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Strikegundam 02-17-2009 08:52 PM

SiSI OMG@!!!@@@

Yo Jackson,Long time no see.How do you do?It's lucky that i still remember your name,happy?You see,im going to be a senior ( in high school ) soon so I dont have much time to play Trickster.Hope you dont mind since i have a selfish favor to ask you.Let's send Email to each other more often.I need to improve my Writing skill in EnglishThere are still many things i want to write but Gtg now.See ya!Write to me soon!Btw,Merry Christmas,Happy Newyear,Happy Lunar Newyear,Happy Valentine.I didnt have the chance to tell those to you A little late,eh?k,Bye!
no, i am not name is not Jackson..:py64:
Sisi's email is
email her if you want, ok guys?

Pharoe 02-17-2009 08:54 PM


Strike got owned @_@

Tell SiSi she is a fatty 8D

Strikegundam 02-17-2009 08:56 PM

*poke pharoe in the eyes*
you got owned too

Sarasa 02-18-2009 12:31 PM

hullo jackson 8D XD
tell her hullo for meh o:

kepingkols 02-18-2009 01:52 PM

JACKSON!!!! :)
good thing noe one noes my name :)

And ur avatar the painter from heroez? D:

Jumpercable 02-24-2009 01:59 PM


Miss her

kepingkols 02-24-2009 06:13 PM some online game weth us...

Jumpercable 02-25-2009 08:13 PM

which one?

kepingkols 02-26-2009 02:58 PM

lol john ur just way too biased..
playing 4story now..its like a new world of warcraft
just came out last october..they're making tweaks to it for balance...
really awesome u should try et..

sisibunny 03-08-2009 06:35 AM

Im sorry!!!!!I thought it was your name!!!:py07:Please forgive me,Strikey...I have studied too much that I forgot a lot of things...Btw,thank you for letting ppl know that Im still alive and *sniff*sniff*...didnt expect that there are ppl who miss me...*sniff*sniff*...anyways,Im here!!!:py49:Feel free to complain to me :P...It feels good to talk to you guys again!
Ps: hey Apathy,Im playing Lunia too!Pm me sometimes,my char is "Ironprincess" which I am co-playing with my big bro:py60:

Sarasa 03-08-2009 09:46 AM

o: ur playing o_o
whisper MichiruKun o:
gemmie= xxEmotional <---emo D:
kei= iKeikou the nab
Pharoe= Pharoe the baby thrower o:
apathy= ChaChaChastity the never oner D:

Pharoe 03-08-2009 09:54 AM

This game just lags too much D:<<<<

sisibunny 03-09-2009 11:44 PM

It's bc you are too fat away~~~

kepingkols 03-10-2009 04:44 AM

are you sure~? or is she just prego? D:

sisibunny 03-10-2009 06:44 AM

Im sorry...I dont recall any memory about you.. . do I know you???Who are you???:py44:

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