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dew 11-27-2009 09:51 PM

About Knight
Im a Vit/Str build knight, im more into PvE. Im always played with someone which is a Vates/Druid same level as me as we always online together everyday.

current stats is
level - 51
Str - 39
Vit - 54
Dex - 35

yesterday i have to reset my skills as i have learned 'Double Thrust' and it is useless for non-Agi type. i hope i wont make mistake again as this is my last chance to reset for free.

i got question on what skills should i learn?

Fencer skills that i've already learned
Flying Spear
Increase Maximum HP
Spear Mastery
Shield Mastery
Increase Defense
I still got lots of skill points, what else should i learn?

For Knight skill, i have 'Defense Encouragement' in my mind, but im afraid to learn it as i dont know how effective the skill is.
my plan for 'Defense Encouragement' (if its really effective) is to help Globe user. I possess them and take their damage.

i also planed for 'Knight's Pledge' as if i got many Aoe'er all of them can possess me and i protect them as they Aoe'ing the monsters. but and again.. i dont know how effective the skill is.

'Spear Intercept' i dont know should i learn it or not, because at On9G they suggest to learn it, but at Japanese wiki (i use google translate, im afraid it's not a accurate translation and i might miss something) they said its not really good because the damage is distributed among the monster, which mean the more monster you Aoe, the less damage to each monster taken. IF its true, better i keep the skill point for 'Spear Cyclone' on Saga 5 later.

how about 'Big Fighting Spirit' and 'Sacrifice' ?? the skills sound good, but how effective it is for real battle?

Any other skills should i learn?

Thank you.

Noperative 11-29-2009 01:05 PM

Ah, sorry I missed this.

Skills you should get *in order of usefulness*

Increase HP Recovery
Increase SP Recovery
Stun Blow
The various other blows

For Knight Skills:
Defense Encouragement is...ok. Not exactly gonna be used all the time.
Big Fighting Spirit is the same, by that level you'll be grinding with people that can res anyway and stuff.
Pledge, Sacrifice, stuff you use when you can't find a vates.
Spear Intercept sucks, quickly gets unused once you get Divine Spear and start raping Hell Divers.

In order:
Holy Blade
Divine Spear
Synergy Force
Light Worshipper(Maybe)
Other stuff/

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