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03-16-2009   #21 (permalink)
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Pharoe likes to marry billy upside-down, inside-out up front and center... XDDDD
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Originally Posted by Sarasa
old billeh is old :<
27 for you maybe is old. i really love my age

guys, its not so hard for you, belive me, you dont live in a third world. you have the chance to choose. you don't have to work for your food, you work for a better place, for a ps3 or wii or a better pc. hopefully i have a great job, but is not for all. you have the chance to do what makes you happy and not live in pain for that. do it the best you can

03-17-2009   #23 (permalink)
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Yeah,I think so too.I want to work bc i want to have a nice,simple life and to be able to buy the things i want Like Mary Janes ( it's a kind of shoes),dress and of course >D PS3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I WANT TO KEEP UP WITH THE LATEST GAMES SO MUCh,but sadly i have my exams and cant afford any PS3 as well PSP :S...It's not fun that most adults think playing games is only for children.


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