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12-06-2008   #1 (permalink)
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Default [Debate] Rédemption vs d'Etincelle

Word of Redemption (Mot de Rédemption)
Cost: 3AP
Range: 1-2 LoS.
Description: A Word which remains a iron red mark in the Eniripsa annals and mostly inflicts damage (albeit modest)! It may also weaken the opposition on a critical hit.
Effect: -5 (-30) HP.
Critical: -5 (-30) HP, inflicts Weakening for 1 turn.
Mastery: Target loses 1 WP.
Sparking Word (Mot d'Etincelle)
Cost: 2AP.
Range: 1-2 LoS.
Description: Less powerful but very cheap, this spell is very useful to finish off a target or use any spare AP.
Effect: -2 (-17) HP.
Critical: -3 (-23) HP.
Mastery: No longer needs LoS.

Question is . . .
. . . which would be better?

Off the top of my head, Redemption has better damage-per-attack, but Etincelle is only a 2AP attack, which means more chances of a crit and more attacks-per-turn (great for partying with a Sacrier). Though, for general soloing and partying-versatility, which would more handy to have in the Eniripsa's arsenal?

Early-game, Redemption is a newbie's main weapon (aside from the 4 AP Wand). Good damage, 3 AP, and has some range. Though, once it becomes Lv 5, Etincelle becomes available. By then, the player is used to Redemption's damage, and see's the -2 HP as 'weak sauce.' Should this newbie ditch Redemption for this less-damaging/effective word?

Now, late game, with the Mastery points. Redemption is able to take off 1 WP from it's target, whereas Etincelle loses it's LoS requirement. Both are extremely useful, but by looking at the two, Redemption seems more of a PvP-skill (with it's -WP) and Etincelle becomes more of a PvE/Party-PvP tool (being able to hide behind people and throwing sparks of fire at the enemy).
Take a glance at the damage. Redemption becomes -30 base Damage and Etincelle barely gets to -17 base Damage. Now, in a single turn, the max amount of damage dished out would be . . .

Eniripsa with 6 AP and no damage bonus.
30 * 2 = 60
17 * 3 = 51

The damage difference isn't much, really. Base damage difference of 9.
As of right now, the knowledge of stat-damage bonus isn't too clear, so I'll leave it at that.

Anyway, discuss. Which skill do you think is better for an Eniripsa?
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