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Nihil679 01-30-2010 09:41 PM

.UNiVersal Fighter's Guide
I could have came up with a cooler title like, "Every Fighter's Underground Manual - Tricks to Pummel Your Opponent to the Ground" or "A Fighter's Pass to Fight Club", but those sound too dramatic and I need something universal to use for every character.

DISCLAIMER: As dotKaZE, someone who states they have no hope for society but still clings to a small glimmer, I'll assume that you've done a significant amount of research or have some experience playing the game already, meaning if you haven't, I may skip things you're supposed to know and make you confused for the sake of saving space even though I used it for this disclaimer. Enjoy.
I also won't list out specific skills you should get because those are usually opinion based. I WILL list out skeleton builds based on what people USUALLY/ALWAYS get though, and offer suggestions and as much detail as possible for additional skills.

000. To Do
001. The Fighter
002. How to FIGHTER

000. To Do -Finish. Format. reFine.

001. The Fighter - Didn't feel like copy/pasting a Wiki entry, so here's what I hear Fighters are about. It's Chun-Li and Zangief after a loud evening at the cheap-o hotel. Hooray.
Why a Fighter? I could start with all the good and sugarcoat the bad, but let's cut it. You use fists, your range obviously sucks, meaning you aren't going to be throwing out AoE nukes and you won't be attacking things off screen (more often than not). HOWEVER, your speed and agility is THE best compared to any other character, not factoring in equipments.

002. Starting Out (1 - 18) - I'm actually wondering why I even started a section. You'll get a skill reset at job advancement, so it doesn't really matter what you plan at this point, but if it's so desired to find an efficient route.
Fighter 1 - 18 Skeleton Build:
Suplex: Max with Cancel
Muse's Uppercut: Max with Cancel
Air Walk: Max
Basic Reasons: To summarize, Cancels are primarily combo reasons. You'll be the Style of your party and your own. Suplex deals a very nice percent weapon damage plus fixed splash damage AoE, as well as being a grab skill. Muse's Uppercut as any kind of Fighter's LOVE. Get to know it well, as it is your PRIMARY launcher skill.
Extra Fighter Skills
I won't cover them. You should try things out yourself around this level.

003. From That Point On (CLASS SUMMARY) - After half a days worth of fatigue, you've made it to 18, compared to us early players that had to use two to four days of poorly spent fatigue just to reach job advancement, congratulations. Let's pick your sub-class now.
Grapplers, as their name implies, are Fighters that focused on GRABBING. If you LOVED the Suplex skill, this is probably the best route for you to go. Grapplers spit upon the mention of the word "super armor" and laugh if their weapons break, maybe because of the sad fact than the fact that they have plus fixed damage formulas. Many Fighters tend to go Grapplers for their ease of use in dungeons and their amazing damage in PvP.
Nen Masters tend to not be taken seriously. Nen Masters have skills more focused on support rather than offense. HOWEVER, their attacks skills should not be something to take lightly. In the hands of a smart enough player, Nen Master buffs are able to to deal HIGH amounts of DPS. Unfortunately, I've yet to see someone do such. Nen Masters combine their physical fists with magic by imbuing attacks with Light attribute. In my opinion, they are the most visually pleasing Fighter class.
Brawlers, my first Fighter. I started with this class and went into PvP. I had an epiphany that I hated PvP more than anything. I just sucked, don't worry about me. In short, if Fighters were split into the typical MMORPG classes, Brawlers are DoT and status ailment casters. Having a very VAST array of status ailments to toss onto their opponent, Brawlers are able to stun, poison, bleed, and some more. Their only fault is a passive they automatically learn that gives a 1% chance of stun using a Nen Master skill, meaning if you are a hardcore PvPer, you'll miss out on a very nice map control skill.
Strikers are the only Fighters able to equip the boxing glove weapons, which usually come with the option of having a 2% stun chance on your opponent, which is cool. Simplified, they are a stronger version of your original Fighters, and rather reliant on combos to rack up damage. If not all, a majority of their skills are weapon attack percentage based, so you'll cry blood if your weapon breaks in the middle of a dungeon. These are the second most popular Fighters, not sure why.

004. Every Fighter's Basics
Even after advancements, there are some skills you should keep with you.
The Skeleton Build:
Suplex: Level 5 with Cancel
Muse's Uppercut: Level 10 with Cancel
Air Walk: Level 5
Tornado Kick: Level 1
Most of this is familiar to you. Suplex of course, is one of your few grabs if you're not going Grappler. Muse's Uppercut is almost a must have, no matter what. Air Walk, while the damage is nice and is able to avoid monster attacks and increases hits every group of levels, it's not something you should level because SP is much better spent in more comboable and useful skills. It serves as a pre-requisite to Tornado Kick, which is a very useful skill which can be used in the air or on the ground to escape or zone-in.

Enjoy PvP? There's some more things you should aim for.
Every PvP Fighter's Additions:
Neck Snap: Level 1
Doppelganger: Level 5+
Crouch: Level 1
Tiger Chain Strike: Level 1
Neck Snap is a rather useful PvP skill to have. It is not only another grab to take, but it's able to stun your opponent for 0.5 seconds and turns them around (away from you). This is long enough for you to quickly start a combo. Doppelganger is a very useful distraction for map control. Being able to keep your opponent away from an area or as a barrier is always nice. [color="Crouch"], though seems terrible at first, can be used to avoid a majority of attacks. What attacks, I've yet to know them all, sorry. Tiger Chain Strike is rumored to be used as a way to cancel properly doing the juggle BnB (refer to combo section). This is up to you.

005. Grapplers
0051. As the Grappler
First off, grabs are your life. Remember as a Fighter, some of those things you couldn't grab? Upon becoming a Grappler, you earn the passive Grab Cannon, which basically makes you slam your fist into the enemy if you couldn't grab them, dealing the same amount of damage. You have a relatively large amount of passive skills that help your grabbing skills in more ways than one, including an active buff which grants you super armor while in grabbing animation.
In a solo dungeon play, Grapplers are known to be THE BEST solo. This may be due to their invincibility time during a successful grab and their amazing damage and ability to tackle almost every enemy without worry. They are a versatile Fighter class. In team play, their Fling skill is able to hold down an enemy while their teammates are able to hack and bash away at it.
In PvP, Grapplers are rather popular. Their fixed damage formulas give a decent amount of damage and a leveled up Seismic Punch is an excellent zoning tool. Grapplers are able to do well in a 1v1/Elimination match as well as Team and Brawls, simply because they can pick up an enemy and inflict splash damage everywhere else.
0052. Grappler Builds
I find that Grapplers have a LOT of skills they can use, but with limited SP, it's restricting.
Under construction. Need Grappler opinions.

006. Nen Masters
0061. As the Nen Masters
Using Light-based magic to imbue your powerful fists, Nen Masters are able to use buffs in order to support them or cast it on their teammates. Nen Masters lack a lot of damaging attack skills (at least, until late-game), so they tend to focus more on a defensive style of play. They're also the only Fighters that have more than one ranged attack (the other Fighter is Brawler, with Sand Splash. That's it, really).
In dungeons, Nen Masters are useful party members. They are able to cast an attack speed buff called Stimulating Breath, which also increases casting speed. Also helpful is the Khai buff, which, at level 1, gives +100% weapon attack and Light attribute damage. That's pretty much double. The sad part about Nen Masters is due to the fact that they don't have anything extra until late levels, meaning you're doing the same thing as you were a Fighter until 30s and 40s.
In PvP, Nen Masters are... unique types of Fighters. Many people aren't able to use them to their full potential. Suplex Thunder is a REALLY damaging passive which adds a lightning strike to your Suplex. It deals a fixed magic damage, which is rather strong for its level. Map control skills like Doppelganger and Nen Guard are able to help you control the area by giving you an obstacle and a small, temporary area of invulnerability. The former can also be supplemented with a different skill, Doppelganger Blast, which causes the clones to explode and deal actual damage.
0062. Nen Master Builds
Mainly pre-requisites you should take. There are a couple of skills that a lot of people favor over in the skeleton build.
Nen Master Skeleton Build:
Stimulating Breath: Max

Nihil679 01-30-2010 09:42 PM

Posted because I don't want to lose progress or save to a wordpad and never touch it again.
Post any concerns with it in its current state.
Going to sleep because my mom is about to drop all sense and rip out my throat for staying up a second longer.

Vioded 02-09-2010 06:54 PM

Its nice to know that thers guides getting posted.
Whats your fav sub class, and are you gonna put skill combinations with the guide?

Nihil679 02-09-2010 07:48 PM

My current favorite must be Striker, simply because I love kicking things, so things like Bonecrusher, Lightning Kick, and Beat Drive is really appealing to me.
In terms of gameplay and usefulness, I'll admit to Grapplers though. They are insaaaaaaane being well-rounded.

And yes, I'll be putting skill combos that I see most often, so they are more than likely nothing new to a veteran Fighter.

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