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Cait 09-20-2012 10:23 AM

«FAQ/Rules» Welcome to the forums! (Anyone-member or not, is Welcome!)
:py55: Current Status
A ton of people message me saying "I didnt join firefly because its always full isnt it?" No, its not. We're always accepting new people. Check this topic if you need to be sure, lol.

Firefly:Accepting Members
Serenity: Accepting Members

:ic: What's the difference?

-Firefly was the first, the most active, and has older players. Must love people with Wrinkles!
-Serenity is newer, more casual, and has more newer players. Smooth of skin as mudkipz here.. Mostly. xD

:py59: What makes you different from other guilds?
Check out the other posts in this forum to see how flippin' weird and awesome we are. xD Especially this post - /forum/firefly-seren...different.html

:kis: Can I post here/do your events/hang out with you/whatever if I'm not in Firefly or Serenity?

-YES. I encourage it. Everyone is welcome to be a part of our family, even if your physical body is not in any of our guilds.

:py55: Sounds good - How do I join?

-TL;DR->TL;DR Version: Apply ingame, and shoot us a message here or ingame saying "HAY ACCEPT ME".

-TL;DR: Send Caiterz a mail that says the following
1.) Do you speak English fluently?
2.) Do you play a lot?
3.) Do you like to socialize a lot?
4.) Do you consider yourself to be a kind, drama-free person?
5.) Do you want to join Firefly or Serenity guild?

-Long Version: (Currently dead i think)


Complete list:Check the page @ the wiki


:py64: I was booted! Q_Q

-TL;DR: More than likely, this is because you didn't log in for a period. You get more days to be inactive if you are a good member.. and less if you suck. (I try to leave approx: 7 days for neutral people)

(If you tell me before hand and I put [NK] in your title and you are safe)

If you want to come back, just re-apply. REAPPLY WITH NO HARD FEELINGS, MKAY!

-Long version: (Click "recently withdrawn?" here


-TL;DR: Is a dead guild fun? No it's not. I boot people who don't log on frequently to make room for people who DO. When you decide you want to get back on... just re-apply! Why do I do this? So that EVERY TIME you log on, you have friends - old AND new to talk to. So that we don't have a dead guild! Understand? If you don't then TAKE A TACO AND EXIT THE ROOM. THANK YOU. :3

-Long version: (Click "recently withdrawn?" here

:py39: What sort of people arent allowed?
1.) Maliciously Mean people
2.) The people who do the following:
3.) People who don't speak English well enough to carry on a conversation

:py55: What is your guild chat like?
-Check out Firefly Chronicles on youtube.

:py43: What are your ranks? [SD], [D], [P], and VIP?

-Super Danger, Danger, Potential(To Be VIP) and VIP

-Longer Ranking System Explanation

:kis: What are your rules? (Since the wikkii is currently down x_X)

-We have 3 basic rules. (and like 9005 extended rules, but dont worry about them)
  1. You must play daily-ish. (This rule is lax depending upon how many applications we have, and your current rank) ALSO - It's okay to be gone for 3+ days when you LET US KNOW (so we can put [NK] on your title) For Exams, Vacations, Sickness, etc.
  1. You must love to talk. This is a social guild, and with the new guild system, if you dont talk, you are literally dead weight. If you need help talking, let me know. Otherwise, do not join if you will not talk.
  1. You must be drama-free. We invite you to talk about most things. (Adult things are okay when EVERYONE ONLINE is okay with it.) But please do not pick fights with people. For some reason if others pick a fight with you, ignore it. (And report it to staff if it really bothers you) Please remember that people do have bad days and this affects how 'mean' they may come across. Also keep in consideration that this is the internet. It's hard to detect sarcasm, and you may read things wrong as well. When in doubt, ignore them, pretend it never happened. Be the mature one and do not contribute to the madness. :)
  1. Do not question why every rule is number 1 rule because we dont know either. (But we blame gameguard)

:py21: More to come eventually xD

Also if you have any questions, Please post them here!!

Cait 11-25-2012 01:54 AM

Edited the first post a bit!

Cait 12-31-2012 02:12 AM

Edited again. With edited rules

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