Bolter 07-21-2010 02:04 AM

for red apples, the skin is usually soft enough to be edible, but the green ones on the other hand sometimes have hard skin, so its not always the case for the green ones to have their skins edible(but there might be some of those with soft skin though). I'm pretty sure all red apple skins are edible though, if you want to be safe then just wash it.

but I would prefer the red ones though(although I rarely eat apples myself as I prefer oranges) cos they are sweeter, green ones tend to be a bit more sourish.

and no they don't cool you down as much as watermelon does as they are not so juicy, but what they have is more fibres and vitamins I think.

Sanichi 07-21-2010 05:32 AM

Wait, are there people out there who are cooled by apples?
Anyway, I usually don't eat apples, but when I do, I only take like 3 bits after washing it.

kuyaBaka 07-21-2010 07:58 AM

I dislike apples. When I eat then, the skin gets stuck to my teeth.
But yeah, always wash fruits and vegetables you'll eat with skin-on. The only reason why they do it in TV is because it's probably already pre-washed.

Also, I don't think anime has to worry about insecticides and bacterias found on the surfaces of fruit.

Torikakae 07-21-2010 08:02 AM

Watermelons can cool you down? I never experienced that feeling....

HolyAbyssal 07-21-2010 08:29 AM

You guys do know that all/most of the nutrients in an Apple is in the skin right?

OP: I haven't been cooled down much when eating apples.
Anyways, I wash mine a bit. I haven't had many recently because of braces though. qq

Mitchi 07-21-2010 12:52 PM

I'm not a fan of apples. I only ever eat Granny smith and Fuji (fuji for the thinner skin). Sometimes I eat Braeburn because they're thin skinned.

I pretty much wash all my fruits for various reason. I wash store bought ones to get rid of pesticides and I wash ones from the farmer's market to get rid of extra dirt.

Kongro 07-21-2010 04:11 PM

I wash and clean anything I eat raw (with some minor exceptions perhaps), including apples.

But it might be just me as I'm especially cautious about dirt, since if I get pneumonia I could die.

Henreh 07-21-2010 04:39 PM

Most likely apples are pre-washed and fresh in TV shows. I eat apples when they are available I love all fruit.

1stsim144 07-21-2010 06:12 PM

So many apple haters in this forum q_q
And Idk, apples DOES give me some cooling but watermelon is just pure goddess of coolingness. `-`

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