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09-30-2009   #1 (permalink)
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Default Question about lagging

It seems like not many meeting this situation, but i am in it and is being very

If i am at home and use my net (not wireless) Emil just lag brutally or lag to the point totally unplayable, for example take 5 min for text to appear after i click to an NPC or standing more than 20 min at a warping portal and nothing happened.

But if i bring my laptop to some netcafe or my office and try to play Emil there, it just work totally fine without lagging

What more strange is, my home network, except Emil, nothing is lagging. Even like, i am in asia and try to play Mabinogi (NA sever) there is still little to none lag or can run torrent with high speed.

If anyone can figure out what is the problem please help me, i hate it when i have to go out everytime i want to play Emil
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