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Ocary 02-12-2009 09:34 AM

Kill Stealing
Now, I don't approve of this no matter the conditions but on occasion I do admit I have done it on accident usually.

On Gunbound it's different, I play to win, I don't think there's ever a kill steal. I make extremely difficult shots across the map to take out my team's opponents simply to ensure victory quicker. That's gunbound however, LaTale doesn't work like that.

(Or maybe it does in PVP but since I am fairly anti-pvp, it doesn't matter.... Although the stat bonus for doing PVP incentive enough.)

Anyway, I'll stop derailing my thoughts.

Sometimes the lag causes me to not see someone else, much less that they're fighting a monster I will attack. Sometimes this just means I struck their fight, every blue moon I'll accidentally kill their target.

I always stop, find someplace to hang or sit, and apologize to the person. I do this to make sure the person knows I didn't mean to, and to be polite.

Half the time, if not more than half, the person doesn't even respond to me and just keeps playing. I'm not sure if this means they don't care, or if they're too busy, or don't speak English, but at least I took the time to do it.

The majority of the other instances the person will say it's cool, or no problem, something to that extent.

This one time, I stopped and went to apologize and this person started ranting and cursing at me.

Now, that made me pretty angry, honestly. I was about to apologize, and the only reason I really killed their guy was because I was a lot higher level than the monster I was attacking.

(I have a habit of killing some monsters out of spite due to the trouble they gave me when I was a lower level)

I can understand the frustration of ksing, I get ks'd often enough, but honestly, I'd prefer to see people act like adults even if they were just ks'd.

If I was actively chasing you around and taking your kills over and over, then sure, get irritated.

If I take one swipe at a monster and accidentally kill it, and don't continue? I even apologize for it. Don't chase after people, patronize and go, "don't ks" repeatedly. It's a rude thing to do to people push and pull.

I wish that was it, but it's not.

The person continued with, "Be careful who you kill steal." Which, granted I am being generous with spelling and writing properly in comparison, and then sent some high level who acted like a twelve year old after me.

Mind you, I wasn't even doing anything in that area. I was just passing through, and left to mine after I ran to a town.

I zipped off to get work done and this high level fellow starts whispering me and threatening me further, all internet tough guy extraordinaire. I was entirely unimpressed, and the whole be careful mantra was still meaningless.

There's several channels and many, many areas I could go to, especially when you don't know what I'm doing. Stalking around the monsters you thought I was after because you assumed I was still in the teenager levels is indeed an impressive feat for your blader, but it wasn't what I was up to in the first place.

Long story short, don't kill steal, and if you do on accident, apologize.

If someone does it, don't act immature about that either.

Acting like an internet tough guy, or sending an internet tough guy into the fray will only make you look like a childish idiot anyway.

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